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Strapless Dresses

It’s all about those strapless vibes! At AMARRA, you’ll find your perfect fashion match in versatile colors, styles, designs, and embellishments! Catch a glimpse and own the look! 

We all have that moment when we just want to ditch those straps for once and feel fabulous, don't we? Every girl fantasizes about flaunting their beautiful shoulders because who needs those straps anyway?

No straps, no worries! A strapless mini dress is all about glam, grace, and glow! So, if you are ready to bare those shoulders, AMARRA’s strapless summer dress collection is waiting for you!

We’ve everything you could ever want: amazing designs, cool details, and prices that won’t create a hole in your wallet!

So, are you ready to go strapless and stunning?

Easy Tips on Nailing that Strapless Look

Have you been there looking at a breathtaking strapless midi dress collection only to wonder if it would actually stay up when you groove to the DJ’s tunes? Everyone has been there, isn’t it? So, here are some insider tips to break free from stress and ensure you look nothing less than a fashion diva!

  • Know Your Body Type

Strapless gowns come in all shapes and sizes, just like us! So, whether petite, curvy, or somewhere in between, we have a dress waiting to flatter your fabulous figure!

  • Feel the Fabric

Let’s talk about how fabric can influence your buying decision! You need your strapless floral dress to offer support and structure, right? So, opt for dresses in fabrics that help keep the dress in place, like satin, chiffon, taffeta, or velvet!

  • The Flawless Fit

Who needs the stress of a dress that won't stay put? It's all about feeling confident, right? If you don’t want to kill the fun vibe by constantly adjusting your dress, make sure the dress fits you well from the bust!

  • Length Love!

Whether you are a fan of a short or a long strapless dress, ensure the one you pick is comfortable for you and fits the occasion’s aesthetics!

  • Comfort Counts

Last but not least, all you need is comfort in your strapless dress, right? You don’t want to end up in a club where, no matter whether you are looking like a diva, but constantly tugging it up to keep it from slipping down! A total buzzkill, isn’t it?

Look Your Best: Styling Hacks for Your Strapless Dress!

So, now that you have a strapless long dress in your closet let’s decode the secrets to style it gorgeously!

  • If you are stuck with the “what bra do I wear with a strapless dress” dilemma, we have a perfect solution for you! Choose a stick-on bra/cup, convertible bra, or adhesive nipple cover!

  • Secondly, let’s talk about accessories. Pick dainty jewelry, like a pendant, stud earrings, and a subtle ring! Keep it classy with a fancy clutch, or add a bit of flair with a stylish belt!

  • When it comes to footwear, heels are a show-stopper for amplifying the glam of strapless dresses, but if you are a “no-heel person,” there are plenty of comfortable options like wedges, pumps, strapped flats, etc.!

  • Now, let’s focus on those tresses! Well, there are no rules for styling your hair, but dresses without straps are all about showing off those shoulders, aren’t they? So, go for a sleek or messy bun, a braided low bun, or a high ponytail! However, if you want those locks to flow freely, go for it, girl!

  • Your makeup needs to be as fabulous as your dress is! So, opt for a subtle, dewy look that lets you glow without stealing the spotlight from your dress!

Need Help Finding the Perfect Dress? We've Got You Covered!

Who needs straps when you can look this fabulous in our premium lineup of strapless outfits? We get it; finding the perfect dress can feel like a never-ending quest: too short, too long, too tight, too loose – it's like a fashion obstacle course!

That is why our online retailers have stunner dresses handpicked for you that'll have jaws dropping! So, why wait, queens? Have a look at our collection and find your style soulmate! Want to try before you buy? Find a store near you and try on the variety because life is too short for mediocre fashion choices!

Frequently Asked Questions:

To combat the scorching heat, choose a strapless summer dress in light and breathable fabrics like cotton, linen, or flowy chiffon.

Strapless minis are perfect for all shapes and sizes! They highlight shoulders and legs, so if you're petite, curvy, or somewhere in between, you'll rock it, girl!

To keep your strapless dress in place all night, opt for a strapless bra, adhesive cups, nipple covers, or convertible bra! 

One-shoulder mini dresses are super versatile; they look fab on almost any body type. If you're petite, they can elongate your frame; if you're curvy, they hug those curves flawlessly!

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