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Prom Tips: Guide to Having a Stress-Free Prom Night

Prom Tips: Guide to Having a Stress-Free Prom Night

Hey AMARRA BABES! So Prom Night is finally here! It’s normal to feel the jitters as the big night comes by. But when the stress piles on, it can put a damper on your evening and ruin what was meant to be a perfect prom night with your date or best friends. There can be a lot of expectations on that night to be 100% perfect and totally out of a movie. In reality, prom night is just another night where you get to hang out with people that you love and create long lasting memories. Just with the addition of super gorgeous prom dresses!

From one prom lover to the next, we have here a guide to having a stress-free prom night.

Before the prom

Picking the right date

To many, prom is this magical night to fall in love and share sparks with your high school eye candy. The truth is that not everyone feels the need for movie-like romance! If you’re looking forward to going on a date, remember to secure it before the big day (maybe by dropping hints for a perfect promposal?). If romance isn’t your thing, we totally get it. Grab a couple of your best girlfriends and have a blast!

Planning for prom

A lot of preparation goes into planning for a prom night. You decide on themes, makeup, hairstyles, get your nails done and find the perfect prom dress. Deciding on the right dress is vital to ensuring that your prom night goes problem-free. You don’t want to spend hours wondering how you look or if there’ll be any fashion disasters. Find a prom dress that compliments your style and makes you feel comfortable so you don’t have to fuss all night.

Arrange transport

You’ll want to make sure you arrive on time, at least early enough so you get to maximize your fun! Arrange for a reliable transport service, such as a limo or a party bus. If you share it with your friends or your date, your prom night fun begins from when you step out your door.

During the prom

Stay close to your friends

With everyone gathered in one place, it can get overwhelming to think about the amount of socialization there’ll be. If you’re an introvert, that’s totally fine! Mingle with the people you’re most comfortable with and it’ll feel like there’s no one else that matters. These are the friends that you’ve known throughout the years, and they’ll definitely do their best to give you the emotional support and great prom experience you dreamed of.

Treat it like a normal party

Everyone hypes up prom to be this once-in-a-lifetime event that you simply cannot mess up. That can be a lot of stress on someone, which is why we always treat prom as just another night. Think about it, you’ve been to countless school dances and parties in the past few years. This is just another one of them! Treat this like it’s just a weekend with the girls, or a normal date with your high school sweetheart. By shredding these unreasonable prom expectations, your worries will soon melt away and you can dance to your heart’s content.

Don’t worry about what others think

We totally get how easy it is to conform to societal standards. More than that, it’s important to stay true to yourself. High school can get hard sometimes, everyone expects you to be someone you’re not, or you’re riddled with your own insecurities. Perhaps you have your own expectations that you want to live up to and get disappointed when it doesn’t work out.

At the end of the day, the most beautiful smiles come from when you’re having genuine fun. So, relax and enjoy your night! Don’t do anything you don’t want to because of peer pressure, such as dancing or socializing. If you need to step away for a quick breather, excuse yourself and let your friends know that you’re safe.

Prom night is the one night that every teen girl seems to stress over. Whether it’s shopping for prom dresses or worrying about looking good in front of everyone, all that matters the most is that you relax and have fun. If you’re looking for a dreamy prom dress to go with that special night, check out our gorgeous catalogue of prom dresses here or follow us on Instagram.

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