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Things to Consider When Prom Dress Shopping Online

Things to Consider When Prom Dress Shopping Online

Hey Amarra babes! Shopping for your prom dress? If you’ve been alive during the last couple of years, you know that online shopping has gone through the roof. With COVID-19 still circulating, shopping online is a safe (and easiest) way to make purchases these days.

Lucky for you, everything is almost under control – so prom is still on! Finding a garment as important as your prom dress from your computer can be daunting, so Amarra is here to help with the most crucial factors to consider when prom dress shopping online.

How Can I Find the Perfect Prom Dress Online?

At Amarra, we put style and quality first. Amarra is a fashion design house that specializes in formal evening wear, specifically for prom, homecoming and graduation dresses. Our online shop is super easy to use and chock full of beautiful prom dresses for your special day.

Finding the perfect prom dress online might be a big ask, but there are a number of precautions you can take to make sure you get the dress of your dreams. Be sure to check details like sizing, material, and fit, as well as the company’s reputation for sizing accuracy. Make sure the company is reputable, not a counterfeit dress site!

Once you’ve picked out some colors and styles you like, find as many details as you can. Read through some reviews to see what other folks think about the quality and sizing of each dress. In short, learn everything you can about the dress before you buy it.

Amarra 87243 Light Blue Prom Dress

Why and How Should I Check My Prom Dress Sizing?

Checking prom dress sizing is a toughie when you’re shopping online. Most sites (including Amarra!) will have a sizing chart that includes bust, waist, and hip measurements for each dress. Knowing these numbers as measured on your body will make prom dress shopping a whole lot easier. Before buying a dress, make sure to check the sizing chart and compare it to your measurements so you end up with a dress that hugs your hips, rather than one that sags around the waist (or worse–one you can’t even zip up!)

Can I Return or Exchange My Prom Dress?

No one’s going to stop you from buying that perfect dress you found on an online shop that ships from across the country, but they should tell you how important it is to check the return and exchange policies for our authorized retailers before investing your precious paycheck into a dress that might not live up to your expectations or fit you correctly. Most of our authorized stores’ sites have tight deadlines for returns and exchanges, so give your wallet a break and buy the perfect dress the first time.

Amarra 87262 Orange Prom Dress

How Quickly Can I Get My Prom Dress Online?

We know better than anyone how hard it can be to wait for a package to arrive, especially one you’re thrilled about, like your prom dress! When it comes to shopping online, the estimated delivery time really depends on the shop, as well as the shipping method, whether it’s expedited or not, and if it’s in stock.

The quickest way to get a prom dress delivered to your door is to buy one that’s in stock! That way, the shop doesn’t have to pull it from the back racks or special order it from the manufacturer. Placing your order early in the season will help ensure that you get your dress in time for prom – and with extra time to make any necessary returns, exchanges, or alterations!

Amarra 87309 Fuchsia Prom Dress

I’d Rather Shop in a Store – What Stores Should I Visit?

If you’re the type that’s uneasy about ordering something as special as a prom dress without trying it on, you’re not alone. Want to visit a physical store? We’ve got Amarra dresses stocked in bridal and formal stores all over the USA. We even have stores in Puerto Rico, Canada, Australia, and the UK! Head over to our store locator page to find the store closest to you and pay our authorized retailers a visit IRL.

Amarra 87311 Neon Pink Prom Dress

To see how our models and customers style their Amarra dresses, check out our Instagram page. If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service team and get in contact with a formalwear professional. You deserve to look and feel your best on prom night – let us help.

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