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Latest Homecoming Dress Trends You Need to Know About

Latest Homecoming Dress Trends You Need to Know About

Homecoming is an extremely special event that you’ve probably been looking forward to for a while now. You get to take pictures with your friends, dance the night away and best of all—you get to wear a stunning dress. The dress you choose for the big night represents your style and personality. So, of course, you’ll want to choose the perfect dress!

Choosing the perfect dress for homecoming can be exciting, but it’ll also take time and effort. That’s why we’ve compiled this guide of flattering and trendy homecoming dresses to give you some inspiration. Scroll through this guide to find the perfect dress for your perfect night.

Eye-catching Neon

If you want your dress to turn heads when you walk into the room, go with a neon dress. The color you choose for your dress says a lot about who you are and what your like, so choosing a neon dress lets people know you’re bold and not afraid to stand out. You could go with a “Barbie” aesthetic by choosing a fitted hot pink dress or go for a more daring and elegant look with a fitted neon orange gown. If pink or orange isn’t your style, you could also opt for a neon green dress. Either way, a neon dress is a sure-fire way to help you stand out in the crowd!

Classic One-Shoulder

Keep it classic with the one-shoulder look. This style is for the girls that dare to be different and like to have fun, while still maintaining a classic look. A strappy fitted one-shoulder look will flatter you and give off an elegant vibe. If you’re looking for a bolder one-shoulder dress, choose a sequin long-sleeve one-shoulder dress. A classic one-shoulder dress is a flattering way to showcase your style on homecoming night.

Flashy & Bold

If neon or one-shoulder dresses aren’t head-turning enough for you, opt for something a little bolder. Patterned dresses are a stylish way to show off your confidence. Go with a flashy brocade mini dress or a gorgeous star-studded cocktail dress to show off your bold personality with a flashy dress. Floral dresses, beaded dresses, and sequin dresses are another sure-fire way to showcase your stylish confidence. Whichever style or pattern you choose, a bold dress is an excellent way to show off your outgoing style on homecoming.

Simple & Cute

Maybe your style isn’t as bold—that’s okay! If you’re a simple sweetheart, you want a dress that reflects that. Mini dresses are the way to go if you want something that’s simple and cute. All you have to do is choose the color that reflects your personality and style. Maybe you want to be pretty in purple, gorgeous in green, or ravishing in red. Whichever color you go with, you simply can’t go wrong with a cute and classy mini dress!

Fun & Flirty

This style is for the fun and feminine girls that don’t want to be confined to a fitted dress. A short and flowy cocktail dress is the perfect way to show off your girly style on homecoming night. Go with a soft white open-back dress or a bold colored a-line dress for the perfect feminine look. This flattering dress style is sure to make you look and feel gorgeous on your special night.

Find Your Perfect Match

Whether you go with a style that’s bold, simple, or classic—the dress you choose should be one that reflects who you are! Explore our entire Homecoming Dress Collection and Instagram to find the perfect dress for your exciting night.

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