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What Your Prom Dress Color Says About You

What Your Prom Dress Color Says About You

Choosing a prom dress is a huge decision! What vibe do you want to give off? Are there any boys you want to impress? And, what style do you love and want to represent? The color of your dress plays a major factor in all of this.

Prom is a place to see people and be seen! Your dress needs to show off your personality and be something you feel comfortable in. Have you got your dress yet? If not, head over to our prom page for ideas. Now let’s find out what your prom dress color says about you.

Color Meanings and Symbolism

The color spectrum includes primary and secondary colors plus a massive range of shades in-between. Colors influence emotion and hold different meanings for people in religion and different cultures. The color you wear says a lot about your personality, which is why you should take your time to choose the right one for your prom gown.

Colors can be split into three categories – warm, cool and neutral. Let’s take a look at the colors that fall into each and discuss what that says about the person who wears it.

Warm Colors – Red, Orange, Yellow

As you’d probably guessed, red, orange and yellow are classed as warm colors or even fiery in the case of red. Red is the main primary color and sunny yellow, juicy orange and may other shades in-between make up the warm group.

Style 20297 in Red is a classic!

Red – This is the color representing love, passion and even anger. A red prom dress will certainly get you noticed and convey a confident, passionate and driven personality.

Orange – Orange is a mix of red and yellow and exudes excitement, energy and enthusiasm. Wearing an orange prom dress shows you are creative, loving and ready for a party!

Yellow – Yellow represents sunshine and is a color that makes people smile. A yellow prom dress shows you are happy, vivacious, active and a fun person to be around.

Cool Colors – Blue, Green, Purple

Blue, green and purple are categorized as cooler colors. The main primary cool color is blue, with green and purple being secondary mixes. Cool colors are a little more calming and elegant with links to royalty.

Style 20006 in Electric Blue will make you feel like Cinderella!

Blue – Blue represents the sea, sky and open spaces. Wear a blue prom dress if you want to exude power, freedom, confidence and control.

Green – This color represents nature, abundance and wealth. Wearing a green prom dress tells others you are ready to move forward with a fresh start and want to feel grounded.

Purple – Purple is closely associated with royalty and riches, power and wealth. A purple prom dress really shows you mean business and want to stand out.

Neutral Colors – Black, White, Grey, Brown

The neutral color chart has black and white at either end and variations of grey and brown through the middle. Black and white dresses are popular choices, being easy colors that go with anything.

Style 20059 in Black is simple & yet elegant!

Black – This color represents power, elegance and mystery. Wear a black prom dress to protect emotions and communicate authority.

White – White symbolizes purity, peace and strength. Wear a white prom dress to convey a well-balanced, optimistic outlook.

Create the perfect vibe for prom by picking a color that you like and look effortlessly beautiful in.

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