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Pageant Dresses

Shopping for the perfect pageant gown can be difficult, especially when there are so many options to choose from. To help you decide, think of the popular pageant dress colors and trending styles. The details of a pageant dress can also include sequins, lace, ruffles, and other fun designs.

What are you looking for in a pageant gown? AMARRA Pageant Dresses are guaranteed to feature dresses you’ll love. So, what can you expect to find?

Popular Pageant Dress Colors

The style of your pageant dress is important. However, the color of your gown is also a key factor to consider when appearing in front of the judges and the audience. What colors feel the best for you? Which colors do you have the most fun in? Take the time to choose a color for your dress that radiates the personality you hope to portray.
Some of the most popular pageant dress colors are blue, pink, white, black, and red. In fact, those are the most common colors that win. Why are these dress colors crowd favorites? Let’s break some of the colors down.
  • White: White is a color that exudes light, goodness, innocence, and purity.
  • Black: Black is associated with power, elegance, and mystery. Black can also elongate the figure, making you look taller and slimmer.
  • Red: Red gives off energy, strength, power, and passion. This bold color also pops onstage and looks good with most skin tones.
But don’t feel restricted to those colors. You can change things up a bit by wearing popular colors like yellow, blue, pink, purple, or even champagne. Whatever color you choose, just make sure you’re true to yourself and wear a shade that represents you.

Trending Pageant Dress Styles

There are many pageant dress styles to choose from. From long, flowy gowns, to short fitted ones, there are plenty of styles out there for every girl. Below are just a few of the trending pageant dress styles you’ll find.

Mermaid Pageant Dresses
Mermaid-style dresses feature a classic silhouette that shows off your figure with class. A mermaid pageant dress is fitted at the bodice, which means it hugs close the hips and waist. The style flares out or below the knee, creating a mermaid-like “tail”. Depending on the dress, the mermaid tail might feature different accents like ruffles, lace, beading, sequins, or stones. A mermaid style pageant dress might also have a sweep train that can be long and flowing or short and sweet. Mermaid pageant dresses come in a variety of styles, from flamboyant to simple and minimalistic.

They also come in lots of different necklines. A mermaid dress with an off-the-shoulder neckline can showcase your shoulders and draw the eye upward. You can also go for a plunging v-neckline with thin straps, which can create the illusion of a longer torso and elongate the neck. A sweetheart neckline accentuates the cleavage and flatters almost every body shape. Whatever mermaid gown you choose to wear to your pageant, just make sure it fits your unique style. After all, when you get ready to take the crown, you want to look and feel your very best.

Fitted Pageant Dresses
Looking to enhance your curves and create the perfect hourglass silhouette? Then, a fitted pageant dress might just be the perfect fit (no pun intended)!

Fitted pageant dresses are designed to be tight fitting and perfectly shaped to fit the female figure, completed by a skirt that flares out from the hips, creating an hourglass shape. This dress style often features fitted sleeves, which are close to the shoulders and upper arms, but not all fitted dresses come with sleeves.

Fitted dresses look flattering on many body types. For example, they look great on petite girls with a slender body type. Fitted dresses accentuate a lean physique and create a more flattering shape. So if you want to flaunt your best features as you walk across the stage, a slim-fitting pageant dress is perfect, because you’re emphasizing, and not hiding your curves.

A-line Ballgown Pageant Dresses
There’s nothing quite like the A-line ballgown that creates an elegant, yet unique look. A-line pageant dresses are fitted at the waist, and flare out gradually to the hem. What makes the A-line shape so popular is that it can minimize the midsection, hips, and thighs. That’s because it distributes attention evenly throughout the body.

This silhouette is great for girls with the apple body type. The apple body shape doesn’t naturally have a defined waist. If this sounds like you, then an A-line pageant dress will look amazing, as it highlights the waist and either defines or creates a slimmer looking waistline.

A-line ball gowns come in a wide range of styles. But the most common types exude lots of volume at the skirt, creating drama and elegance as you walk across the stage. You’ll also find that A-line gowns work well with a variety of necklines, fabrics, and trains.

One Shoulder Pageant Dresses
If you want to show a bit of skin, but still stay covered, then a one-shoulder pageant dress may be right for you! One-shoulder dresses have a timeless style statement and create an elegant look. The neckline’s asymmetry also adds drama to an otherwise streamlined design. One-shoulder dresses accentuate the shoulder and require minimal accessories.

That’s right! You can pair your one-shoulder pageant dress with simple earrings, statement rings, and an elegant pair of heels, and you’ll have a complete look that doesn’t take away from your gown. After all, your one-shoulder dress is a statement in itself, and you wouldn’t want anything interfering with the beautiful one-shoulder neckline.

If you’re searching for the perfect one-shoulder dress for your pageant, you’ll find many options. Some one-shoulder designs have a wide strap style sleeve, while others feature full-length sleeves. The style you choose will depend on your own unique preferences and how much skin you’re comfortable showing. You’ll also find different fits, details, and designs. It’s all up to what you like!

Choosing Your Pageant Dress
Before you go dress shopping, it’s important to already have in mind what type of dress you want to wear. Pageant dresses come in a variety of silhouettes, colors, and styles. But what do you like? When it comes to choosing a winning pageant dress, don’t be overwhelmed with the huge number of choices..

Narrow your choices down to just a few dresses and picture yourself strutting down the stage in them. Which ones stand out to you the most? Which ones will you feel most confident in?

To help you choose, you can also think about the type of pageant you’ll be participating in. For example, in Miss America pageants, less-form silhouettes are more popular and tend to win. So, winners often wear slightly more modest gowns than other pageants.

On the other hand, for Miss USA pageants, dress colors are brighter and more flashy, and slits are high. Miss USA pageant gowns are often more heavily embellished, with form-fitting silhouettes.

Once you’ve decided on a style, it’s time to go shopping! When it comes shopping for a pageant dress, you have many places to choose from. Whether you choose to shop online or in-store, there are various shops that have what you’re looking for.

You can shop at one of AMARRA’s retail shops near you to find the perfect pageant dress. Our selection of pageant gowns come in a wide range of necklines and unique styles. Find the ideal dress in our collection, and make it your own. Create the perfect pageant look and get ready to take the crown with one of our new arrivals..

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