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Tips And Tricks To Find The Perfect Graduation Dress

Tips And Tricks To Find The Perfect Graduation Dress

Babe, you did it! All your hard work paid off, and you’re graduating this year!

We’re super proud of you!

In addition to walking alongside your classmates, you also get to pick out your dream graduation dress.

How awesome is that?

Whether you’re headed to high school or your first year of college, here are a few tips on picking out a dress for graduation.

Online or In Person

Shopping online has become the norm; well, normal enough that most people go there for inspiration first before heading to a store.

So, when it comes to finding your dress online, you need a plan. The first step is to look for style inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram.

Inspo is everywhere, so finding it shouldn’t be a problem!

Take screenshots of all the styles you like and head over to the retailer’s website. If you’re a repeat customer, then finding the perfect “fit” should be pretty easy.

If you’re a newbie, you need to check out the fine print, specifically, the price, your measurements, material, and size, and most importantly, the return policy.

Before you start shopping, you need to know how much dress you can comfortably afford.

There’s nothing worse than falling in love with a dress only to find out you can’t afford it.

Sizing varies between brands, so a size 6 from your favorite brand could be an 8 from another. If you find something you like, don’t let that number discourage you.

Enlist the help of your besties to get accurate measurements of your chest, hips, and waist. You can then use those to narrow down your search.

When it comes to the material, think about comfort than style.

It’s a given that you want to look stunning. However, your dress also needs to be comfortable. Wearing a gorgeous dress that’s uncomfortable to sit, dance, and walk-in just doesn’t work.

Finally, if you do buy online, make sure you can return the dress for a full refund, or at least equal exchange if it doesn’t fit right.

In most cases, you can return it to a physical location if you need a different size or it’s just not flattering.

Check Your Closet First

If you didn’t find your dream dress online, you may want to check out what’s in your closet.

Depending on the season and your personal preference, you might already have the perfect graduation dress.

Choose two to three of your favorite dresses for an impromptu try-on session.

Keep in mind that even casual dresses can be accessorized to look more formal than they really are.

Chic and Simple

If you’re all about being extra, and of course, we are too, then you already know less can definitely be more.

You can turn just as many heads in a semi-formal midi with pretty flats as when you wear floor-length chiffon with sparkly heels.

Follow Your Heart

If you still haven’t found your dream dress, don’t worry. Finding the perfect dress takes time.

But all hope isn’t lost!

If you can’t make up your mind, it’s always best to keep things low-key and sophisticated.

A basic black dress with delicate jewelry is always trendy. Depending on the time of year and overall theme, you can rock an A-line, a tea-length number, or a pretty sheath.

If you really want to stand out from the crowd, you choose a bold color and accessorize with statement piece jewelry.

All Eyes on You

Your graduation day is all about you. As such, you need to feel comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing. Choose a dress that gives you the right amount of attention.

The After-Party Essentials

If you’re the kind of Amarra Babe that wants to rock more than one dress, why not wear one for the ceremony and another for the after-party festivities?

You can keep things super demure as you walk across the stage and then kick things up a notch afterward.

This only works if you’re not going straight from the stage to the party. If you don’t have time for an outfit change, here’s what you can do.

Choose a dress that’s versatile and transitions easily from day to night.

Body-con dresses work best, especially when you add a sparkly clutch and designer heels.

Choosing a graduation dress doesn’t need to be stressful.

Start your search early enough, so you have enough time to make necessary alterations or exchange if it doesn’t fit right.

Let The Good Times Roll

With your diploma in hand, it’s time to let loose and let the good times roll!
Above all else, being the Amarra Babe you are, wear what makes you feel your most confident and comfortable.

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