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What To Wear: Finding A Suit or Tux For Prom

What To Wear: Finding A Suit or Tux For Prom

Prom is perhaps one of the most important occasions a young person has to look forward to. This is one-time celebration encompasses all things glamour and is an apt opportunity for you and your close friends to truly enjoy a coming of age. With this event though, comes the daunting task of finding the perfect suit or tux.

So, What Are The Components Of A Prom Tuxedo?

There is no “official” definition of what is considered part of a tuxedo. However, there are some common elements you will find in the most popular styles available today. Understanding these parts will help you choose the perfect suit for your special night!


The jacket is arguably the most important part of your suit. This garment, worn over the shirt and pants covers your upper body.

*Note: When you first try on a jacket, make sure that it goes well beyond your waistline (about 1 fist above). It should fit naturally without straining. The sleeves of this item should go about halfway between your knuckles and elbow.

VEST or WAISTCOAT (optional)

The vest/waistcoat is an option that may be worn over the shirt and under the jacket. This addition gives great versatility, especially for those who may sweat profusely during their big night. The benefit of this item is your ability to remove it and wear it after the main course.


The shirt is an integral part of your wardrobe ensemble. It provides you with a classic look that all men will appreciate when paired with your suit. For this article, I recommend wearing either a dress or button-up shirt with French cuffs (double cuff) in lieu of the more traditional long sleeve. This selection should be made in accordance with your individual style and fitted to your measurements. It should not be purchased as part of a suit or rented from a formal wear establishment. You will find that it is more comfortable and allows you the chance to show off the fact that you’re looking sharp!


Tuxedo pants are typically a solid color and feature a silk stripe down their outseam. In addition, most tuxedo pants have a silk waistline, so no belt loops are required. Instead, tuxedo pants have waist adjustments on either side or are tailored to the wearer’s waist.


The tie is one of the most notable pieces of a tuxedo. If you do decide to wear one, it should be a standard bow tie and match the color of your vest or waistcoat.

What Color Should Your Tuxedo Be?

The color of your tuxedo is an important decision, especially if you are attending a formal dance. There are really no limits on color options available, and it really is based on personal preference and style. However, it is pivotal to consider appropriate color coordination regardless of what you pick. Colors such as Black, Navy Blue, and Charcoal Gray are very popular in suits and can be mixed with accent accessories easily. These shades also provide a distinguished look that matches just about any woman’s dress!

Is It Okay For Girls To Wear Tuxedos To Prom?

Suits and tuxedos aren’t only for boys anymore. Suits have been worn by trendsetters to prove that anyone can wear a tuxedo at prom. Women’s suits are quite fashionable these days and are more than acceptable at this type of event.
Stylish prom suits for women are a thing, and come with the ability to both dazzle and impress. Given today’s society, many regards it as completely appropriate for a woman or girl to wear a suit to an event, given that clothing is now made to respect gender norms less and less.

Should You Rent Or Buy A Tuxedo?

There are many options and suggestions available to you as your big day approaches, and can be completely based on your specific circumstances and needs. The typical school or prom tuxedo can be purchased at almost any formal wear retailer, department store, or online at sites such as Amazon. Whether you decide to rent a tuxedo from a formal rental establishment for convenience purposes (so that you don’t have to worry about alterations or cleanup) or invest in your own, you can be sure that you will look absolutely amazing on this special night.

Prom is a paramount moment for any young person and can be made perfect with the optimal look and style. While there are more common ways to style a suit or tux for prom, there are also no boundaries. Personal style and touches have the ability to go a long way when it comes to making a statement and looking sharp.

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