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Popular Homecoming Court Dresses

Popular Homecoming Court Dresses

Homecoming isn’t as formal an event as prom. But if you’re announced as homecoming queen, princess, or duchess, then you need attire that’s a lot more formal than the average homecoming look. That’s why homecoming court dresses are the key to making sure you look your absolute best when you take the crown.

Looking for some homecoming court dresses that command attention and reveal your inner princess? Here are a few of our designs you’re sure to love.

Style 20019

Looking for a homecoming court dress that makes you feel like you’re straight out of a fairytale? If so, we think you’ll love this dress. Featuring double straps, elegant cutouts at each side, and an intricate rhinestone design throughout the bodice, this gorgeous homecoming dress comes with plenty of detail. So, when you go up on stage, you’ll definitely give the crowd something to look at.

With a plunging v-neckline, a design that’s fitted at the bodice and flares out to a delicate skirt, and a high slit, you can show off your best assets. Step up on stage donning this beauty, and you’re sure to have everyone admiring your beautiful homecoming look.

Style 87122

If you’re the girl who dares to be different and doesn’t want to go the traditional route when it comes to finding a homecoming dress, then you’ll enjoy wearing this gown. Coming in an elegant striped design with rhinestones throughout, this HOCO dress will have you feeling like a gorgeous queen. The colors and design of this dress provide the perfect fall look for homecoming.

Coming in a scoop neck design, this dress is sure to accentuate your upper body, making you look and feel your most confident and daring self. You’ll also enjoy that the gown is fitted at the bodice and flares out at the knee to create a dramatic skirt. The high slit complements the look, by elongating your figure and making you look longer and leaner.

Style 87152

We’ve never seen anything quite like this striking beauty. Featuring elegant rhinestones throughout the entire design, this dress will leave you shining with every step to the stage to get your crown.

You’ll also love the look and feel of the fitted design that cinches in your waist and achieves a stunning deep v-neckline to show off your best features.

The high slit blends seamlessly into the dramatic skirt that flares out at the knee, cascading down into an elegant sweep train. To elevate the look, pair this gown with some cute pumps or your favorite high heels. And you’re sure to have the crowd stop and stare in awe as you walk to the stage.

Style 87153

If you’re looking for a daring one-shoulder dress that brings a little edge to your look, then this dress is for you. As you walk the stage, you’ll shine with every step, as the dress features rhinestones throughout the neckline and bodice, cascading down into the skirt. The high slit comes up to mid-thigh, allowing you to show legs for days and show off your favorite pump.

With a fitted design at the bodice and skirt, this dress was made to fit your body to a tee and hug your curves in all the right places. You’ll also love the gathered material that creates a ruching effect throughout the bodice and skirt. A unique detail about this dress is its cape, falling behind the dress and cascading down into a dramatic sweep train.

Style 87154

If you like to keep things simple and classic, then this is the perfect dress for you. Featuring rhinestones that create vertical lines cascading down the entire design, this beauty embodies elegance and simplicity. The high slit brings together the entire look by complementing the fitted design and adding cohesion to the curve-hugging style.

As you walk to the stage, the delicate sweep train will create sophistication and grace that will have you feeling like a true princess. So, go walk the stage to your crown in this stylish homecoming court dress. You’re sure to remind everyone why they chose you to don the crown.

Style 87161

Made to hug your curves in all the right places, this HOCO dress is perfect for the girl who wants to feel confident and sexy as she takes the stage. The deep v-neckline with modest mesh inserts allows you to show off your bustline without showing too much skin.

If you like a dress that has plenty of detail, then this is definitely the one for you. This gorgeous gown features rhinestones throughout that create classic stripes, cascading down to the hem. But that’s not what makes this dress truly stand out from the crowd.

It’s the gorgeous rhinestone 3D butterfly design, starting at the neckline and moving down the bodice, that makes this gown so special. The design creates the illusion that the butterflies are popping out from the dress, which adds a bit of fun to the overall look.

Style 87162

If you want to look and feel like the star you are, then you may have met your match with this daring beauty. This dress features rhinestone stars throughout, varying in size, with one as the focal point. The shiny rhinestones will create an effect that makes you shimmer and shine with every step you take, which adds to the star theme.

