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Homecoming Dress Trends You’ll Love

Homecoming Dress Trends You’ll Love

Looking for a dress you can dance in and look like a fashionista on homecoming night? We’ve got the hottest trends for you. From subtle to flashy, you can rock your favorite styles so that you’re feeling both comfortable and confident.

Check them out below:

Emerald Green Dresses

Emerald Green: Fall 2022’s Leading Color Trend

Many girls will be rocking emerald green this fall for homecoming. Emerald green is one of the “it” colors for fall 2022. Why? Because it’s classy, elegant, and sophisticated.

There’s just something about a bold emerald green color that commands attention and makes the girl wearing it feel confident and in control.

So, don’t be surprised if the dance floor is flooded with emerald green dresses that are fashion-forward and show lots of styles.

The Allure of a Good Green Dress

Emerald green is saturated, bright, and noble. Yet, it’s versatile enough to wear with a variety of colors. You can pair your emerald green homecoming dress with touches of violet, plum, wine red, deep blue, and even rich violet.

Emerald also pairs well with neutral colors like white, black, beige, and gray. And if you want to add even more elegance to your homecoming look, you can play with different textures and fabrics.

For example, you could get an emerald dress with lots of embellishments or don a pair of velvet heels. These simple details are sure to add even more interest to your overall homecoming look.

AMARRA 87322

In search of the perfect emerald green homecoming dress? Try AMARRA 87322. It’s an embellished lace shimmer ball gown that adds some oomph to the rich emerald green color.

With a v-neckline, low lace-up back, and glitter skirt, you’re sure to be the belle of the ball in this gorgeous number.

Butterfly Dresses

The Y2K Butterfly

The spring ‘22 runways are full of butterfly prints. This style is one of the latest trends to make its appearance.

Like many early 2000’s staples, butterflies are popular among the biggest pop culture stars. And now, we’re beginning to see this trend on the homecoming dance floor.

Butterflies Are Trending

But why are we seeing the comeback of a style that originated in the early 2000’s? Because it’s whimsical, playful, and flirty.

Homecoming is a more casual event, which means you should have a bit more fun with your look.

Whether your dress features butterfly print, a design with the shape of a butterfly, or even butterfly embellishments, it can bring a delicate, subtle vibe that makes your look seem effortless.

AMARRA 87240

If you’re looking for “the” butterfly dress that’ll wow the crowd and have you feeling confident and flirty, give AMARRA 87240 a try.

It’s a breathtaking fitted gown that’s made to hug your curves in all the right places, leaving you feeling sexy and curvy.

It also has crystal butterfly beaded details that add a touch of playfulness to the look.

With AMARRA 87240, you’re sure to have everyone stopping and staring at your gown, with a classic lace-up pattern and beaded fringe that pull everything together beautifully.

Beaded Dresses

Beaded Embellishments

Bling isn’t just one of the hottest homecoming dress trends—beaded homecoming dresses bring just the perfect compromise on a style that’s both sophisticated and a little unexpected. So, you can truly elevate your look with something spectacular with beads galore.

The dainty and delicate feel of a beaded homecoming dress is perfect for girls who want to feel elegant without going too over the top.

Because after all, homecoming is a lot more casual than prom, so you don’t want to go in looking like you’re overdoing it.

Add a Touch of Elegance

Beaded dresses are taking homecoming 2022 to new, fashionable heights.

Homecoming fashion is no longer about following the rules, so you can shake things up by bringing your own sense of style to the night.

And you can do that with a beaded dress that features an array of glittering embellishments and intricate beadwork.

AMARRA 20933

Are you ready to elevate your homecoming look to a new, couture-inspired level? Meet AMARRA 20933.

It’s a form-fitted beaded gown with a v-neck bodice and a criss-cross back. This stunning dress features a classic black and gold design and gorgeous beaded fabric that shines under the light.

Flashy and Fiery

Flashy and Fiery Homecoming Dress Trends

If you’re the type of girl who isn’t subtle and loves to be the center of attention, then you need a flashy, fiery dress for homecoming night. Dresses that are bright, flashy, and feature fun colors are perfect for those who don’t want to blend with the crowd.

Whether you want a fiery red dress that adds contrast to your skin tone or a light-colored dress with intricate beadwork and embellishments, you can still command attention without looking like you’re trying too hard.

Show Up or Show Out

Homecoming doesn’t come around often, so why not take the night by storm with a dress that’s memorable and commanding? Don’t you want to look back on that day and think “Wow, I looked fierce!”?

That’s what a flashy prom dress can do—make you look and feel like you just stepped off the red carpet. But instead, you’re just partying with your classmates while looking like a movie star.

AMARRA 20168

Don’t know where to find the dress that strikes the perfect balance between delicate and bold? Check out AMARRA 20168.

This dainty dress is a bright red that commands attention and features an all-over rhinestone design that brings a balanced shine with every move you make.

It also stops right at the mid-thigh, showing off your legs for days. So, get ready to dance the night away and have the time of your life in this gorgeous red homecoming dress.

Find the Perfect Homecoming Dress at Amarra

Need a high-quality homecoming dress? Come see our extensive collection of beautiful gowns for every girl’s unique style. From long, flowy gowns to shorter fitted dresses, we’ve got your back. Find a retailer near you or follow us on Instagram for even more homecoming dress inspo.

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