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Best Party Dresses for Every Occasion in 2024

Best Party Dresses for Every Occasion in 2024

If there’s one thing we know for sure, life is filled with parties and events that will require a chic dress. Whether you’re attending a wedding, bridal shower, birthday party, work gala, or a fancy brunch with your friends on vacation, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to shop for party dresses and dress up.

When searching for trendy and fashionable party dresses, consider the dress code or suggested attire for the event that you’ll be attending. It would truly be a nightmare to show up to your boyfriend’s birthday party in a full ball gown.

To help you find inspiration, we’ve narrowed down a few special occasions and the dress that will match it flawlessly. Plus, all of the dresses featured are carried here at Amarra, which makes your job of finding cute dresses incredibly easy.

Party Dresses for homecoming

The general rule of thumb for homecoming is to find a dress that will make everyone’s jaw drop. It should be unique and fancy, yet comfortable. For this event, many ladies choose to wear a dress that reaches their knees, unlike the longer gowns that they were for prom.

We absolutely love STYLE 20116, which is a light pink cocktail dress covered in a delicate lace applique. The dress features a lace-up back, giving it just the right amount of sexy. Remember, you’re wearing it to a school function where there will be teacher chaperones!

Party Dresses for attending a wedding

At weddings, the goal is to look gorgeous without outshining the bride and her fancy white dress. When trying on dresses for weddings, be sure to do the dance test to ensure that you’ll be able to groove the night away on the dancefloor. If you can’t move in the dress, “thank you, next!”.

The Embellished Lace Strapless Gown With Slit (STYLE 20297) is incredibly sexy with a slit that goes right up to the top of your leg. The dress is strapless, covered in romantic lace, and is available in seven different colors. For a wedding, we suggest black, lilac, wine, or light blue, depending on the time of year.

Party Dresses for a school or work event

Because it’s a school or work event, finding a dress that’s more on the modest side is a smart choice. Plus, you may also be having to sit for long periods of time during presentations, speeches, or slideshows so make sure the dress you pick is extra comfortable.

We suggest STYLE 20215 as it’s a sleek, satin dress with a cowl neckline. It will hug your curves but not too tightly. The dress comes in royal blue and black but we recommend opting for black when it comes to professional occasions. If you’re eager to add some color to the outfit, wear it with a pair of colorful statement earrings.

Party Dresses – little black dress for any occasion

Every woman needs a sexy LBD (little black dress) hanging in their closet. LBD are perfect to be thrown on at just a moment’s notice. If you’re not keen on a simple black dress, don’t worry! You should consider finding a black dress that’s covered in glitter, lace, or rhinestones.

For those who like to be the center of attention and life of the party, try wearing the Fitted Two-Piece Short Dress With Lace Top Lace Up Back And Shimmer Bottom (STYLE 23237). While it’s black, this dress is certainly not boring. You’ll comfortable slay the look with this trendy two-piece gown which is made from a stretch jersey fabric.

Party Dresses for a birthday party

Birthday parties are just an excuse to get all prettied up and we are totally here for it. In terms of party dresses perfect for birthday parties, you want to have some fun and take a few fashion risks. Plus, you’ll also want it to be comfortable when traveling to the afterparty. For a summer birthday party, we recommend STYLE 40276, a bright yellow two-piece dress with jewel-encrusted shoulder details. The dress also comes in black if that’s more your vibe.

The Fitted Stretch Short Dress Open Lace Up Back (STYLE 10117) is perfect for fall or winter events as it’s simple and short but will look adorable under a fluffy sherpa or fur jacket. This dress comes in royal blue, red, and green options. We recommend wearing jewelry that will match the color of the dress you choose. Especially since monochrome jewelry looks are very fashion-forward right now.

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