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Popular Long-Beaded Dresses To Wear

Popular Long-Beaded Dresses To Wear

Hey Amarra babes, it's time to try out our long dresses and stand out from your peers. Long beaded dresses are the current fashion trend that bring out the sexy figure in any girl. We make long beaded dresses in various colors and fabrics suitable for any evening occasion and body type.

Come and adorn the following prom dresses at any party:

Amarra Style 94282

This Amarra beaded gown is a suitable pick for any girl looking forward to appearing stylish at an evening party. We make these evening dresses with a scoop neckline and a high slit, which is good for showing off some little skin.

The artful lace-up back adds more details to the dress, and its full body work shows how we dedicate time to making our girls glow. Pair the dress with the right heels and confidently walk on that red carpet. This dress is also good for a date night or a wedding invitation.

Amarra Style 94306

Amarra babes shouldn't think twice before taking this movie-style look evident on our Instagram pages. Wear our prom dresses with a beaded corset bodice for a perfect upper shape. The long beaded dresses give the ideal body shape and allow our girls to pose confidently in the high slit.

The deep sheer V-neckline is also a plus for showing some extra skin without revealing much. It brings out the sexiness in any girl, as it hides extra fat with the corset and reveals the desired amount of skin at the right spots.

Walk confidently after pairing the dresses with the right heels, and the sting straps make it easy to style your hair, depending on your mood.

Amarra Style 94278

Sometimes all our beautiful girls need are such long evening dresses to capture attention while on the go. We design unique long dresses with beads and sequin fabric, which makes them extraordinary. The V-neckline and stranded straps enable girls to show off their shoulders and cleavage easily.

What's more appealing about these prom dresses is the high slit that allows you to reveal some legs for a dramatic entrance. The sophisticated dress becomes more stunning with the right jewellery, shoes, and hairstyle. So play along as the Amarra queen you're, and let necks turn in your direction.

Amarra Style 94300

All we need for our girls is to remain stylish, regardless of the occasion or time. And this is exactly what we give you through our evening dresses, which are simple yet unique. The long beaded dresses let you show your flawless skin in certain spots, just as you'd wish.

The high slit lets the legs take charge of your confidence while making a stage entrance. Furthermore, the V-neckline and lace-up back exude seduction. Get the right heels, possess them, and make your peers believe in our good handcraft.

Such a look looks marvellous if you pair it with the best jewellery at the right places. Your natural hair can also play a role, depending on your preference.


Every girl needs a gown to make a grand entrance at the party. This is exactly what our long dresses do to our Amarra babes giving them the required confidence in life. Choose any of the above evening dresses and make a fashion statement that will remain evident, like the images on our pages. But remember to complement the look with the right jewellery, hairstyle, and heels.

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