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4 Trending Blue Prom Dresses

4 Trending Blue Prom Dresses

Let’s face it. Even though pink is a go-to color for the girly girls out there, we all crave something more inspired and sophisticated from time to time. Blue is perfect for achieving that kind of look. Blue prom dresses can make you stand out and feel more confident, serene, and poised.

Whether you’re going for a soft baby blue for prom or a deeper, royal shade of blue, it’s nice to shake things up and add some energy.

Let’s take a look at some of the most trendy blue dresses that are incredibly flattering, versatile, and timeless that work well in every event.

1. Light Blue Prom Dresses

AMARRA 87317 features an elegant, irresistible design. Shine in this fit-and-flare silhouette prom dress that contours and holds your body in all the right places.

This beautiful powder blue dress features a soft, subtle shade of blue that adds a perfect trending touch to your overall prom look. With appliqued iridescent sequins and a floral design, this light blue prom dress offers a whimsical, fairytale feel. Not to mention, the gown’s subtle mesh v-neck adds a delicate touch to the neckline, bringing sophistication and confidence to your prom night.

2. Royal Blue Prom Dresses

Royal blue is the perfect balance between light and dark shade. This unique hue gives a vibrant and dramatic feel to any prom look. Plus, it compliments all skin tones and stands out like no other color. Whether you’ve always loved blue or just want to change things up, step into a royal blue prom dress that demands attention.

If you’re looking for that perfect royal blue prom dress that dazzles the crowd, meet. AMARRA 87242. This gorgeous gown is a one-shoulder beauty from the front. But when you turn to the back, it transforms into three crystal-embellished straps, catching the eyes of other promgoers on either side.

And if dazzled straps aren’t enough to get you excited, this dress delivers. It features crystal details at the top and a floral-esque look. Plus, the sparkly heat stones that cascade to the bottom is sure to have the spotlight on you the entire night.

3. Turquoise Prom Dresses

Looking for a dress that adds a vibrant pop of color to the big dance? What about a turquoise dress? This mixture of blue and green forms a perfect shade like that of tropical waters on a clear afternoon.

The color is inspired by the turquoise gemstone and gives off a sense of peace and emotional wellbeing. Turquoise also comes in different shades like pale turquoise, bright turquoise, medium turquoise, and aquamarine.

And if you’re one of those girls who has trouble picking out accessories, you’ll find it easy to pair things with a turquoise dress. The color turquoise gives you unlimited options when wearing it. Whether you want to pair it with black or white accessories, you’ll still come out on top with a classy look.

If you’re looking for a turquoise number that makes a bold statement at prom, take a good look at AMARRA 87302.

With an all-over sequin design featuring beautifully intricate detail, this one-shoulder prom gown is sure to put you in the spotlight. Its high slit allows for a dramatic focal point, bringing a sense of balance to the overall look.

So, if you’re looking for a prom dress that’s like no other, the AMARRA 87302 is sure to deliver. With its aquamarine-turquoise color, it brings that vibrancy you usually don’t see with other prom dresses.

4. Navy Prom Dresses

Looking for a classic prom night look? Navy blue might just be the perfect shade for you. It’s a universally flattering shade. It’s also chic, effortless, and the perfect alternative to an all-black look. This smart, sophisticated, simple, and stylish color is a great choice for your dream prom dress.

So, if you want to bring elegance to your prom night look, try a navy blue gown. AMARRA 87277 is a navy blue prom dress that features rhinestone embellished lace appliques on each side. These intricate details work their way down the back with a dramatic, detailed train. So, if you’re looking for a dramatic design in a navy blue shade, AMARRA 87277 is the dress for you.

Find Your Dream Prom Dress in the Perfect Blue Shade

Don’t know where to find beautiful blue prom dresses? Look no further than Amarra’s prom dress collection. We offer a wide range of styles in various shades of blue outfits. Shop at one of our retailers today.

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