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What is Homecoming?

What is Homecoming?

Homecoming is the most celebrated high school event of the fall season.

Anticipation builds all week with pep rallies, parades, or a rivalry football game leading up to the main event – the homecoming dance. What your big dance will look like depends primarily on where you live and which school you go to.
Even if the event can’t live up to the glamorously dramatic on-screen portrayals you’ve seen, this one high school tradition you don’t want to miss!

Are you also wondering what to expect at homecoming this year? We’re here to answer all of your hoco questions!

When is homecoming?

Unlike Prom, which takes place in April or May, homecoming typically takes place in September or October. The weather is probably cooling as fall settles in, and football season is already underway. It’s the perfect time to get students excited about the new school year.

Now, if you’re wondering -  which day of the week will it be held? Well, that’s something you’ll have to check in your school calendar.
Friday night might be reserved for the homecoming football game, which is way more than just a normal game! Team rivalries, awesome spirit week decorations, and crowning of the homecoming king and queen make the football game a must-attend.

Whether it falls on a Friday or Saturday, the  dance is the show-stopping spirit week finale. If you want to make an impression at the first big dance of the school year, start planning your hoco look early.

Can I go to homecoming even if I’m a freshman?

While prom is held almost exclusively for juniors and seniors, homecoming is much more inclusive. Whether it’s your first year or your last, all are welcome to participate in the festivities and attend the dance. Freshmen get to join in on the fun right away! Great news if your date or bestie is in another grade.

And if this is your first time going to hoco, look forward to spending time with kids in different grades. It’s a great chance to hang out with the upperclassmen you may only see in clubs or at extracurricular otherwise.

How formal is homecoming?

It really depends on your school. Yours may pull out all the stops and host the dance at a private event center with catered refreshments, but most schools hold the dance in the gym or cafeteria.

Don’t be disappointed if your dance is on campus! You’ll be surprised at how a little clever decoration can transform a humble gymnasium into a luxe ballroom.

Your school should make the dress code clear well in advance of the event. If the dance is going to be right after a football game, you can expect to wear casual attire.

However, most schools go for at least a semi-formal dress code. Think more knee-length cocktail-style dress than the formal gown you’d see at prom.

Need some ideas? We’ve gathered the top homecoming dress trends you will absolutely love from mega metallics to all-eyes-on-me neon right here.

Will I need a date?

That’s up to you. Some students will probably choose to go with a date rather than a group of friends, especially if your school is more on the formal side.

Also, if you’re going out with someone, you can plan to go as a couple. Single and want to take a date? Ask or wait to be asked, whatever suits your personality.
Or, just skip it entirely! If the date situation doesn’t work out, dancing the night away with your besties while looking absolutely killer in your homecoming dress still sounds like a great time.

Because it’s a truth universally acknowledged that homecoming is way less formal than prom, lots of students just go as a group of friends. Grab your gals, your guys, whoever – just focus on spending time with some of your favorite people, and the night will be a win.

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