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How to Avoid the Biggest Prom Dress Mistakes

How to Avoid the Biggest Prom Dress Mistakes

Hey, Amarra babes!

Prom season is rapidly approaching, and we know that you must be waiting to start your search for your dream dress. But wait up! Do you know that many girls often buy the wrong outfit due to some common mistakes? You don’t want to be that girl now, do you?
So, to make sure that your shopping experience is as flawless as possible, we’ve compiled a list with our best tips to avoid the biggest prom dress mistakes!

Don’t let sizing mess with your head.

Prom dresses, like many evening gowns, might be sized differently than other dresses or street clothes. Women’s clothing is already notoriously inconsistent, so don’t let seemingly random number sizes dictate your dress! Try on all different sizes of each style to make sure you’re finding the best fit. It might be a 4 in one dress and a 6 in another- that’s totally normal! Don’t wear an ill-fitting dress just to stick to your typical sizing!

Stick to your budget.

As exciting as prom is, remember that it’s just one night! Don’t buy a dress you can’t afford- you’ll just feel bad about it later. You may have to spend some more time searching, but there’s a gorgeous dress out there that will make you (and your bank account) feel great. Bonus points if you’ll be able to wear it again to another event later!

Use caution when ordering online.

We all love online shopping, but it can be risky! Without actually trying a dress on, it can be impossible to tell which size will suit you best or if a certain style is flattering on you. So, if you’re planning to buy your outfit online, consider purchasing several sizes to ensure the best fit. Moreover, always check the return policy before buying anything.

Give yourself plenty of time to make any necessary returns, repurchases, or alterations before prom night arrives. You don’t want to end up relying on a dress that doesn’t make you feel great.

Don’t ignore comfort.

No matter how gorgeous the dress, you won’t feel your best if it’s uncomfortable! Scratchy sequins, pinching straps, or too-tight skirts will leave you wishing you were home in sweatpants. Make sure your dress is comfortable enough to spend the night in! You’ll be eating dinner, sitting, standing, and hopefully doing lots of dancing. There’s no shame in busting out some moves in the fitting room to see if the dress will work for you! Pay special attention to strapless dresses or skirts with high slits. Make sure you’re got the proper undergarments to keep to secure and comfortable all night.

Plan your whole look.

Too often we can get caught up in the excitement of the dress and forget the little details! Don’t forget to plan your shoes, jewelry, accessories, and makeup. Achieve a truly stunning prom look by making sure you’ve put together head-to-toe! Don’t be afraid to try out a bunch of different makeup looks leading up to your big night. Finding the makeup that best matches your style and dress will take your look to the next level! It’s also smart to make sure your shoes are comfortable enough to wear all night- not everyone likes to take theirs off to dance.

Make the Most of Your Prom

Prom night is exciting, but planning it can be stressful! Follow these simple steps to help you find the perfect dress without worry. Amarra has a gorgeous selection of prom dresses and evening gowns to help you have an incredible time on your big night. No matter your body type or sense of style, we have a dress that will make you look and feel radiant.

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