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10 Common Mistakes Made When Prom Dress Shopping

10 Common Mistakes Made When Prom Dress Shopping

Hey Amarra Babes, 2021 is finally coming to an end. We can’t wait to dress you up as you bid this year goodbye. This is an exciting time to close the chapter with some Amarra Magic as you grace the prom night. Do you have a prom date? Do you have a prom dress ready? What plans do you have for your prom night?

What Should I Wear for Prom?

The answer is simple – whatever makes you happy! You are free to dress up as you so desire unless your prom has a theme. Otherwise, look for a prom dress that suits your taste.

If you are a ballgown girl, go for it! Perhaps you want to keep everyone staring at your sexy back in a one-hand sparkling dress; rock it, girl!

So, you may wonder, where do I get such a dress? Don’t worry, babe, we got you! Get a prom dress that accentuates your body shape.

You are lucky that we live in an internet era. As you scroll through Instagram, liking your friends’ pictures, why not follow Amarra too? We have unique designer prom dresses for your date.

Picking out a prom dress can be a pleasant experience yet stressful. But if you prepare well, you can avoid messing up when shopping for your big day.

Here are ten common prom dress mistakes people make while shopping.

1. Putting On Uncomfortable Outfits

Avoid wearing uncomfortable outfits. Wear a frustration-free shopping outfit so that you can easily slip it on and off on your try-on sessions.

Stay away from laced shoes, tight jeans, or layers. It is hard to get them on and off, increasing the chances of having an unsuccessful shopping.

2. Wearing Wrong Undergarments

When shopping for your prom dress, have the proper, well-fitting undergarments. You may put on a strapless bra and a seamless panty. If possible, carry shapewear or support undergarments you’ll wear to the prom.

When you bring these undergarments, be sure to get the best fit and a complete look for the night!

Bringing shoes along is also a good idea. The heel height may determine the need to alter the length of your dress.

3. Going Shopping With Many People

Go prom dresses shopping with one or two people. Many people going in and out of a dress shop can be cumbersome.

Besides, many people mean a variety of opinions which can be confusing. You start second-guessing yourself and end up settling for something you don’t love.

Bring someone whose opinion you can trust.

4. Being Extravagant

Never assume that to have to spend much on a designer prom dress. The fact that a dress is expensive does not mean that it is the original label.

You can check us out to get unique gowns at affordable prices. Don’t go for dress fittings outside your budget.

5. Don’t Dress Outside Your Budget.

Come up with a reasonable budget before you start shopping for your dress. You can then visit dress shops within your budget. Avoid falling for a dress on a magazine that you cannot afford.

6. Don’t Hang Upon the Size

Just because the size tag on the dress does not match what you consider your “normal size.” There is no standard way of putting size. If you love it, try it on. If it fits you well, take it home irrespective of the printed size.

7. Ordering A Prom Dress Online

A prom night is an occasion every babe in high school will not want to mess. In the real sense, it will cost you more, girl! You can decide to save for your dress and buy online at a discounted price.

What you ordered vs. what they deliver doesn’t look alike at all! The retailer provides an ill-fitting dress made from cheap material.

Shipping back the dress to the retailer takes longer and costs more. Online shopping can be a gamble, babe!

8. Forgetting To Budget For Alterations

Arrange for dress alterations so that it fits you well. A good tailor can do wonders on your prom dress, like shortening the straps or adjusting the hips.

However, alterations come at a cost, depending on the fabric or style. Before buying a dress that needs tailor work, factor in tailor cost. Also, remember that a tailor needs some time to work on your clothing.

9. Buying a Dress While Oblivious Of the Return Policy

Before taking a dress home, inquire about the store’s return policy. This will help you estimate on alterations or take it back if you have issues.

During the return window period, keep all receipts and tags. You can’t return an altered garment!

10. Failing To Observe the Dress Code

In some high schools, a student must sign a prom contract outlining dress-code guidelines.
Ensure you stick to the dress code before picking a dress with a high slit or low neckline. The school may deny you entry if you fail to observe the guidelines.

All right, Amarra babes, whichever dress you pick, have fun and take pictures. Enjoy your 2021 prom night.

Remember to tag us as you post your lovely photos on Instagram. We shall surely double-tap.

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