This one-shoulder beauty creates an asymmetrical look that’s both eye-catching and versatile. It also adds drama to the overall design, giving off an edgy vibe that you’re a girl who wants to stand out but also wants to look classy.

Style 87166

Featuring rhinestones that create beautiful star shapes, this HOCO dress is perfect for the girl who likes to be the center of attention. When looking at this dress, it’s easy to tell a lot of thought and detail was put into the design.

The stars come in varying sizes and are purposefully scattered throughout, and are complemented by smaller rhinestones that represent stars from far away. You’ll also love the fitted design of this dress, which resembles the look of a mermaid. The top half of the dress is cinched in at the waist, while the bottom half flares out slightly to create a dramatic sweep train that pools beautifully at your feet.

Style 87169

If you’re going for more fun and flirty look for homecoming, then this may be the dress you’re looking for. The one-shoulder design of this dress adds a flirty element to the overall look while allowing you to show some skin but leaving plenty to the imagination. But the asymmetrical one-shoulder look isn’t what makes this dress stand out from others. It’s the butterfly designs that start at the neckline and cascade down to the skirt of the dress that makes this gown so special.

The high slit also brings the dress to a whole new level, giving you the perfect opportunity to show off your well-toned legs and favorite pump. The skirt of the dress creates a subtle sweep train that falls to the side for an elegant and classy look.

Style 87171

Want to bring some edge to your HOCO court look? You may have met your match with this daring gown. This black gunmetal dress features beautiful rhinestones throughout that create classic and simple vertical lines, adding symmetry and cohesiveness to the look. Featuring a plunging v-neckline and offering plenty of support for your upper body, you’ll feel confident knowing your best assets are highlighted.

The high slit gives a peek at your legs and favorite pump, allowing you to show some skin, but not too much. When you look at the skirt of this dress, you’ll find that it falls gracefully into a delicate sweep train that adds elegance and grace to the overall look.

Style 87172

If you’re looking for a fun homecoming dress that turns heads, then this is the dress you’ve been dreaming of Featuring beautiful rhinestones throughout, creating classic vertical lines, this dress is for the girl who’s going for a more classy design that looks and feels authentic.

You’ll love that the high slit comes right at mid-thigh, giving you a chance to show legs for days. When you glide to the stage wearing this beauty, you’re sure to feel like the most elegant girl in the room as you make your way to your crown.

The fitted design of this dress is perfect for the girl who wants to achieve a beautiful hourglass shape and show off her feminine curves. The skirt of this dress resembles the look of a mermaid gown, which flares out at the knee and creates a subtle sweep train.

Style 87178

Coming with a flirty scoop neckline and fitted design, this homecoming court dress is perfect for the girl who wants a classic look, but also wants to grab attention. This eye-catching beauty has what it takes to make you feel like the most beautiful girl in the room. Featuring stars throughout the design, this dress is sure to make you feel like the true star you are.

The high slit that’s almost in the center of the dress allows you to show off both legs, giving the look plenty of balance. To bring the look together, pair it with some beautiful dangling earrings and some stylish pumps. Be one with the galaxy and make your way to the stage in the gorgeous homecoming gown.

Style 87184

Want to be the belle of the ball? This dress is perfect for you. After all, you’re going to be crowned, so you need something that perfectly fits the occasion.

This ball gown is the ideal choice for any girl who’s looking for a dramatic look on homecoming night. Fitted at the bodice, and dramatically flaring out at the knee, this ball gown creates a huge, billowy skirt that is sure to have you feeling like the true princess you are.

So, if you’re looking for a more formal HOCO dress that reminds you of something out of a fairytale, then this dress fits the bill. You’re sure to feel the most confidence you’ve ever felt when you glide down to the stage in this beautiful gown.

Style 87448

If you’re looking for a dress that has a unique touch, then you’ll love this beautiful peacock-style dress. Coming in a beautiful teal color and featuring sequins that mimic the look of feathers throughout, this dress will have you flying high. But that’s not our favorite part. The fitted bodice flares out into a narrow skirt, creating a delicate sweep train that resembles a peacock’s feathers.

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