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Long or Short Dresses? How to Choose the Best Party Dress for You?

Long or Short Dresses? How to Choose the Best Party Dress for You?

If you’re reading this, chances are you are dealing with analysis paralysis (I found this word interesting, so sticking it in) as to what to wear. Now, the big dilemma is whether to pick a long dress or a short dress to look your best.

Sweetheart, firstly, let me tell you this, whatever you end up wearing you’ll look absolutely STUNNING! Because you are fabulous like that.

But how do you go on about choosing the appropriate length of a dress for an event? There are various factors that come into play, and by thoroughly understanding the type of event and your body shape, you can make this decision a bit easier. Just keep reading, we’re going to suggest some breathtaking party dresses.

So, let’s get right into it!

Pros and Cons of Short or Long Party Dresses

Before we jump into the considerations and factors, let’s weigh the pros and cons.

Pros of Long Party Dresses Cons of Long Party Dresses Pros of Short Party Dresses Cons of Short Party Dresses
Gives off a sophisticated and elegant vibe Not always practical, especially for fun events Best to show off your sexy legs, especially when you have that nice tan It may not be appropriate for a lot of events
Ideal length of dresses and gowns for parties Can make you feel very hot in summers (the bad kind) Excellent for outdoor events like barbecues and pool parties Can freeze you up during the winters
Appropriate all year round Restricted mobility Grants unmatched mobility You can end up showing a little too much

Consider Your Body Shape

Your body is unique and amazing, and it is the major deciding factor when it comes to deciding the ideal length for party dresses. Let’s go over some shapes.

Consider Your Body Shape
  • The Pear Shape

If you are rocking one of the most used emoji shapes, then my dear, you know there’s something big and beautiful behind you. You’ve to create a look that doesn’t make your shoulders look narrow. For pear shape, we recommend a statement neckline that’ll help you draw attention to your top. Think of something like a cowl neck or a plunging V-neckline.

Pear Shape

For your specific shape, you’d need something stunning and amazing, like STYLE 94043. This short tulle dress has a charming neckline and puffed-up shoulders that’ll help you achieve your ideal party look.

  • The Hourglass Shape

Girl, you are literally the embodiment of a well-defined shape. When people think of a beautiful woman, your shape is what they think of. Now, to choose the ideal party dress, you must keep certain things in mind. You have a fuller bust line, hips, and thighs. Therefore, long dresses will suit you better to highlight your curves. For you, dear, you must keep your neckline simple and go sleeveless.

Hourglass Shape

Step into elegance, poise, and sophistication with STYLE 94278. This is the dress of your dreams. It will highlight your features and will turn a lot of heads.

  • The Apple Shape

Everybody has an iPho… wait, wrong apple. The one distinction that sets you apart from other shapes is your broad shoulders. So, where the previous two dresses focus on taking eyes off the waistline, you should opt for a dress that draws attention to your waistline. We will recommend a well-designed A-line dress or maxi style for you. These will help you create a balanced look.

Apple Shape

We mean just look at this stunning STYLE 88745. It doesn’t even matter if you’re using it as an evening gown for parties or a tea party dress, you will look amazing!

  • The Rectangle Shape

Dear, you have equal weight distribution, if you were a car, you’d be every racer’s dream car. However, you are a dream girl of many! You’ve a naturally athletic body, therefore, you’d need dresses that’ll help you enhance your curves, both at top and bottom. We suggest you go strapless, as for length, either will suite you.

Rectangle Shape

Allow us to introduce you to STYLE 88044. This mid-length dress combines the best of the both worlds: short and long dresses. You can rock it everywhere! However, it goes seamlessly as a holiday party outfit.

What’s the Occasion?

Another crucial factor that’ll help you decide between a long or short dress is the type of event or occasion. Let’s take a look at some of the most common ones.

  • Formal Events

If you’re going to a black-tie kind of event, then there’s no need to give it much thought. Just go with a long dress. Also, these kinds of events mostly have a dress code. So get ready to bring your elegance to the party with a long dress.

  • Cocktail Party

If you are going out for a drinks night, then you know it’s going to get wild. Therefore, you need something comfortable that also allows you to move freely. How else are you going to show off your killer dance moves? Opt for short to mid-length dresses for such events.

  • Birthday Party

Before you get to decide what dress you are going to wear, have you decided what you’ll be gifting? Just kidding, obviously, YOU are the gift. Birthday parties are all about having fun, hanging out with loved ones, and just having a good time. So, we recommend you go with a short dress.

  • Prom

You already know the answer to this as generations of women have chosen long elegant dresses. Just opt for an elegant long dress.

  • Tea Party

Tea party dresses are mostly mid-length. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot experiment. We recommend choosing long dresses with bright colors to stand out.

  • Wedding Anniversary

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first wedding anniversary or 50th, each year calls for a special dress. Now, the venue will matter a lot when it comes to choosing the ideal length, however, we’ll suggest to keep it classy and opt for long dresses.

  • Graduation Party

Congratulations on your graduation! As for your dress of choice, go with short or mid-length because your youthfulness should radiate the entire party.

Your Presence, Your Rules

Remember what we said in the starting? “Whatever you end up wearing, you’ll look absolutely STUNNING!”

This stands true. As we wrap this guide up, we just want to remind you that the dress is only there to enhance your beauty. We hope this guide helped you clear some dilemmas and choose the ideal dress for you.

So, get shopping and get ready to turn heads at your next party.

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