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Body Type Calculator

At AMARRA, we believe that finding the silhouette for your dress is essential. For that, it's recommended to choose the fit that flatters your natural curves, making you more beautiful and confident. For that, we have brought a tool, Body Type Calculator. This amazing tool will not only accurately measure the area of your bust, waist, high hip, and hip but also help you to choose your ideal fit. 

But before that, let’s have a look at some of the different body types so that you can easily categorize them into these groups. 

Knowing Your Body Shape


How to Accurately Take the Different Body Measurements?

Whether you’re buying an outfit online or offline, it’s important to take accurate measurements of your body parts to choose the ideal fit and silhouette for your dress. 

To do this, you need to follow the following few steps. 

Measuring the Chest/Bust

  • Bring a flexible measuring tape and measure the fullest part of your bust. 
  • Ensure you hold the tape accurately, neither too tightly nor too loosely. 
  • You can either record the measurements in inches or centimeters and write it down on a piece of paper.

Measuring the Waist

  • Measure the narrowest part of your waist. 
  • Again, ensure you hold the measuring tape accurately for the exact size. 

Measuring the High Hip Area

  • With your flexible measuring tape, check the size around your hip bones. This area should be slightly above the fullest part of your hips.
  • Record the size. 

Measuring the Hips

  • Measure the broadest or fullest part of your hips. 
  • Make sure that you take the measurements accurately. 
  • Now, record the size. 

With all these simple steps, you can put your recordings at AMARRA’s Body Type Calculator and find your perfect fit.

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