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Top 5 Lilac Prom Dresses For Prom 2024

Top 5 Lilac Prom Dresses For Prom 2024

Hey, Amarra babes! If you’re having your Prom 2024 in spring, congratulations! You get clear skies, fresh blooms, and, most importantly, pastel shades. In this beautiful weather, who wouldn't want a dress that embodies the spirit of the season? So,if you also want a classic spring look, opt for lilac prom dresses.

Usually, purple might not be the first color choice for a dress, but lilac is a decidedly quintessential spring color.And we bet you’ll look as gorgeous as springtime in this striking hue.Our advice for donning this delicate color? Pick a fresh shade that complements neutral bags and accessories! You’ll never go out of style.

So, to help you out, we’ve curated our top 5 picks of lilac dresses for prom 2024 in different shades, shapes, and silhouettes!

Amarra Style 20006: It’s time to bloom!

Lilac is a pastel color, but this gown is a whole new level of pastel. This light lilac prom dress features the classic – double straps, scoop neckline and lace up back.

What sets it apart are the leaf appliques that twirl down this gown like pretty vines, which go all the way down to a lightweight fluffy tulle skirt. The skirt adds an element of effortless to the look, exuding a remarkably casual feel that is rarely seen in a prom dress.

This shade of lilac would look gorgeous with white shoes and white jewelry. Psst, with this look, we bet you could get away with a pair of white Converse! Think Avril Lavigne.

Amarra Style 87218: Miss Congeniality, spring edition

This next strapless lilac prom dress comes straight out of a pageant – it has the power to turn even the toughest tomboy into a sweetie.

Studded with pearls, this seemingly simple frock is actually a dream for your figure. The deep sweetheart neckline and adjustable tie-up back are perfect for supporting your bust, regardless of size.

The tightfitting studded bodice that cinches the waist in, before flowing out into a slightly shimmery skirt that should be balanced out by heels.

Do your makeup in a way that opens up your face. After all, what’s Miss Congeniality without a friendly smile?

Amarra Style 87257: A new Greek goddess in town

This next one shoulder gown is for the modern day Greek goddess. This iridescent quality of the dress radiates ice queen energy. The twinkling specks of purple in the gown are evened out by ice blue, producing a glitter effect that doesn’t look tacky or one-dimensional.

The jeweled shoulder detail that catches the eye immediately splits into three eclectic straps at the back to hold the dress together. Made of irregular chunks of gem appliques, the straps bring a high fashion vibe to the outfit. You definitely won’t (and can’t) be a wallflower in this dress, so go all out with a smoky eye and bold lip.

Amarra Style 87259: Little lilac riding hood

If you’re still reeling from the previous look, brace yourselves for this one! Also cut as a one shoulder gown, the chunky jewels are replaced by pearl and silver that march up the strap.

The main feature is the floor-length cape with a brooch. The cape drapes over your shoulder, bringing a whole new level of extravagance to your outfit that is perfect for the drama kids. The satin finish leaves the gown looking sleek and polished.

Amarra Style 87295: A little royal, a little risqué

This last lilac prom dress might look unassuming at first glance, but it’s unique nature becomes apparent upon closer inspection.

Made from a light crinkly material that resembles paper mache, lined with tiny pearls, this frock is perfect for a tea party in the garden. The cheeky open sides, cut out all the way to the waist and covered by sheer paneling, add a whole new level of maturity to this look. A little sexy, but nothing overtly inappropriate of course!

Pull your hair into a bun to add a touch of elegance to this look, or go sultry with big voluminous curls. Amp up the cheekiness with tons of mascara so you can bat your eyelashes at your crush all night when he notices you!

Of course, spring isn’t all about lilac prom dresses. Pink, sage, turquoise, cheery yellow, the spring palette is endless! Discover a world of spring prom dresses in beautiful designs and gorgeous hues from our Prom Dress Collection. Alternatively, check out our store locator to find a store near you.

We love a good Spring photo! Tag us in your prom memories on Instagram and drop us a follow to stay updated on our latest gowns too!

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