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Popular Ball Gown Prom Dresses for 2024

Popular Ball Gown Prom Dresses for 2024

Hey, Amarra Babes! We are determined to make 2024 your year, which is why we’ve already started planning the ultimate prom looks for this year. One of our faves for prom 2024? Ball gowns!
We understand that you want to spend this year feeling like a princess, and you want a dress to match that attitude.So, to convert all your dreams into reality, we’ve created the most beautiful ball gowns that will undoubtedly make anyone feel like the belle of the ball.
Wanna know some of our top picks? Keep scrolling and find out.

Amarra Style 88502

We’re starting out with this gown because we are OBSESSED with it. Made of super-soft velvet, this dress hugs your curves while still being comfortable. The ballroom skirt cascades down to give you a full range of movement without looking baggy.
Although the skirt’s voluminous, it’s not too big to dance around in. However, the real star of this dress is the thousands of sequins that let you sparkle and shine. Features on this dress include a daring lace-up back as well as pockets to store your phone so you can post on TikTok or Insta all night long.

Amarra Style 88536

Hear us out; sometimes you gotta go with something traditional, and this is one of our top picks for traditional ball gown prom dresses with a modern twist. The intricate design of the dress features lace appliques on the bodice and skirt to give the dress a timeless look that makes it a showstopper.
The boning detail ensures all attention will be on your waist, while the lace-up back provides a flirty pop of skin. Worried about support in the bust? Not a problem with our structured bodice that will keep everything in its place all night long (plus the deep V-neck allows you to show off your best assets).
The bodice then flares out into a beautiful ball gown skirt that’s light and airy, allowing you to spend all night on the dance floor. As an added bonus, we made sure to include pockets to ensure you can carry all your necessities without a bag. Now, isn't this dress a perfect 10?

Amarra Style 88570

Girl, we know you have a favorite Disney princess (everybody has one!), and now you can look like one in this stunning gown. This floral lace ball gown prom dress will feel like magic the moment you put it on.
Featuring plenty of lace and tulle, this gown is perfect for the girl who wants to make an unforgettable appearance at prom while looking soft and romantic. The square neckline keeps you supported throughout the night while allowing you to dance the night away without worrying about readjusting.
In addition to the appliques, we made sure to use shimmer tulle so that you can sparkle and shine with each step you take. This dress is perfect for everyone, especially for a girl who wants to have a romantic night.

Amarra Style 88574

Do you know those gowns that just have it all? That’s what you can expect with this beautiful ball gown. Available in three bright colors (we’re in love with the pink ourselves), this corseted ball gown is perfect for the girl who wants to make a splash at prom.
The corseted bodice snatches in your waist—Kylie Jenner’s got nothing on you—while the dramatic skirt conjures up visions of Old Hollywood glamor. These factors combine to give you a classic silhouette.
But we knew a great fit wouldn’t be enough, so we took it to the next level and added hundreds of sequins to allow you to sparkle all night and take this gown to the next level on your fairytale night.

Amarra Style 88594

Babes, we listened to all of you loud and clear when so many of you told us that you wanted a classic style dress with modern elements, so we created this breathtaking ball gown prom dress.

We don’t really know where to start on this one, so we’ll just work from the top down. The plunging V-neck gives a refined yet sexy detail that still offers you plenty of support to ensure you can dance all night.

The fitted bodice snatches in your waist, allowing you to show off your feminine figure before ballooning out into a gorgeous shimmer tulle skirt (we hope the dramatic skirt is the only drama you have that night). The dress also has an assortment of lace details to really make this dress pop. Bring some magic to your prom in this ball gown!

We love ball gown prom dresses, and we hope you do, too. And, if you wear one of our gowns, make sure to tag us, and don’t forget to take some snaps, upload some TikToks, and, most importantly, have a great prom.

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