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15 Creative Ways to Ask a Guy to Prom

15 Creative Ways to Ask a Guy to Prom

As the school year ends, we’re sure to have a few emotional moments where we say our last goodbyes and spend time together with friends. The silver lining? It’s time to go to prom!

So prom 2024 is coming, you’ve probably thought about the perfect promposal as much as you imagined your actual proposal. Think about that OMG moment when the school heartthrob asks you the coveted question in front of everyone – swoon! But what happens if your crush is totally shy and hasn’t popped the question?

Don’t worry, in the era of female empowerment, we’re all about taking the first move. Here are 15 totally creative, totally fun ways to make your high school bae say yes.

Take him to his favorite place

Ask him where his favorite spot is to hang out in school, and take him there for one last great moment. Get specific! It could be the steps where his friends hang out, his corner in the cafeteria, or the school field.

Give him a hint

For the introverted girls out there, we’ve got your back. There are many ways to ask a guy to prom without decking out the hallway. Talk about the upcoming prom to your friends when he’s around and let him know you’re an option. He’ll definitely get the hint!

Make a pact with your bestie

Not everyone’s dream prom is about romance and sparkles. Sometimes, you just want it to be a night of hanging out with a friend and creating lasting memories. Start off by asking your guy bestie to make a pact to forgo the awkward dates and go together.

Use his favorite TV show

You’ve probably seen this super cute Up-themed promposal that was all over TikTok last year. Channeling his favorite TV show will just show him that you both like the same things!

Surprise him at home

Asking a guy to prom can be even more romantic when he least expects it. On the day of the promposal, drop his parents or siblings a text to ask when he’ll be home and show up with a few friends to help you set up.

Write it in food

A way to a man’s heart is through the stomach. Send him a box of chocolates, pizza, donuts or whatever he likes, and attach a note. If it’s written in frosting, even better!

Make him work for it

Tell him you are planning a treasure hunt among your friends. Write a bunch of clues that eventually lead him to solve the mystery – you’re going to prom together!

The classic promposal

Make a large sign with the letters spelling “Prom 2024?” and show it to him when classes end. The best part? Everyone will know that he’s totally yours after that.

Include him in planning

Send him a few links to your potential prom dresses along with a flirty text that says, “Which dress would you like to see me in on our prom night?” This way, he’ll get to have his pick.

Ask your friends

There’s no better prop than a supportive group of friends. Get your girlfriends to hold up a sign of each letter that spells out PROM? It’s also a great way to calm your nerves before you pop the question.

Scrapbook it

If you’ve already gone out on a few dates with your crush, create a scrapbook of your favorite memories before asking the question. Collect movie tickets, restaurant bills and more – it’ll remind him of all the great times you had together!

Lock it in

Surprise him with a hidden promposal that he definitely can’t miss by decorating his locker. You’ll probably be able to catch his sight between classes, don’t forget to give him your signature flirtatious smile!

Use his interests and hobbies

If your crush loves sports, toss him a football with the question written in marker. If he’s into music, write him a song. Showing you care about his interests will make you super irresistible!

Go for the shock factor

Get your friends to trick him into going to the teacher’s office with a detention note, only to read it and realize it’s actually a note from you. It’ll be nothing but a pleasant surprise and a super fun way to get his attention.

Drop him a note in study hall

We get it, sometimes it’s better to keep things private without a grand promposal. Dropping him a note in the classroom will help keep it your little secret, and also recreate one of the fun sneaky things you love to do when the teacher’s back is turned.

Which of these ideas are your favorite? Once your crush says yes, it’s time to look for the perfect prom dress. Check out our collection of stunning prom dresses that will leave him thinking about you even as you break for the holidays.

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