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Prom Dresses: What to Know and What to Choose

Prom Dresses: What to Know and What to Choose

Not sure how to choose the right prom dress? Can’t figure out which type of dress you want? To narrow down the choices, choose the ideal prom dress length, style, details, and fit.

In this post, we’ll walk you through the entire process of how to pick a prom dress.

Be Simple or Go Over-the-Top

Depending on your preferred style, choose a dress that makes you most comfortable in your skin. For example, if you love a simple look and don’t like a ton of attention, you can go for a chic, stylish look that’s great for any occasion.

Or if you’re going for a jaw-dropping style that’s a true showstopper, a glamorous ball gown could be a perfect choice. So, if you like all eyes on you, go with something that’s over-the-top, yet still looks absolutely stunning.

The bottom line is, don’t choose a dress that just looks good—choose a dress that best fits your personality. After all, you want to feel as comfortable as possible on prom night. And if you don’t feel like yourself and love the skin you’re in, you probably won’t have a good time.

Dare to Be Different or Be Discreet

If you like to live on the edge and love taking risks, then a daring dress could be just the thing to set your prom night off right. For example, you might go for a plunging neckline, a slashed skirt, or even a tulle corset gown. No matter what style you choose, just make sure it adds the right amount of edge.

Is edgy not your thing? Don’t worry. There are plenty of prom dress styles that suit the girl who doesn’t like to be in the spotlight. For example, a slip dress offers a sleek and simple silhouette that can have you looking stunning, while at the same time, offering a classic, demure look.

So, whether you’re edgy, simple, or a little in between, there are plenty of dress styles out there to fit your aesthetic. You just have to look!

Get into the Details

Detailing plays a big part in the overall look of a prom dress as well. Color, pattern, and embellishments can add something extra to any gown. Appliques, cutouts, embroidery, pleating, ruffles, and sequins are other details that can make a prom dress to a whole new level.

So, as you look for the right gown, keep these details in mind. That’s because you want to choose accessories that complement these details the best.

For example, if you wanted to accessorize a lace prom dress, it’s best to pick jewelry that adds to your style without drawing the eye away from your stunning lace prom dress. So, choose a statement piece to complement your look. For a sequin dress with a low neckline, choose a layered neckline that adds dimension to your look.

Choose Your Length

Theprom dress length is another important thing to consider. Some people think that prom dresses come in three lengths: short, long, or midi. But it’s not really that simple. Prom dresses are much more dynamic than that. Let’s look at the many lengths you can choose from:

 Mini dresses: These stunners hit above the knee and flaunt the legs, making for a fun and flirty look.
 Midi dresses: Midi dresses stop at the middle of the calf, offering a more modest feel. These gowns are great for prom-goers looking for eclectic and vintage styles.
 Maxi-dresses: Ankle-length or floor-length dresses that have a more casual feel. If you’re going for an effortless look on prom night, this might be the dress for you.
 Long dresses: Long prom dresses drag to the ground, sweeping with your body at every turn. These dresses add a touch of elegance—think military ball and gala dresses.
 Knee-length dresses: This length offers the best of both worlds, falling right at the knees, creating the perfect blend between modest and fun.
 High-low dresses: If you can’t decide between long or short, high-low dresses feature a short hemline in the front with the back extending much further.

Decide on the Fit

How do you want your dress to fit? Do you want a more flowy feel? Or a more fitted look? Choosing the right fit is important because you want your prom dress to complement your figure perfectly. Comfort is another key thing. You’ll be dancing and moving around quite a lot, so keep this in mind.

Go Rock Prom Night With the Perfect Dress

Choosing a prom dress doesn’t have to be difficult, especially if you know what to look for. Follow these tips to find the right prom gown for you. When you’re ready to shop, go check out the Amarra collection. No matter your style or the look you’re going for, we have the dress for you.

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