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What To Wear to a Winter Formal Event?

What To Wear to a Winter Formal Event?

There is something absolutely magical about a winter formal events, don't you think?

In the cold, dark, and often gloomy months of winter, everything seems to stop for the beauty of a winter formal. This event can be a glittery, cozy, elegant event where you have the opportunity to look and feel your absolute best.

For most high schoolers, this is typically their first opportunity to select such a formal and beautiful full-length evening gown that you’re sure to feel confident in.

If you’re wondering what you should wear, then this is the article for you. Keep reading to learn about the best winter formal dresses you can try out.

Choosing an Incredible Dress for Your Winter Formal

This event is the perfect time to select a dress that showcases your unique style and personality. If you’re not sure where to start, these tips will help you select winter formal dresses that will surely turn heads.

Choose Your Color:

When we think of these extravagant events, the first place many of our minds go is deep navy blues, light and shimmery blues, or even white gowns. Are we right?

However, don’t limit yourselves to just these options!

Imagine how beautiful a dark maroon red would look in the wintertime or a deep purple or forest green color. This is also an occasion to explore striking colors alongside classic silhouettes for a look you’ll feel ravishing throughout the evening.

When selecting your color—

Think about what colors you gravitate towards in your day-to-day life.

The perfect color should flatter your body shape and let your complexion glow. It is important you choose a color you’re already confident in, and you can also see if there is a more striking shade you can try out!

Experiment with Silhouettes:

There is a flattering silhouette for every body shape! Try on a few different types of silhouettes that you feel confident in. However, don’t forget to choose a shape that you’ll feel comfortable dancing in all night long.

Typically, winter formals demand floor-length gowns. You can choose from a range, from sheath and trumpet to more full gowns like mermaid, a-line, and ball gown silhouettes.

Dare to Be Bold:

Feel confident in trying out a bold pattern or striking fabric that you wouldn’t normally go for! A great way to elevate this is by pairing a fabulous make-up look to make you feel extra stylish.

Have a doubt about Winter formals? Let us Answer Your Questions:

Question: Is There a Dress Code for Winter Formal?

Answer: Yes. Be sure to check with the host of events for specifics, but most winter formals are, you guessed it, extremely formal. You will likely need to wear black-tie attires such as evening gowns or tuxedos.

Question: Should I Consider the Theme?

Answer: Of course! If there is a theme in place, considering this in your formal dress purchase is a great way to make the night even more memorable for you.

Question: How Can I Prepare for the Weather?

Answer:  Since the evening will be chilly, you may want to consider purchasing a jacket for the evening. Purchasing a shawl or a faux fur is a great way to stay warm.

Question: Is a Winter Formal Similar to Prom?

Answer: Yes, a winter formal is definitely similar to a prom. Typically there is a similar dress code and overall formality to the entire evening. Searching for prom dresses is a great way to find the perfect winter formal gown!

The Key to a Perfect Evening

With these tips, you’re guaranteed to look and feel absolutely stunning at your winter formal. Events like this are a chance to soak up every second to feel special and have tons of fun with your friends!

When searching for winter formal dresses, be sure to use our store locator tool to find an Amarra store near you. We have prom stores all over the country. You are guaranteed to find bold and classic dresses of all different styles and colors at one of our authorized retailers.

When shopping at Amarra, your dress will be sure to match your stunning smile and make you feel like the most beautiful person in the room. If you have any questions at all, feel free to reach out! We are happy to help you. For dress inspirations follow the Amarra Instagram.

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