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Elevate Your Concert Look: The Ultimate Style Guide for the ERAS Tour

Elevate Your Concert Look: The Ultimate Style Guide for the ERAS Tour

For Swifties, attending a Taylor Swift concert is a highly anticipated event for them. And with each new concert, comes the constant dilemma: what to wear? With Taylor's dynamic career and an abundance of expressive choices for concert-goers, the task of finding the right dress can feel overwhelming. But fear not, as we have compiled a curated list of the best outfit recommendations for a Taylor Swift concert. Drawing inspiration from the singer's albums and own iconic attire from past shows, we have organized our suggestions by era. So, whether you're a fan of her earlier country days or her more recent pop hits, Amarra got you covered for your next concert experience.

Why Dress Up for the ERAs Tour?

Dressing up for a concert has been a tradition for concert-goers and it isn't limited to Swifties alone. Fans of any artist look forward to these special events that they even plan ahead their outfit months before the event to present their best selves, aiming to commemorate the occasion and shine in photographs. Dressing up for a Taylor Swift concert becomes a delightful way to show off your genuine support as a Taylor Swift fangirl. This is also a great way to share enjoyable moments with your companions as you collectively prepare for the concert.

There are lots of things to consider when contemplating whether to dress up for a Taylor Swift concert. Considering the long queue before reaching your respective seats and the concert itself, ensure that you choose an outfit that is comfortable and suitable for prolonged standing. Avoid buying new clothing on the same day of the event, as doing so may lead to discomfort and sore feet by the end of the concert.

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour

Taylor Swift's Eras Tour marks her sixth concert tour that started on March 17th, 2023, and was anticipated to conclude on December 8th, 2024. With a total of 151 concert dates spanning five continents, it stands as Taylor's most extensive tour to date.

In line with its title, the tour is characterized by Taylor as a musical journey through her various eras since her debut in 2004. This brought the Swifties to dress themselves up according to their preferred era, expressing their support and aligning with the concert's vibe.

Dressing for Taylor Swift's Tour Through the Eras

Taylor Swift's latest shows are featured in her Eras Tour. Swifties often opt to dress themselves up according to specific eras, yet you have the creative freedom to combine styles and accessories that resonate with you while still channeling the concert’s vibe . Below, we provide suggestions on what to wear to a Taylor Swift concert based on her musical eras.


Homecoming Dress

Taylor Swift's latest album is titled "Midnights," and it exudes a nostalgic '70s vibe. The overall aesthetic of the album is characterized by purple eyeshadows, shag textures, tousled hair, and abundant sparkles. During her tour, Taylor has been seen donning a lavender fur jacket adorned with crystal embellishments, as well as purple leotards featuring fringe and jewels. Notably, the singer has also been spotted wearing knee-high rhinestone boots, adding to the glamorous and retro feel of her wardrobe.

To align your outfit with the Midnights era, consider donning the Amarra homecoming dress 94286, a stunning piece in shades of purple and lavender adorned with glitter and metallic accents. Pair it with fuzzy jackets in chilly weather and stylish boots adorned with jewels to complete your ensemble. Enhance your overall appearance by styling your hair in loose waves reminiscent of Taylor's signature look and applying purple eyeshadow for an added touch of glamor.

Speak Now

The Speak Now era by Taylor Swift is characterized by its romantic atmosphere and elegant, princess-like dresses. During the Eras tour, Taylor donned a ball gown while performing a hit from the Speak Now album. While we don't suggest opting for a large or overly ornate gown for a concert, you can consider a more straightforward version of this dress for a stylish choice.

Wearing midi or maxi violet dresses, enchanting ensembles reminiscent of fairy tales, elegant gowns, modest footwear, and adorned with romantic hairstyles and jewelry are excellent choices for capturing the essence of Taylor Swift's Speak Now era at a concert.


Fearless, one of Taylor Swift's initial albums, embodies a blend of country and pop. During her tour, Taylor commemorated this by donning numerous mini dresses adorned with sequins and fringe. To channel the Fearless style, you can opt for cowboy boots, silver and gold mini dresses with fringes and sequins, and complement the look with simple braids or curly hair, mirroring Taylor's original appearance from her inaugural tour.

