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The Complete Guide To Shopping For Prom Dresses

The Complete Guide To Shopping For Prom Dresses

It is every girl’s dream to look perfect on her Prom Night. A lot of factors need to be taken into account to make your prom night fun and memorable. The most important part is to find the perfect prom dress that represents you exquisitely. Prom dress shopping can be fun, exciting, and sometimes stressful. This guide will help make your dream dress shopping experience exciting and indelible.

Here’s a list of things to keep in mind when you start prom dress shopping:

Step 1 – Make a Budget

Budgeting is the key to prom dress shopping. Are you looking to purchase a cheap prom dress or a high-end designer prom dress? Amarra prom dresses can range from $300 to 1,000. You need to decide how much you want to spend on your prom dress. Also, let’s not forget the extras like prom tickets, nails, hair & makeup, accessories, and after prom activities that can add up to your expenses. It is recommended to start planning and saving 6 months prior so that the costs of prom don’t sneak up on you. Make a list of all your expenses related to prom night in an excel sheet. This early planning and budgeting will make you as well as your bank account happy.

Step 2 – Browse Online

Fashion trends are always changing. Keeping up with these changing trends is something you have to do if fashion is important to you. Amarra keeps up with the changing fashion trends and designs many of the trending styles, colors, and silhouettes for you. Educate yourself about different silhouettes like A-line, trumpet, mermaid, ball gowns, and fit & flare. Look at the trending colors for the year, whether it is pastels, neon, or metallic colors. Are you planning on wearing a neon hot pink one-shoulder prom dress or a more simple light blue lace dress? The best way to get an idea of what’s out there is to check out popular social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram to get inspired. Take screenshots of photos or create a Pinterest board with your dream AMARRA dresses.

Step 3 – Visit Prom Dress Stores

Once you have determined your budget and have an idea of the style you are looking for; it is then time to finally step out and try some beautiful prom gowns. FIND A STORE on our website, grab your girls and try on your top prom dresses. We recommend having an open mind when shopping for your prom dress. Try a variety of silhouettes, colors, and styles even if they aren’t what you pictured. For example; if you pictured yourself wearing a fitted, solid gown, be open to trying a fully beaded ball gown or even a mermaid gown. You never know, your dream dress is sometimes completely different from what you expected it to be! We recommend booking an appointment before you visit. This will help you get the full attention and time from an experienced stylist. An experienced prom stylist can help you find dresses based on your personality that you may not have thought of trying before. It is very crucial to step out of your comfort zone, you will be surprised to see the decision you make.

Step 4 – Choose your Entourage Wisely

Shop with the people that matter the most! Too many people can lead to too many opinions; making your shopping experience exhausting. Bring a few close friends and family members who understand your taste in fashion and will give you positive feedback. Always remember to be patient and don’t forget to have fun while shopping for your prom dress.

Final Step – Shopping for Accessories

Finding your prom dress is not the end. Once you have picked out your PERFECT AMARRA PROM DRESS, you now need to shop for accessories. Accessories are what completes an outfit. Your accessories need to complete the dress and not compete with your stunning AMARRA dress. It’s recommended to not go overboard with your jewelry if you picked a fully sparkly or beaded gown. Try and match your shoes with the dress or a color that compliments it the best.Remember you want to look good, feel effortlessly beautiful, and have the time of your life, so start searching now and get that dream dress. Keep these pointers in mind and you are sure to have an unforgettable shopping experience and prom night!

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