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Top 5 Mermaid Prom Dresses To Wear To Prom

Top 5 Mermaid Prom Dresses To Wear To Prom

Hey Amarra babes, are you looking for a prom dress that will turn heads?

Then mermaid prom dresses are for you. This striking silhouette is flattering on many different body types. What better night than prom to add a bit of dramatic flare to your look?

As the name suggests, a mermaid prom dress will be form fitting through the bust and hip area before dramatically flaring out like a fishtail below your hips. It is one easy way to trick the eye into thinking you have an hourglass figure, even if you have a slightly different body type.

If you are interested in finding the perfect mermaid prom dress for this spring, then keep reading! We’ll be sharing our top 5 favorite mermaid prom dresses from Amarra.

Amarra Style 87339

If you have a sweet sense of style then look no further than this mermaid prom dress. With a scoop neckline and spaghetti straps, this classic cut has lots of coverage in the front.

The feature of this dress is the intricate lace-up It has an intricate lace-up back. It also has gorgeous beaded appliques which cover the entire bodice until trailing off in the tulle of the full skirt.

This adorable prom dress comes in both light blue and lilac colors.

Amarra Style 87319

If you are looking to bring a bit of Hollywood glam to your prom night then look no further than this impeccably designed mermaid prom dress.

The first thing you notice about this dress is the striking neon pink color and the shimmery detail over the entire dress. This dress lets is unique color and classic silhouette speak for itself without over complicating the look with busy details or embroidery.

This dress has a plunging neckline, a lace-up back, and even a bit of a train on the skirt for a full movie-star look.

Amarra Style 87365

Speaking of red carpet looks, this stunning red mermaid prom dress will be the talk of the evening. This dress is made for someone with a personality bold enough to match it.

This gown has a plunging neckline as well with a modesty panel so you don’t need to worry about revealing too much. It has spaghetti straps and a completely open back for a more daring feature.

This dress has a softened tone due to the beautiful lace detail that is featured all across the bodice. It also has a gradual flair out to the tulle skirt which will keep the eye focused on the beautiful bodice on this dress.

Amarra Style 87318

Do you want to feel like absolute royalty on your prom night?

Then this impeccable gold mermaid prom dress it the perfect dress for you!

It shimmers and shines and will be the star of every photograph that its in, not to mention the star of the dance floor. This beautiful form fitting bodice has a plunging neckline, but it comes with a modesty panel for a bit more coverage. This will help you look your best while also feeling comfortable throughout the evening.

The skirt starts to fill out right below the thigh and unlike some other mermaid prom dresses the fabric type is continuous throughout the entire gown, giving is a highly sophisticated look.

The back of the skirt cuts of just below the hips and features an intricate lace-back design that will highlight your best features.

Amarra Style 20156

For a timeless dress that is unlike any other, go with this royal blue and beaded mermaid style gown.

The most striking element of this mermaid prom dress, besides the deep and rich color option, is the off the shoulder neckline. This dress drapes just across the shoulders and invokes imagery of a princess going to a royal ball.

The beaded detailing throughout the entire dress draws the eye and is an accessory all on its own. It will glitter the entire night!

This mermaid prom dress has a less drastic cut off below the hip which adds to its elegance. Rather, it gradually fills out. This softer mermaid silhouette lends itself to body types of all different kinds.

The Perfect Mermaid Prom Dresses

As you can see, there is a world of variety within mermaid prom dresses! This classic silhouette will photograph perfectly and make you look and feel your best on this special night.

Be sure to check out all of our mermaid prom dresses at amarra.com and our instagram.

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