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Level up Your Cocktail Look with Class and Sexiness

Level up Your Cocktail Look with Class and Sexiness

Sweetheart, are you ready to down some drinks and make the entire dance floor shake? We know you are because why else would you look for unique cocktail dresses?

But hold on. Before you raid your wardrobe and online stores, it is important to know what exactly you are aiming for because, dear, not every dress is acceptable for a cocktail event. 

Despite it being a semi-formal event, there are certain guidelines (or societal norms) that we must adhere to so that we can enjoy it to the fullest and avoid any judgemental looks.

So, are you ready to explore? Let’s get into it.

Understanding the Dress Code

Now, you must be asking questions like, “What is the dress code for a cocktail party?” or “Do cocktail events have a dress code?”

To that, we say YES. Cocktail dress code or cocktail attire can be thought of as an outfit that is worn to semi-formal parties (not every party needs to have alcohol for it to be considered cocktail attire).

These dresses have a little more oomph, and a little more glamour to them, which sets them apart from your regular dresses and full-on formal gowns. Also, note that these are more comfortable than formal dresses and offer more mobility. Because how else are you going to get down on that dance floor?

These are No-Nos

While we understand everyone has the liberty to dress the way they want, it doesn’t always mean they’ll look best. We mean you can also try wearing pajamas to your office job but you know how that’ll end. Now, just don’t do these things and you’ll be fine.

  • Ballgowns

“Aww, you look so pretty! But sweetie, this isn’t Disney, and neither are you at a wedding. So better change right now!”

If you don’t want to hear this from your fashionable aunt, then it’s best you just stay away from ballgowns for your cocktail event. One, it’ll make you look overdressed, and secondly, you’ll have to deal with a lack of moment. It’ll be a mess.

  • Jeans

Girl, No. No. Just No. Even if people do let you in wearing a ballgown, they are definitely going to kick you out of the event or won’t even let you in. This goes for other forms of bottoms as well, trousers, joggers, you name it. Yes, they are comfortable, but these are great for girls’ drinks night at home, not for a party.

  • Sneakers

So… do we really have to talk about this? Sneakers are great when you’re going for that street look or going for a jog but for cocktail events? No. You can be rocking the most beautiful dress with perfect make-up and accessories. However, it won’t be of any use if you’re going to pair it with sneakers.

  • Tee Shirts

Again, amazing choice for home drinking but not for a party. Just imagine you enter a party where everyone is dressed up and you’re there in a tee shirt… Yeah. Not a nice impression. So just avoid it.

  • Plunging V-necklines

While you would want to look sexy at a cocktail event, you never want to overdo it. This is because it is one thing to attract attention, but it’s never okay to have people staring at your cleavage throughout the night. So avoid dresses with deep necklines. Also, it’s a good idea to stay away from transparent dresses.

Create a Classy Look with These

Now that we have a clear understanding of what shouldn’t be done for a cocktail event let’s focus on how to look classy and sexy.

  • Length

We do not want full-length dresses, but we don’t want to go extremely mini either. Remember, this isn’t a night out with girls, it is a semi-formal event, after all. To create a classy look, you should opt for a midi dress that shows just the right amount of skin. Think of it like a first date not a one-night stand.

  • Colors

To create a classy look, it is usually suggested that you avoid bright colors. While you can certainly go with light shades, it is a good idea to avoid bright colors like neon yellow and hot pink. Instead opt for neutral shades and the tried and tested dark shades.

  • Clutch

Now, you might be asking, “Why a clutch?” There's nothing wrong with carrying a traditional handbag with your cocktail attire, but we are aiming for class here, aren’t we? So make sure you pick a clutch that matches your dress color or complements it. You will create an elegant look this way.

  • Jewelry

Jewelry is like a dance partner. Choosing the right one can make your entire night fun, while going with the wrong one can leave you with nasty marks. So, we highly suggest you choose one piece of jewelry, like a statement necklace. This way, you can elegantly draw attention towards you.

  • Shoes

You want heels but not exaggerated ones, you want a classy heel that’ll add a bit of sass to your walk but won’t make you uncomfortable. As for color, we suggest you either go with nude shoes or opt for neutral colors.

Don’t Hesitate to Experiment

Yes, we did provide you with a blueprint on how to achieve a classy and sexy cocktail look. However, this doesn’t mean you should stop experimenting.

Maybe you look amazing in a shimmering dress like STYLE 87445.

Maybe a larger handbag will compliment your overall look.

Maybe going off-shoulder like STYLE 94298 will bring out your best look.

Possibilities are endless, so just keep experimenting with your look. Just do it well before the event.

Wrapping It Up

Go ahead and start assembling your classy yet sexy look for the cocktail event. While you already are gorgeous, these tips will help you create a look that’ll be cemented in the minds of your admirers.

Happy styling!

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