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How to Pick the Perfect Homecoming Dress for Your Body Type

How to Pick the Perfect Homecoming Dress for Your Body Type

How to Pick the Perfect Homecoming Dress for Your Body Type

Having a hard time picking the perfect homecoming dress? You aren’t the only one struggling! With such a huge selection of options to choose from, it can be impossible to decide on a color, let alone a style that best fits your figure.

Everyone is different and has their own design tastes and preferences. However, there are certain dress types that work best for certain figures. Homecoming is a special occasion, and you want a dress that makes you look and feel amazing from every angle.

Keep reading to learn about picking the perfect homecoming dress for every figure.


If you have an equally proportioned waist and bust, you have an hourglass shape. With this figure, you want a dress that keeps you balanced and brings out your best assets.

One of the best dress styles for hourglass figures is one with a cinched waist. This enhances your proportions and is sure to look great. If your dress doesn’t have a cinched waist, add a belt to create a similar look.

Other great options for hourglass ladies include open and V-line necklines. Avoid baby-doll styles as well as dresses that are shapeless or oversized.


If your lower half is bigger than your bust and upper body, you have a shape or triangle figure. When finding the perfect homecoming dress, you want one that draws attention to your upper body. A strapless dress is ideal, as it puts all eyes on your shoulder and neck. A V-neckline dress also has the same effect.

Choose a dress that offers a full skirt or A-line fit to balance out your hips and waist. Avoid overly short dresses or voluminous skirts.


With an athletic body type, your waist and hips are less broad than your shoulders. In choosing a homecoming dress, you want one that creates the illusion of a wider waist and hips. The best way to do this is with a dress that has ruffles or embellishment in the middle of the dress.

A-line styles flow out at the waist and are perfect for an athletic figure. Avoid strapless dresses or those with thin straps. Short hemlines should also be avoided.


Apple figures carry most of their weight in their mid-section but have slim legs. When dressing this figure, find a dress that adds shape to the upper body. An A-line, belted dress, or empire waist draws attention to the upper body. Full-skirted and wrap dresses also do the trick.

Avoid fitted waists and horizontal lines, as they highlight the midsection, which you want to avoid.


For girls 5’3 and under, finding the perfect homecoming dress can be hard but not impossible. Look for an asymmetrical hemline that highlights the body and adds height. Dresses with vertical prints, pleats, or a V-neck are also good for smaller ladies. A-lines are also great for elongating the legs and lower body.

Avoid ballgowns and other bottom-heavy dresses that will make you look shorter.

Final thoughts

Knowing which dress style to look for based on your figure makes it much easier to find the perfect homecoming down. Shopping based on your body types helps to narrow down your options so that you don’t spend hours trying on dresses that aren’t flattering.

The dress you choose should not only work with your figure but should make you feel flawless and comfortable. At Amarra, you’re sure to find the perfect dress. Start shopping today!

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