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The Best Time To Start Prom Dress Shopping

The Best Time To Start Prom Dress Shopping

Are you junior or senior planning to attend prom? Well then, you will need to find a gorgeous prom dress!
Prom is one of the most important high school events and the dress you wear is very important!
Are you worried about buying your gown too early? Are you worried about buying your gown too late? Are you nervous that you will miss out on your dream prom gown?
It’s important that you shop for your designer prom gown at the best time possible and we are here to guide you along your prom shopping journey!

Depending on where you live, prom events will happen from March to June. That means the retailers will need to stock up on the latest gowns a few months prior. Typically, authorized Amarra retailers and prom stores in the United States receive the latest collections and dresses anywhere between October and January. You might think that looking for a prom dress months before your actual prom night seems crazy, but trust us, if you want your dream dress the earlier you start the better. 

You will get the most selections and opportunities to browse the latest styles, designs, fabrics, colors to find that perfect prom gown for the special night! We suggest that you should start looking in December or January, but make sure you give yourself at least two months to explore all the dresses and purchase your dress. In the special times that we are in right now, we suggest starting to shop at least three to four months before the event, just in case you need to order your dress in a size that isn’t in stock.

If you still aren’t sure about shopping months in advance, take a look at the benefits of shopping early and the risks of waiting till the last minute to buy your dress.

Benefits Of Early Prom Dress Shopping:

  • Get more time to find your favorite prom dress store with the most selections and latest styles. To Find an Amarra retailer near you visit our store locator.
  • Avoid the rush and be the first to sift through the latest prom dress options.
  • If you fall in love with a style that will be a popular and trending dress, you’ll be guaranteed to get your dream dress. 
  • Register your dress and avoid not being able to get your dresses because someone else already bought the same one.
  • Avoid the additional charges with last-minute shopping like possible rush shipping charges.
  • Have time for alterations, if you need them. 
  • Gives more time for selecting accessories, shoes, the perfect hairstyle, and makeup.
  • Allows you to coordinate with your date and friends.
  • No need to stress, you can relax and take your time to find the perfect dress.

Starting To Shop Late For Your Prom Dress:

You won’t get to enjoy the moment and browse all the gorgeous styles. 
Miss out on a dress because it’s sold out and can’t be special ordered in time. 
Hinders you from getting your dream dress because girls have already picked it at your high school. 
Pay additional rush shipping charges to make sure you have the dress in time.
Leaves no time for alterations. You’ll likely have to pay rush fees to the seamstress since they will be busy with other gowns and they won’t have time for you to get your gown fitted.
Prevents you from coordinating with your boyfriend or date. They need to get their suit or tuxedo and you want to make sure you both look great together!

It doesn’t matter if you plan to shop online or in a prom store, but it is important to start shopping for prom early in December and January. Prom dress shopping is a special moment and experience. You want to have fun and make sure you find the perfect prom dress store or online prom dress store. If you are having difficulty finding a retailer, you can use our store locator. Our authorized Amarra retailers will be able to help you find your prom gown, check availability, and answer any of your questions about “in stock” dresses and special orders. If you find the perfect dress with your retailer, they can place an order for you! If you have any issues locating a dress or have any questions, you can always contact us by filling our contact form and a representative will get back to you. 

Prom 2024 is going to be here sooner than you think, so explore our Prom Dress Collection. Find an Amarra retailer through our store locator. Trust us, the sooner you plan to shop for your dress the better. We hope these prom shopping tips were helpful and we can’t wait to see you in your gorgeous dresses! Remember to cherish these moments and have a fun, happy experience. We can’t wait to see your prom dresses! Take pictures and enjoy the moment! Make sure to follow us on InstagramPinterestTiktok at @amarraoffical to see our gorgeous prom, homecoming, pageant, and evening dresses!

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