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Homecoming 2024: Top Homecoming Dress Trends You Will Love

Homecoming 2024: Top Homecoming Dress Trends You Will Love

Fall’s biggest dance is fast-approaching and we bet you girls are already contemplating homecoming dress trends for the perfect evening. Choosing a dress for Homecoming is a very important decision. Whether you are a senior or a freshman attending your very first high school dance, every girl wants to glow and look perfect for Homecoming. We want Amarra girls to own the night, for that, we have made a list of the top homecoming dress trends for HOCO 2024. Let’s check them out.

Mega Metallics

Homecoming 2024 is all about glitz and glam. A fashion trend that is staying and slaying once again is the shimmery metallic fabric. The most popular metallics this season are the metallic blues and metallic pinks. When talking about metallic colors we can’t forget the classic golds and silver. Opt for these neutral colors if you want to stay classic and traditional. There is a metallic mini dress to suit every girl as these are available in a wide range of styles and silhouettes; starting from a comfy and puffy mini dress to a sexy bodycon dress. So pick the right hue to complement your skin tone and be ready to glow on your big night.

Neon Dreaming

The neon fashion trend is back and we are obsessed. It is time for Amarra Girls to step out in our all-eyes-on-me neon homecoming dresses. Some fun neon colors for dresses trending this year are neon pinks, neon orange, neon yellow, and neon purple. This neon trend is for all the Amarra Girls who want to look BOLD and INTENSE this season. To make it even more extravagant opt for a fully beaded neon mini dress. Style your homecoming mini neon dress with minimal makeup, simple accessories, and muted tone shoes, and be ready to ace the night.

Bold Backs

Be ready to turn heads when you turn around in a statement-making backless mini dress. Whether you go for an open V back, lace-up back, or strappy back – this year’s trend is all about the back. When opting for a backless dress make sure you consider the fit and style to be comfortable and dance the night away. This BOLD BACK trend will surely make you feel elegant and sexy on your homecoming night. Don’t forget to take that over-the-shoulder pose for Instagram!


Another trend that’s coming back for homecoming this season is the SEQUIN. From diva glamour to a dash of sassy sparkle, sequin dresses are in a class of their own. You can opt for this trend in many different ways – create a vintage look by wearing an unexpected color like grey, go all out in a red all sequin dress to make a bold statement, or find a dress that strikes a balance of simple and fancy with sequins on the bodice and a plain chiffon skirt.

So there you have it, our list of top trends for HOCO 2024! We are sure there will be a dress for every girl on that list that suits her personality and taste. Whichever style you decide to wear, don’t forget to take pictures and have fun on your special night. Remember show us your pictures and tag the Amarra Instagram.

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