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Top 5 Emerald Green Prom Dresses For Prom 2024

Top 5 Emerald Green Prom Dresses For Prom 2024

Hey AMARRA babes! Green is having a huge moment in the fashion world right now, so you probably have your eye on emerald green prom dresses! But what shade should you pick?

Sage is the shade of the reason, but rich and deep hues like emerald are gaining popularity as we enter the colder months. Emerald is one of those underrated colors that just doesn’t occur to you when thinking about clothing, so here are some of our favorite emerald green prom dresses for inspo!

Style 87231: Christmas, all day, everyday

Love Christmas? Us too! Most Christmas dresses aren’t versatile – they’re meant for Christmas parties and Christmas parties only – but this one is our top choice for an emerald prom dress too.

The lushness of this dress contrasts wonderfully against the muted gems studded on the bodice of this masterpiece. The gems draw out a sophisticated, abstract pattern that reveals something different every time you look at it! When we say this gown’s a masterpiece, we mean it.

The simple square neckline and mermaid tail skirt flowing down in a solid color allow the print to stand out. Psst… gold jewelry pairs beautifully with lush green!

Style 87233: A little glitter never hurt nobody

This next look doesn’t hold back, it’s full bling from top to bottom! Don’t worry about looking over the top. The faded tone of the green prom dress evens out the shimmer of the dress, and the halter neckline lends an air of elegance to it.

Go for a natural, glowy look and be sure to avoid excessive bling with this dress if you don’t want to look like a walking disco ball!

Style 87258: For the party princess

Want to wear an emerald prom dress to your spring prom? Done! The floral lace panels up the side of this gown adding a dainty and feminine touch that is perfect for the flower girl in you. Meanwhile, the translucent, pearl-like gem appliques down the front mimics water droplets.

This green prom dress is not just a dress – it tells a story. It’s straight out of a 90’s movie scene, maybe  with a girl dancing in dancing in the spring downpour without a care in the world. And that embodiment of freedom is such a vibe.

Let the unique personality of this dress shine in your look. We’re talking spring makeup colors with loads of blush and a rosy lip. Style your hair in a wet look for maximum effect!

Style 87281: Shine brighter than a diamond

Every lady knows that emeralds are brighter than diamonds, carat for carat. And that’s why this look is an absolute stunner!

The pine green color of this gown is the perfect canvas for the sequined leaves applique on this dress, that gives it an glow that is so otherworldly, it’s almost eerie. There are so many shades of emerald, why should you settle on one? The holographic effect of the show stopping appliques makes this gown flit between blue-green and deep-green.

The gown also features a simple crisscross back that ends just above a braided jewel belt. Complete with a dusting of gold down a full A-line skirt, this emerald prom dress is perfect for hiding the food baby!

Style 87322: Nature, but make it hot

This last forest green prom dress is the dress Tinkerbell wishes she had.

The gown is matte and muted, with a sweetheart neckline adds a sweet, vintage feel to the look, The bodice looks like it was crafted by Mother Nature herself from ivory branches and leaves. The bodice loosens out into autumn floral appliques down it’s tulle skirt. With a touch of silver shimmer that looks like fairy dust, you’ll definitely feel like a forest fairy!

Lace up backs are an iconic feature in AMARRA dresses, but we’ve outdone even ourselves with this gown. The double straps forms a one-of-a-kind contemporary design at the back of the gown that is an absolute compliment magnet.

Don’t think emerald is the shade for you? We’ve got you! Discover a world of green prom dresses in beautiful designs and gorgeous hues from our Prom Dress Collection. Alternatively, check out our store locator to find a store near you.

Emerald doesn’t always make an appearance on gowns, so we’re excited to see your emerald green prom dresses this Prom 2024! Remember to tag us in your prom photo on Instagram. Drop us a follow to stay updated on our latest gowns too!

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