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How to Clean and Store Your Prom Dress

How to Clean and Store Your Prom Dress

Hey, Amarra babes! Prom season is almost here, and we are SO EXCITED. But with so much to look forward to, there are a few little details that can’t get overlooked- If you buy your dress a few weeks or months before prom, how do you store it until your big night? What’s the best way to clean it after the fun is over? The last thing you want is to pull out your dress the night of prom and find it wrinkled and dusty- so how do you keep your prom dress looking fresh and gorgeous?

We’ve got you covered. Here are the best ways to clean and store your prom dress!

Storing Your Dress

Wherever you choose to store your dress, make sure it’s somewhere that it can remain relatively undisturbed. Try to keep it somewhere without a lot of dust or other debris- a top shelf in your closet might be perfect! Avoid lots of humidity or heat. Once you find the perfect spot, here are the two best ways to store your dress.

1. Lay it flat. The best way to keep your dress crisp and un-creased is to lay it flat, preferably in a box. Make sure to fold it as little as possible and smooth the fabric as you go. Laying your dress flat prevents strain on the straps or indents on any necklines or sleeves. The box protects it from the sun or other environmental stressors, and also makes it easy to pack away until prom.

2. Hang it. If you can’t lay your dress out, don’t worry! It’s easy to hang your dress in a way that will keep it protected. Use a plastic dress cover to protect it from dust, fuzz, or other pesky debris. Choose a hanger with wide, padded arms that won’t leave marks on your dress’ straps or sleeves. It’s also good to make sure that where you hang it is high enough that the dress will not be touching the ground. Direct sun can fade colors and make fabric more brittle- always hang your dress somewhere out of the sun to keep it looking new!

Getting Your Dress Ready to Wear

After storage, your prom dress might need a little love. Pull it out about a week before the dance to let it breathe and re-shape. Check for wrinkles and creases, and make sure that the dress is still holding the correct shape. Minor wrinkles can easily be steamed away with a hand steamer, or ironed (depending on the fabric). If your dress is looking a little rough around the edges, the dry cleaners can press it for you. This will have it looking new and ready to wear!

Now is also a great time to test any zippers, fasteners, or straps. Sticky zippers, loose buttons, or saggy straps can easily be fixed with a sewing kit. If you’d rather leave it to the professionals, find a local tailor. They can do any alterations you may need. Significant alterations will take some time, so make sure to plan ahead! Once your dress is where you want it, put on your jewelry and shoes to get an idea of your complete look!

After Prom

Your dress is going to go through a lot on prom night! From pictures and dinner to the dance and afterparty, your dress might not be looking its best by the time you take it off. Don’t worry! The absolute best way to clean your prom dress is to take it to a dry cleaners. This should absolutely be done before the dress is put back in storage- you don’t want any sweat, makeup, or other stains to permanently damage the fabric. If dry cleaning isn’t an option, small stains or marks can be spot cleaned. Just make sure to check the care instructions for the dress!

Prom can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and your dress is one of the most important parts. Keep it looking great from purchase to prom night (and beyond) with these easy tips!

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Have the time of your life, gorgeous!

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