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Best Black Prom Dresses For Prom 2022

Best Black Prom Dresses For Prom 2022

Hey AMARRA babes! When you think of wearing a prom dress in spring do all the bright colors like neon pinks, pastel blues, light pinks to mind. But what about black? Why don’t we wear black prom dresses in spring?

Black is timeless. To all the girls with a monochrome wardrobe, we feel your pain! Go against the grain and wear a black prom dress to your spring prom anyway. You’ll definitely stand out from the sea of pastel dresses.

Shopping for a black prom dress in spring can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite spring-themed black prom dresses. Thank us later!

Style 20010 – The prettiest rose of all

This two-piece wonder consists of a backless halter crop top and maxi skirt that shows just a sliver of skin. The halter top is adorned in floral appliqués, which makes this look totally spring appropriate.

The skirt also comes in a super high waisted cutting that makes your legs look like they go on for miles. The appliques are black and blend into the pieces, but the skirt is also studded with silver gems for a pop of shimmer, especially at night.

The best part about this look is that the pieces can be worn separately, which means that this look can be worn way beyond prom. We know you love a good deal.

Style 20059 – Rise from the ashes in style

This next look will definitely remind you of Jennifer Lawrence’s iconic dress transformation in Hunger Games!

The strap and high slit on this one-shoulder number is lined with an assortment of jewels. Flecked with sparkly black and white bling, this is a black prom dress that shines. The funky cut out at the back is the cherry on top of the cake that pulls this entire look together.

The amount of jewels on this dress makes jewelry a little redundant – a little black clutch is just enough for this look. This prom look is truly unforgettable, but remember to snap lots of pictures anyway!

Style 20170 – Champagne dreams and caviar wishes

Another glittery dress, but this time we’re not holding back on the bling!

Dazzling pearls cover every crevice of the bodice and the straps, making it look way more expensive than it actually is. The way the sparkles contrast on this black prom dress is phenomenal.

Don’t worry about your gown upstaging you though. The heat set cascades by the plunging neckline and lower back cut out. They also peter out at the bottom of the skirt, which flares out from the knees. It’s obvious what accessories would go best with this gown – pearls!  Make this look with a simple pearl necklace or a pair of pearl earrings.

Style 87246 – Let your personality shine

If you want to be mysterious, this is NOT the dress for you. This black prom dress is painfully simple, and purposefully so. It’s a blank canvas for your personality to shine.

This dress reminds us of Kim Kardashian’s MET gala look, only much less hilarious and much more wearable. The strapless neckline and long flowy dress gives this gown a timeless look, and the elastic corset will come in handy for your food baby. But that’s all there is to the gown – it’s made to be worn, not to wear you.

Be sure to accessorize the heck out of this dress. With such a versatile canvas, the possibilities are endless, so think big!

Style 87260 – A star is born

This one’s for the astrology babes! Celestial prints often slip in and out of trend, but who says you have to follow the crowd?

If stars are your thing, go for it! We personally find the playful motif incredibly chic – this look exudes youthfulness. The cutting of this black prom dress is astronomical, with low cut out at the front and back and down the sides. With all the glitter on this gown, it looks just like the night sky dotted with stars.

Amp up the ante and pile on a bunch of quirky jewelry to set yourself apart from the crowd. You’ll have the funkiest look at prom!

If you’re not having a spring prom, we’ve got black prom dresses for every season. Discover a world of black prom dresses in beautiful designs and gorgeous hues from our Prom Dress Collection. Alternatively, check out our store locator to find a store near you.

We want in on the Prom 2022 spirit too! Remember to dance your hearts out, laugh till you cry and snap loads of photos! Tag us in your prom photo on Instagram and drop us a follow to stay updated on our latest gowns too!

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