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9 Ways To Repurpose Your Prom Dress

9 Ways To Repurpose Your Prom Dress

After prom is over, you’ll have a lot of photos to look through, some wonderful memories to relive, and your gorgeous gown to deal with! Since it’s very likely that it won’t feel right to just hang in the corner of your closet once you’ve invested so much time deciding on your prom gown, considering ways to repurpose your prom dress can be super helpful. Fortunately, there are several creative things you may do with prom dresses after the event to make them useful again.

But the question is, what to do with an old prom dress?

Get Your Prom Dress Shortened

Long formal gowns aren’t necessarily a wardrobe must-have that you’ll need to reuse again and again. If you had a floor-length gown for Prom night, consider getting it shortened by a tailor. Chances are that you’ll be able to wear your new dress again at many semi-formal gatherings. If you adore the bodice and color, this is an excellent method to upcycle your dress in a fresh way.

Try Adding A New Colour

If your prom dress was light in color, you may repurpose it by using fabric dye. You can even do this yourself with a trip to the craft store. Just be careful to follow label instructions so that you do the best job possible! You can easily upcycle your dress as if it were new with a fresh color.

Try Selling It

Do you want extra money? You may want to consider selling your dress if this is the case. You should be able to locate a local consignment store where you can sell it. Remember, most places that allow you to resell formal gowns or other garments require them to be clean and in good usable condition. So, before you put your dress up for sale, make sure it’s free of marks, stains, or damage.

Rewear It

Maybe you’re not concerned about wearing the same dress more than once. You have no reason to be! After prom, you’re likely to have other formal events, such as another dance or an awards ceremony. In all practicality, you’ll probably be the only person who knows you’re wearing your dress again. If you do decide to go that route, you can also opt to improve or rework it by adding different accessories, shoes, and hairstyles.

Switch With Friends

It’s very likely that you were loving some of your pals’ prom night looks and that they were crazy about yours. So, why not swap? This way, people get an opportunity to try different styles and make the most out of their investment possible. Everyone leaves with a dress that is new and unique to them!

Adapt The Sleeves Or Neckline

Do you want to reuse your prom dress without it seeming too obvious? Think about changing up the neckline or sleeves to create a new look. Once again, a tailor can assist you in figuring out some options and can also guide you through what’s achievable. Some great examples of these types of alterations include making a dress with straps strapless or converting a high-necked dress into a cute v-neck.

Hold It For Someone

If you have a younger sibling, cousin, or friend, inquiring if they’d be interested in you keeping your formal gowns for them isn’t necessarily a bad idea. By doing this, you can easily pay it forward and get pride in the notion that you have made someone else’s prom experience special.

Donate Your Prom Dress

Donate your prom dress to charity and share the benefits of happiness it brought you. There are a slew of organizations that provide gowns for prom to individuals who would otherwise be unable to purchase one. To locate a location near you to leave your dress, do a search for prom gown donations in your area. You could even organize a school prom dress drive. After prom, take charge of collecting dresses delivering them to the charity. A lucky girl will be able to feel as beautiful as you did on big night owing to your kindness.

Have Dress Trashing Photoshoot

Another fun thing you and your pals can do with your prom dresses after the dance is trashed them! Just make sure you capture it all. If you and your friend’s plans for next year are in different locations, a photoshoot like this might be a fun way to make some memories.

prom is an unforgettable event that is special to countless people who experience it.  Your dress is an important accessory to the night and its memories, so take special consideration in what to do with it. With a little time and effort, you can successfully reuse your dress in various ways throughout the years.

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