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Prom 2021 Trends You’ll Love

Prom 2021 Trends You’ll Love

This hasn’t been the best year for anyone, so why don’t we look ahead to the exciting moments to come in the future! With homecoming season out the door, we are all gearing up for Prom 2021. Even with all the chaos going on in the world, our designers have been focused on creating quality and beautiful designs for your next special occasion!

We were all so excited to showcase our Spring Collection and have an amazing Prom in 2021. You are guaranteed to fall in love with Amarra’s spring collection – we did, and can’t stop talking about it.


One trend that is coming back this season is our favorite style of dress that we have been waiting for some time, two-piece dresses. Two-piece dresses are a midriff-baring style that is sexy, but elegant at the same time. Two-piece prom dresses offer a look that’s distinct and unique. We have many two-piece dresses, but here are some of our most trending two-piece styles.

Amarra Style 20003

Want a tight fitted sexy two piece dress? Style 20003 is an embellished lace two-piece mermaid gown with a V neckline, lace-up back, and tulle skirt. 

Amarra Style 20010

Do you love scoop neckline dresses? Style 20010 is an embellished lace two-piece mermaid gown with a scoop neckline, lace-up back, and tulle skirt.

Amarra Style 20035

Are you all about the lace? Style 20035 is an embellished lace two-piece mermaid gown with a fitted V neckline, lace straps, zipper back, and tulle skirt.


Finding the perfect color for your dress is hard. You have to make sure the color compliments your skin tone and most importantly makes you look stunning. While neon colors have been trending, pastel colors are making a comeback. Who doesn’t love a baby blue, light pink, soft yellow, or a lilac dress? These breathtaking Amarra pastel-colored dresses are not only comfy, but they will make you look beautiful and captivate the room’s attention! 

Amarra Style 20001

One of our favorite dresses! Style 20001 is an embellished lace gown featuring a fitted V neckline bodice, lace straps, lace-up back, and tulle ball gown skirt with pockets. You’ll look like a modern day princess in this gown!

Amarra Style 20050 

Do you love pastel colored dresses? Style 20050 is a soft yellow tit and flare gown with a V neckline, embellished top, and sheer back.


Ball Gowns are back! Although girls have been loving the tight fitted jersey dresses, we have been seeing more girls wanting to wear a ball gown silhouette as they fit perfectly for any body type. We love ball gowns because they are simple, yet elegant and make you look like a fairytale princess! For this year’s prom, we’ve designed ball gowns with embellished lace, heat stones, iridescent sequin, and pearls. With our ball gowns, you’ll get many different types of necklines: halter neck, sweetheart neckline, V necklines, scoop necklines, and more. The best part is all of our ball gowns have POCKETS! When you wear one of our ball gowns you will feel like a modern-day princess and be the talk of the night.

Amarra Style 20102 

Look like Cinderella in Style 20102 at prom this year with our embellished lace gown with scoop neckline bodice and tulle ballgown skirt with pockets. It’s available in 8 colors!

Amarra Style 20024

Make a statement at prom with our sequin lace ball gown featuring a deep V-neck, lace-up back, and skirt with pockets. You are sure to sparkle up the dance floor in this dress!

We know you are thrilled more than ever for Prom this year! You’ll surely love these trends that are coming! Explore our spring collection with beautiful prom and special occasion dresses featuring these stylish trends.  Start planning early this year and visit an Amarra authorized retailer to view our new prom collection and find your ideal dress, style, and color. 

We can’t wait to hear your favorite spring fashion trends! Make sure to follow us on Instagram Pinterest, and Tiktok at @amarraoffical to see our gorgeous prom, homecoming, pageant, and evening dresses!

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