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Prom Hairstyles For 2024: Say Goodbye To High School In Style

Prom Hairstyles For 2024: Say Goodbye To High School In Style

When it comes to high school prom, no girl wants to leave a stone unturned to turn out to be the best they can. Winning the title of Ms Prom Queen is every girl’s dream! Prom is the most magical event for all which may be incomplete without a perfect dress and shoes. Have you gathered it all together but still feel that you are missing out on something? Ummmmm!!!!! Think hard. Yes, you may have guessed it right! It’s your hairstyle. From braided hair to flowing curled prom hair, this year's guide has it all. Say no more to boring prom hairstyles. Keep reading to find out this season’s fresh, stunning and cute updos for prom. Regardless of what you wear, we have options of hairstyles for you to choose from. Wait no more, after all, you are preparing for your big day!

Prom Hairstyle Trends 2024

Category 1 - Braided Hairdos

  • Whimsical Braided Updo

This one-of-a-kind dreamy hairdo is very easy to do! It is basically an extremely pulled-out French braid. The catch is to create your regular French braid with a whimsical appearance with lots of texture.

Whimsical Braided Updo

  • Graceful Braided Updo

If braids are the star of your show, then this low curly bun is a great way to pull off a dreamy look. With a few accent braids to the side of the style, you are there to transform your elegant braid style into a bun. It is a classic hairstyle that goes with any formal gown or prom dress.

Graceful Braided Updo

  • Playful Braid Tiara Updo

If you are looking for something to tie your tresses partially in a nice hairstyle, then this playful-braid tiara updo is for you. The curls at the end of the locks make your hair appear structured, smooth and well-maintained.

Playful Braid Tiara Updo

Category 2 - Open Hairstyles

  • Long Swept-Up Curls

It is more of a romantic half-up and half-down curled prom hair. The best part of this hairstyle is that it makes your locks appear voluminous and well-maintained. To keep this hair intact, you need to have a lot of bobby pins and hairspray.

Long Swept-Up Curls


  • Low Ponytail Hairstyle for Prom
Whatever comes may go, but ponytails are the most evergreen hairstyle inspiration. It is one of the most versatile prom hairstyles for long hair and even medium-length locks. For beautifying this look, you can choose loose brushed-out waves and avoid curls that are too tight.


Low Ponytail Hairstyle for Prom

  • Easy Half-Up Twist For Angles Bob

This half-up twist with the center of an angled bob is a feminine and cute prom hairdo. It is definitely a unique and gracious hairdo for a ballroom gown-style prom dress. The crisscross hair can be made more beautiful with the addition of certain hair accessories or real flowers.

Easy Half-Up Twist For Angles Bob


Category 3 - Bun Hairdos

  • Low French Style Side Bun

It is a perfect hairstyle for making a fashion statement for a prom night. This side bun gives a very romantic vibe without putting in a lot of effort.

Low French Style Side Bun


  • Short Wavy Messy Bun
It is a beautiful textured side swept short hair updo that looks really very romantic and feminine. The bun is an excellent way to highlight the details of your hair color through the texture while giving a very soft and elegant look.


Short Wavy Messy Bun

  • Messy Bun With A Fancy Look
This unique updo for prom might seem quite difficult to create, but in reality, it is quite easy to do with short hair. It works with any dress and occasion, be it formal or casual. If you have thin hair and want to look different, then this updo might take a little extra effort and hair product. This cute prom hairdo look consists of a combination of twists and braids that are pulled out to create a fuller appearance, filling gaps, if any.


Messy Bun With A Fancy Look

Hairstyles That Go With Different Necklines

From risqué plunging necklines to playful strappy numbers, your favorite celebrities have a winning hair look for every option in your party wardrobe. You can have the same by learning just a quick mantra. Here we have a guide for you that helps you match your hairstyle with your dress’s neckline:

The Off- Shoulder Neckline

It is one of the trendy necklines that gives a very elevated aesthetic and instantly uplifted look. Whether both or one of your shoulders is exposed, an off-shoulder neckline gives you a very flattering look. To show off your collar bones & neck gracefully, choosing the right hairstyle is a must. Simple and clean hairstyles will allow your dress to pop. Here are some examples for you:

  • Pulled Back Wispy Bun With Fly-Aways:

Allows your shoulders to accentuate while giving a very ladylike appeal.

