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The Different Types of Prom Dresses

The Different Types of Prom Dresses

Hey AMARRA babes, is Prom night around the corner? I bet you must be waiting for it with great anticipation. Well, if perfection is the thought that creeps in every time you think about it, you might want to add in some glam in that simple yet sophisticated look.

If you are looking to bring out the queen in you on your big night, then girl, you might want to go extra and get a dress that makes you look glamorous, beautiful and makes you feel confident in who you are. After all, prom is the epitome of everyone’s high school experience.

Having a perfect prom goes down to planning and prepping. You want to choose an ideal date, a limo, flowers, to mention but a few. But most importantly, want to get it right with the type of prom dress you choose, right? In this blog post you will learn the different types of prom dresses, styles, what best suits your body, and the likes. Just enough information to get you ready for the great night.

What are the different types of dresses?

Choosing a perfect prom dress that fits your personality is challenging, but there’s no need for alarm. Here are some different types of prom dresses:

Ball Gown Dress

Ballroom gowns come in few styles, but they are a perfect piece for any formal occasion. This dress will help you leave a lasting impression of a fairy goddess.

Halter Neck Dress

It’s a dress whose straps are held around the neck and the upper back bare. It gives the dress an illusion of being controlled by nothing at the back. Making you look free and fabulous!

Empire Waist Dress

This type of dress has a waistline above the waistline or below the bust. Giving you a look as though you are high waisted.

A-line Dress

This dress can be worn by girls of all body shapes and sizes. It is any dress that flares out from the bodice and flows widely towards the hem.

High Low Skirt Dress

This type of prom dress never goes out of style. It’s a flattering dress with a shorter hem in the front compared to the side or back.

Mermaid Dress

A mermaid dress is a long dress that fits closely throughout the whole body, but it loosely flares out towards the floor.

Sheath Dress

This is a dress that flatters your shape since it fits closely with no waist inseam, bringing out the body’s natural flow.

What is the perfect dress for your body type?

You want a dress that speaks for you, one that elevates your style and taste showing the world who you are from the inside. Remember, these are pictures that you’ll be looking at years later, so you do not want a dress that will remind you of an embarrassing night. Instead, you want something that fits perfectly.

Whether you are an hourglass, petite, pear, apple, or rectangular shape, there’s a perfect dress for you. You only need to understand your body and pick a prom dress that brings out the best features.

What are the latest trends for prom dresses?

No one wants to go to prom in an old-fashioned dress. You want to be up to date with what dress, cut, or style is trending. The one shoulder dresses are currently the hottest trend that designers like Amarra are bringing back into the fashion industry and making prom dresses.

For an electrifying statement, you might want to pick a neon pink or light pink dress for your big night. Pink is just timeless. You can never go wrong with it. The other option is sequins. Yes! Let’s just be honest this trend never goes away. You can go with a fully beaded prom dress and keep it classy.

Alternatively, you can choose embellished stones on jersey fabric! It’s also a new trend picking on, and you can beautifully incorporate this trend in your outfit to bring out the playful look to spice up your dress. A perfect rendition of this trend and your favorite off-shoulder or high slit maxi prom dress might go all the way for you to make your look glamorous.

It’s Time To Start Shopping For Prom!

Finally, prom is a fantastic time of your life. It should be fabulous. Your dress should be elegant to boost your confidence and use it to express who you are and how you’re feeling.

Other than the different types of prom dresses you could wear, you should consider the variety of accessories that go with it. This may vary from shawls, gloves, jewelry to clutches or even a tiara. This is important to save on time while shopping.

You don’t need to get bewildered when it comes to picking a perfect prom dress for yourself. That is why Amarra is here. You can refer to Amarra’s Spring 2022 collection of dresses and see the fantastic collection of dresses that will blow your mind. From ball gowns to the mermaid dresses, we have it all.

Are you looking for a perfect dress for you that will best suit you? Do not stress over that. Visit our website or Instagram page.

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