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5 Tips To Finding the Perfect Prom Dress

5 Tips To Finding the Perfect Prom Dress

Hey, Amarra Babes! I know choosing the perfect prom dress can be harder than it seems. When prom time comes around every year, there are new styles that are in-trend and new themes to cater to.

And of course, there’s you to consider! Everyone’s taste is different; everybody has a unique curvature — or maybe a certain shade of green really brings out your eyes.

We’ve put together the top 5 pro-tips so you to make choosing the perfect prom dress more fun, simpler, and less of a headache! You’re going to look fabulous heading to prom, trust us.

First Things First: Be You

It’s common for girls to plan their dresses together. Friends may even be putting a little bit of pressure on you to make sure you match with the rest of the group. But, is that YOU? Remember, you’ll only get a couple of these opportunities in your life and while matching is perfectly fine if you’re all in agreement, you want to ensure it appeals to YOU.

Stand out if you like, or match with the girls — just remember to choose a dress you’re in love with.

Know Your Curves, and Know Them Well

Not a single person on this planet is exactly the same. There are countless variations in height, shape, and size. Many girls don’t actually know their body shape from a tailor’s perspective and that’s perfectly okay. You do, however, want to get an idea of what your body shape is so you can find a proper-fitting dress accordingly. Here are some of the main figures for dress-fitting:

  • Apple:

Girls with this figure tend to have broader shoulders, a full bust, and a wider waist. Apple-figured girls may want to select a dress that draws attention away from the waistline and emphasizes other features, such as the bustline, arms, and legs.

  • Busty:

The key with dresses designed for busty figures is to draw attention to the face, and designs that complement a broader upper body and narrower lower portion.

  • Hourglass:

Dresses for hourglass figures tend to compliment the narrow waistline, with a bust and hips that are nearly the same size.

  • Pear:

These dresses are designed to complement a curvy hip and a smaller bust. The goal here is to accentuate the waistline and to choose options that help balance everything else out.

  • Slender:

Slender-figured girls benefit from dresses that accentuate all of the proportions while complimenting their slender frame.

Pick Something You Could Wear More Than Once

It’s common for girls to buy prom dresses as sort of a one-off — they spend all that time choosing a dress, only to turn around and sell it or stick it in the closet for eternity. While there’s nothing wrong with that, picking a dress you could wear to a wedding, or a birthday party or any sort of formal event will not only make your dress more valuable in the long run but will reign it in so you can pick something you truly like rather than a novelty dress.

Pick a Dress You’re Comfortable In.

Prom is a dance, after all. The last thing you want is to be miserable or in agony for hours of an evening that is supposed to be magical! There are plenty of dresses to choose from that don’t make you feel like you’re torturing yourself in the name of beauty.

Not only do you want to feel physically comfortable, but emotionally as well. If you don’t feel completely at ease showing off cleavage or too much skin, don’t. If it’s too ostentatious for you to relax, pick something a little more reserved. This is supposed to be relaxing and fun!

Get a Good Idea of What You Want Online

Who isn’t a fan of online shopping? There are so many plus-sides to browsing retail stores for your perfect style of dress. You can find quality and designer dresses for great prices. A lot of people shy away from online stores, simply because they’re not able to try the dresses on before buying.

However, you can find many stores out there as well as shops with in-store dresses you can go try on. Once you get the size, you can purchase online.

Actually, we can get you covered in that department. Come check out the best dresses around from Amarra here. You can also browse our official Instagram to get a good idea of what you like.

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