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Is It Too Early to Start Prom Dress Shopping?

Is It Too Early to Start Prom Dress Shopping?

Hey, all you beautiful Amarra Babes!

Here at Amarra, we get just as excited for prom season as all of the fabulous girls that are attending! We love to see our pretty ladies showing off all of their Amarra styles. It really does make all of the hours of dress design and hard work worth it.

We want to make sure your prom dress shopping experience is simple, stress-free, and fun, so we’ve put together this list for all of you gals out that are wondering if you’re starting too early in your search for the perfect prom dress!

When’s The Best Time to Start Shopping?

Since prom is generally around summertime in most areas, you’d think that starting in January is a little premature. The thing is, retailers will likely have already been putting dresses on the racks at that time, so the best time to buy a prom dress is when you don’t experience the rush.

It will give you plenty of time to browse freely, without worrying about making up your mind or losing the selection. Trust us, prom dress shopping gets more and more hectic the closer you get to prom time.

How Do I Prepare?

Despite having reliable prom dress websites, we understand the importance of a physical visit to the store. We know it’s hard to be patient, but trust us, girl, you’ll want to prepare a little bit to make this process as smooth as possible. You’ll want to:

1. Eat a nutritious breakfast. Trying on prom dresses and going from store to store usually takes at least a few hours. Make sure you have fuel for your day!
2. Put on your most comfortable shoes. For the same reasons, we mentioned. You’ll likely do a lot of walking.
3. Get a good idea of which stores you want to visit, and in which order.
4. Wear an outfit that’s simple to simple to change out of, so you’re not slowed down while trying on prom dresses.
5. Go light on the makeup so you don’t stain the dresses when trying them on.
6. Pick someone to come along that will give you honest feedback

What Do I Need to Bring

Bring your phone! (Like you go anywhere without it anyway) You should be taking pictures of yourself in the dresses too so you can compare later. It’s also a good idea to bring a pair of heels with you so you can see how you look in the dress with the proper footwear.

Should I book an Appointment to Try Prom Dresses On?

There are a lot of prom dress shops online that require you to book an appointment for a physical visit at the store. Even if it’s not required, booking a slot means the store will be much more attentive to your needs; you’ll get much more out of the experience. Employees are also great critics and can give you honest feedback on which dress suits you, and which ones don’t.

What Should I Wear?

This is important: You need to pick an outfit that you can get in and out of quickly and easily. You’ll likely be changing quite a bit, and there’s nothing that slows down the process more than an outfit that’s hard to take on or off. No lace, zips, or anything that ties. A strapless bra and a t-shirt with sweats or leggings are perfect for this occasion. Also as mentioned before, bring a pair of heels with you in your purse or a bag, so you can see how you look with the proper footwear.

Tips When Trying Dresses On

Keep a keen eye on how your dresses fit. The tailors can alter them to a certain degree, but it’s still something to take note of.
Remember, the neckline is essential.
When picking a color, remember to keep your skin tone and eye color in mind, as well as your own personal taste!
It’s a tough decision, but only one that you can make — decide whether you want strapless, sleeveless, or short/long sleeves.
Keep an open mind! Right now, A-line, mermaid, and fitted are the most popular choices. Maybe you’ll be more suited to a style than you think.
Having a perfect fit is important, so make sure your dress fits you correctly.
Take note of the quality of the fabric of the dress. Make sure nothing looks cheap or tacky.

Also, remember that getting an idea of what you like online before prom dress shopping is a great idea! Come check out the best dresses around from Amarra here. You can also browse our official Instagram.

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