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Best Dresses For Prom: What to Wear For Your Perfect Prom Night

Best Dresses For Prom: What to Wear For Your Perfect Prom Night

Believe us Amarra babes—

Prom is worth the hype.

This coming of age celebration has been around for generations and there is a reason! It is the perfect celebration to cap off the end of your high school career and usher you into the next phase of your life. As many people part ways after high school, prom night is the chance to soak up all of the good memories you have with close friends and celebrate!

Prom is one of those special occasions that is few and far between where you get to go full-glam.

If you are wondering what to wear for your perfect prom night, then keep reading. We’ll be walking you through the best tips and tricks to look and feel beautiful!

Dress for Your Body Type

Rule number 1—

Dress for your body type. Here’s a quick breakdown of the 5 common body types:

Inverted Triangle: This is where you have broader shoulders and maybe a fuller bust, and narrower hips and legs.
Apple Body Type: This is your body type if you have a less defined waist or carry weight in your midriff area.
Hourglass: If you have more full hips and bust and a narrow waist, this is your body type.
Pear shape: Smaller bust and waist but full hips? You are a pear shape body type.
Rectangle or Athletic Build: If your shoulders match your hips and waist, then this is your body type.

    All body types are beautiful! Understanding your body type will help you understand the most flattering silhouettes for you so that you can show off your very best features!

    Keep it Classic

    There is a difference between style and trends—

    Style is forever and embraces the inner you while trends are fleeting fads!

    Look at prom dresses through the ages and you’ll easily see that there are silhouettes, prints, and colors that have stood the test of time.

    For prom, remember that you don’t have to be over the top. You’ll already be in a full gown with your hair perfectly done and makeup applied! Chances are,  you’re already the most dressed up than you’ve ever been in the past. An easy mistake to make is to choose a dress that is overly revealing or a bit too “busy.”

    Trust us when we say these might not photograph the best and you may not feel as comfortable as you would in a more classic prom dress style.

    Comfort is Key

    Going along with the last point, comfort is key.

    It can be tempting to wear a dress that is super tight or uncomfortable, but you’ll regret it 15 minutes after putting it on!

    Remember the highlight of prom is dancing the night away with your closest friends, so choose a dress that you can easily move and groove in. Along with this, choose sensible footwear. Flats, strappy sandals, and even embellished slippers are making a comeback in the prom world due to their elevated style and superior comfort.

    The night only happens once and you don’t want to spend it disgruntled at how badly your feet hurt, how cold you are, or worried that your dress is too revealing.

    Embrace Your Inner Style

    The perfect prom dress should be a reflection of your inner beauty and style. After you’ve chosen a silhouette, start to narrow down your prom dress options by color and the level of detail on the prom dress.

    The perfect color might not necessarily be your favorite color, but a color that will bring out your skin tone.

    Additionally, consider if you love to accessorize or if you want your dress to speak for itself. Highly embellished and beaded prom dresses might end up looking too busy if you add on a ton of accessories, while a dress that lets the cut and color shine will look perfectly balanced with the right set of jewelry.

    We highly recommend shopping online so that you can quickly view a ton of different options, save your favorites, and get a second opinion on your prom dress picks. Amarra is the perfect way to filter dresses by silhouette, color, and more. Also, check out our instagram for inspiration.

    Dance the Night Away at Prom

    Now you know the best tips and tricks to choose the perfect prom dress for spring 2022! Prom will be a night that you never forget.

    Choosing a classic dress that is comfortable and brings out your inner beauty is a sure-fire way to let loose and dance the night away.

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