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4 Prom Dress Trends We’re Loving Right Now

4 Prom Dress Trends We’re Loving Right Now

In your search for the perfect prom dress, you’ve probably come across a number of styles. But when it comes to creating a standout prom look, it’s important to choose something that best suits your unique style.

In this post, we’ve put together a quick list of some of the most popular prom dress trends we’ve been scoping out and loving.

Keep reading for some inspiration.

1. Aim for the Stars

Once in a blue moon, every girl likes to feel magical. It’s a powerful feeling to wear an enchanting dress that stops people in their tracks and leaves them star-struck.

Want that feeling? Get a star-print dress. This is a popular trend—and for good reason. It’s edgy, unique, and shines way brighter than the rest. Star accessories are also having a moment. For example, star jewelry–-such as star-studded earrings—is the perfect pairing to a star-print dress.

So, it’s time to reach for the stars—literally—with a galaxy of fresh, stylish star-studded dress designs that are out of this world. Whether you opt for a mini dress that shows a little skin or a long, elegant dress that drags to the ground, you really can’t go wrong with some star details. So, treat yourself like the star you are and get to shopping.

2. The Butterfly Effect

Butterflies are back! And they represent the perfect example of a trend that ages well. Butterflies are everywhere, from recent red carpet events to ready-to-wear presentations. So, we think it’s safe to say the ’90s Y2K butterflies have reemerged from their cocoons in a new form, and make for the most popular prom dresses.

So, why not let them flutter back into your wardrobe in the form of a fun, lighthearted dress? You can bring your outfit to new heights with whimsical details that leave you feeling playful and flirty.

If you’re a little intimidated by this colorful, supercute trend on prom night, then don’t worry. There are tons of ways to wear it without going too much over the top.

For example, you could go for a strapless, shimmery jersey gown with a fitted design that leaves you feeling sexy and curvy. Or you could opt for a butterfly silk-chiffon mini dress with a sensual side slit. So, it doesn’t matter if your style is fiercely feminine or cute and quirky, you can rock the butterfly style with grace on your special night.

3. Be the Belle of the Ball

Fashion’s obsession with sparkle is still going strong. Fashion designers and brands like Brandon Maxwell and Michael Kors are making good use of sequins on their 2022 runways. So, 2022 will be a year of strongly-encourage sparkle.

If you’re going to a formal event like the prom, why not go all out with embellishments? An embellished sequined ball gown can give you an enchanting sparkle anyone can see from a mile away.

And because sequins are so versatile, you don’t have to save them for a party. You can incorporate them into your everyday wear.

Whether it’s a cute mini dress or a charming two-piece dress, sequins are a fun and bold way to add some glitz and sparkle to your wardrobe.

And you can get away with wearing them all year round, whether it’s the wedding season, the holidays, or the middle of summer. So, no matter which season or occasion, you can’t go wrong with a sequin frock. Plus, there are plenty of beautiful options available to shop in 2022.

4. Bring on the Glam

The fashion crowd is falling back in love with velvet dresses. And we are too! Velvet will always be the height of style sophistication, and it’s a common look in some of the most popular prom dresses. Besides its obvious appeal, the way the sumptuous fabric is made and where it comes from making it a must-have for promgoers.

Plus, it can absorb and reflect light, giving it a nice shimmer and deep, saturated color. What’s more, people associate this sophisticated material with luxury, so it feels opulent and somewhat exclusive.

While velvet can be both elegant and luxurious, it can also fit well into casual looks. So, if you’re considering this material, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. An embellished velvet dress, a side-slit, or even a mini dress with a draped fit on the sleeves are just a few ideas.

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