Pulled Back Wispy Bun With Fly-Aways

  • Side Part, With Side-Set Bun

It gives a very girly and ethereal look and adds undivided attention to your collarbones.

Side Part, With Side-Set Bun

  • Low Pony With Framing Fringe

This prom hairstyle for long hair gives a very dynamic and versatile appearance to your overall appearance for the event.

Low Pony With Framing Fringe

The V Neckline

It doesn’t matter whether your dress has a shallow V-neck or a deep plunge - it has and will always remain a popular choice for formal events, prom nights or wedding dresses. With the right hairstyle that compliments both your dress and face frame, you can create an overall aesthetic of your appearance. With the v-neckline, hairstyles with waves soften the overall look while providing glamor and accentuating the feminine appeal.

  • Middle Parted, Open, Waved Locks
It adds volume to your tresses. It adds a fun, flirty and free-spirited look while framing your face and chest area in the most feminine way.


Middle Parted, Open, Waved Locks

  • Side Swept, With Waves

Tighter waves with a stronger side part and brushed to sit over one shoulder, showing off the neck and plunge while looking elevated and ready to impress.

Side Swept, With Waves

The High Neckline

Here, we are considering the neckline that comes closer, if not up to the actual neck. Dresses with high necklines are known to accentuate the shape and structure of your shoulders, neck, chest, and face. Thus making it even more essential to highlight this sensual area rather than suffocate it with your tresses.

  • Sleeked Or Textured Pony:

It is one of the most popular updos for prom night for girls looking for manageable hairstyles. It adds emphasis to cheekbones and neck and also allows the high-neck dress to speak for itself.

Sleeked Or Textured Pony

  • Pulled Back Sleek Low Bun:

For a regal, queen-like look - a large, high-set bun can do wonders for you. It allows your face and dress to do all the talking for the night.

Pulled Back Sleek Low Bun

Other Long-Surviving Necklines

Here we are referring to necks that have withstood the trends and still survived such as the round, square, sweetheart and boat neck. These are some of the most versatile necklines with which you can opt for any hairstyle you may like. However, here you can consider the color and the material of the dress to make the right decision. You can pair your dress with any interesting or intricate hairstyle to give you an overall panache appeal.

  • Hollywood Waves: A timeless hairstyle elevates your look radically, taking you from just out of bed to red-carpet ready.

    Hollywood Waves
  • Half Up, Half Down:Experiment with different textures and styles and even combine them together to add edge and oomph.

    Half Up, Half Down
  • Textured Bun That Frames The Face: Buns are timeless and are almost always an excellent idea to go for while trying to achieve a regal and pretty appearance.

    Textured Bun That Frames The Face

Must-Have Tools & Products For Doing Cute Prom Hairdos

Deciding on the kind of prom hairstyle is one thing, and trying to do it yourself is another. If you are going to do your hairstyle at home, then you must have essential tools and products to do it right. Here we have a list for you:

  • Curling iron
  • Flat iron
  • Hair straightener
  • Hair dryer
  • Bobby Pins
  • Hair elastics
  • Hair spray
  • Teasing comb

  • The tools you need to have can vary depending on the kind of hair you choose to go with your prom dresses. Besides the tools, hairspray can also change depending on the kind of texture you want to add to your appearance. Remember, only the right tools and products can help you achieve the desired results. Thus, invest in quality products to make your DIY prom hairstyles successful.

    Hair Accessories To Add Glitz And Glamor

    Now is the time to collect some of the essential hair accessories that can add more appeal to your overall appearance.

  • Hair charms
  • Brooches
  • Small gems with studs
  • Pearls
  • Clips

  • These accessories are enough to create and elevate your hairstyle. If you are a fan of natural flowers, don’t shy away and introduce them to prom hairstyles such as a fully braided updo, a low loose bun with curly front locks, or a wavy twisted updo for a more natural and romantic look. Although it is unnecessary to say, you must still remember to coordinate the accessory with intricate details or hues of your prom dress. It will create a complete and put-together look.

    Choosing A Professional Hairstylist

    Although the list of hairstyles we have provided you are easy to do at home, if you are having a hard time, consider choosing a professional hairstylist. With tons of other unique hairstyles for you, hair stylists can help you with more and more beautiful, well-structured hairdos for your big prom night. Take guidance or visit your nearest experienced hairdresser today!

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