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5 Tips To Having a Perfect Prom Night

5 Tips To Having a Perfect Prom Night

Hey, AMARRA BABES! How excited are we for Prom Night? As the day approaches, it’s normal to feel a little nervous. After all, who hasn’t thought about their perfect prom night over and over again?

However, achieving your fantasy experience boils down to proper planning and being prepared. So, to help you out, we’ve compiled five tips for prom night that can transform your average Saturday into a fairytale! What can be better than that, right?

Plan it on your vision board

Planning for prom can get a little messy (and stressful!) – there are so many things to worry about. From dresses and makeup to school dance themes and accessories, the list seems never-ending. Whether your friends are helping you or you have a stylist, it’s essential to communicate your dream look.

Gather all your ideas in one space so you can take them along with you when or to show to your makeup artist. It’s best to have your vision board done up on your phone so it’s easy to pull out when you need it.

A great way to do this is by pinning all your ideal looks and themes on Pinterest. This way, you’ll even get to share it with your friends!

Take photos

If you didn’t put it on the ‘gram, did it really happen? The best part about prom is that you get to make lifelong memories with your group of best friends and your super-cute high school crush.

To make sure these memories last forever, take lots of photos! Most schools hire a photographer for that night, but is there anything better than taking awesome selfies and candids on your phone?

We understand that there is a lot of pressure to portray the fantasy night on social media. But when it really comes down to it, what really matters is that you and your besties had fun with each other.

So don’t worry about looking glam or camera-ready. When you’re in that dazzling dress, all your photos will turn out stunning!

Pack an emergency kit

Imagine this: so the big night has arrived, you’re in the limo with your friends, and suddenly, you realize you’re missing a bobby pin. Um, fashion disaster!
Being prepared for these emergencies can save you a trip back home or around the dance hall asking if anyone has band-aids or double-sided tape.
So, make sure that you pack all the essentials, some of them are:

Hand wipes,
Stain removal
Bobby pins
Tampons (just in case)
Safety pins

This way, you’ll be ready for whatever happens to you and your friends. Without the stress, you can finally let go and be comfortable on D-day!

Go with your best friends

Prom can get stressful. There’s so much pressure to be the center of attention, dress a certain way, do conventional ‘date night’ things, and more. In the spirit of female empowerment, ignore the haters and be yourself!

You are never more beautiful than when you aren’t afraid to be the real you! After all, isn’t that what we spent our teen years finding out?

Pick out a couple of your best girlfriends, and you can all plan to go on your dates together. This way, you know you have a strong support system for the night. You can plan dress themes together, pick out stunning accessories, ride to the venue together and share even more wonderful experiences.

Treating the big night like it’s just another weekend sleepover (with dress up!) with the girls will definitely take a lot of the pressure off.

Pick out the perfect prom dress

Whether you’re hoping to be prom queen or just there to hang, the perfect prom dress is a prom night ESSENTIAL. Finding a dress that is the perfect combination of charm and comfort will take your prom night to the next level. Here’s the thing – you don’t want to fidget around all night or worry about your sequins falling off. At the same time, you really, really want to wear that light blue prom dress from your vision board.

When you’re at an event where everyone is dressed to the nines, it is normal to worry about how you look for hours. Does it fit properly? Is it too tight? Is it revealing? The right prom dress can help you reduce your concerns so you can focus on having a stellar night instead.

If you are looking for the perfect prom dress, check out our stunning selection of gowns that will definitely turn some heads at the dance. Follow our Instagram page for more inspo!

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