Folklore and Evermore

Prom Dress

Style 94044

Folklore and Evermore, launched in 2020 with just a four-month gap between them, shared a common theme of rustic woodland and cottagecore aesthetics. Taylor Swift, during performances of songs from both albums, embraced this style by donning lengthy maxi dresses adorned with ruffles. To capture the essence of this era, consider opting Amarra dress 94044 for a long, flowing dress embellished with ruffles or other subtly attention-grabbing elements.


Prom Dress

Style 88785

Lover encompasses several of Taylor's recent chart-toppers, and the prevailing theme of this era is marked by the presence of pinks, pastels, tie-dye, and abundant fringe. Throughout her tour, Swift fully embraced this color scheme, ensuring her ensembles were adorned with numerous rhinestones and that her bodysuits featured pastel hues.

To replicate the essence of this era for your own concert attire, opt for pinks and pastels. Alternatively, you can choose vibrant and daring shades of pink just like our Amarra pink dresses 88785, 94000, and 94039, complementing your ensemble with a fringe jacket to emulate Taylor's distinctive style.


Prom Dress

Style 94000

Choosing an outfit from the Red era is a breeze since the album is defined by the color red. Taylor's style during this era is well-suited for items like stripes, graphic t-shirts, black fedoras, and straightforward leather loafers. To fully embrace this style, pairing black and red is a great idea.

Enhance your outfit by considering a red jacket or incorporating sequined items to express your genuine admiration for Taylor's Red album.


1989 stands out as Taylor's inaugural venture into an exclusively pop music album, devoid of any country influences. The album exuded a simplistic and timeless charm, a theme reflected in Taylor's Eras Tour wardrobe. Picture iconic '80s aesthetics, featuring crop tops and beaded skirts that perfectly capture the essence of the era.

To emulate this style, consider donning a two-piece set, and elevate the look with sequined accessories or a dazzling sequined jacket for an added touch of flair.


Prom Dress

Style 94039

Reputation, one of Taylor Swift's more daring albums, is characterized by a palette of blacks, reds, and abundant snake prints. The bodysuit Taylor sported in her Eras Tour impeccably embodies this atmosphere. To emulate the Reputation aesthetic, dress predominantly in black and enhance the look with snake print accessories for an authentic vibe like this Amarra prom dress 94304.

Elevate Your Concert Look With The Perfect Accessories

Prom Dress

Style 94304

To complement the chosen Taylor Swift era-inspired ensemble, it's crucial to select accessories that align with both the outfit and the concert's atmosphere. Taylor Swift concerts often feature attendees sporting cowboy hats, a versatile choice that effortlessly complements any outfit. For an added touch of excitement, opt for hats in vibrant colors like pink, adorned with fur linings.

Jackets adorned with sequins or glitter are a versatile choice that suits the style of any era. Enhance your look with understated jewelry that reflects the specific Swift era you're channeling. When it comes to footwear, consider cowboy boots as an excellent option for a Taylor Swift concert, providing both comfort and a nod to Taylor's country music roots.

Before heading to the concert, it's advisable to review the venue's regulations regarding accessories and purses. Ensuring that your chosen accessories comply with the venue's guidelines is essential to avoid any disappointment of being denied entry due to a wardrobe or accessory-related issue.

Complete Your Look With The Best Hairstyle and Makeup for the Eras Tour

Creating the perfect ensemble for your Taylor Swift concert involves giving equal attention to both your hair and makeup. We suggest aligning your style with the specific era you're channeling. Braids generally work well across different eras, while you may also consider styling your hair straight or with curls.

Harmonize your makeup with both your chosen era and outfit. Opt for purple eyeshadow to complement the Midnight era, go for a classic and bold look for the 1989 era, and choose dark or edgy makeup for the Reputation era. Since Taylor Swift concerts often feature plenty of glitter and sequins, don't hesitate to incorporate body glitter, sparkly eyeshadows, and skin-safe jewels to enhance your concert-ready look.

Level Up Your Taylor Swift Concert Experience

Taylor Swift's live performances generate immense excitement, with tickets in high demand. If you're fortunate enough to secure tickets for one of Taylor's tour dates, it's crucial to maximize your concert experience in whatever way suits you best.

Consider dressing in a style reminiscent of one of Taylor's eras or opt for comfortable concert attire, enhancing your appearance with hair and makeup that would earn Taylor's approval. Regardless of your chosen outfit, the concert promises a delightful experience, allowing you to create lasting memories.

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