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Top 4 Homecoming Dresses To Wear For Homecoming 2024

Top 4 Homecoming Dresses To Wear For Homecoming 2024

Spring is just around the corner and you know what that means! Homecoming dresses! With homecoming comes a lot of preparation. You need a date, transport, the right accessories, and, of course, a killer short or long dress.

That’s where we come in.

Here at Amarra, we’re on a mission to ensure every one of our customers walks into their homecoming dance like they’ve just stepped off a catwalk. We want bold colors! Shimmer! Sultry cuts! More than anything, we want you to feel a million dollars when you walk through the door.

With that in mind, here are some of our favorite picks for next year’s homecoming dress. Each is short, flirty, and sure to catch an eye or ten.

Let’s dive in.

Knockout in Red

First on the agenda is Style 20168 in cherry red. This fiery number is classic, sultry, and sure to turn heads. The classic camisole bust will give you bling the room it needs to make a statement while the short hemline will give your pins the attention they deserve.

Pair this sparkly number with some silver accent pieces for a look fit for a princess. Your homecoming crowd won’t know what hit them when you walk in like a Bond girl ready for action.

As good as the front is on this sultry cut, the back is doing its fair share of work too. A diamond cutout detail shows off just enough skin to keep people guessing while not sacrificing the class of the piece.

Red is a classic, so this will be a goer for most skin tones. If you have an overly pink undertone, maybe steer clear lest you emphasize the redness of your skin.

Pretty in Pink

Next up on our invisible homecoming dress runway, we have Style 87288. This striking, pink number is perfect for catching lights and eyes, designed to sparkle its way through your homecoming evening.

The cut of the neckline will highlight your collar bones or any silver jewelry you might opt for while the soft pink coloring will give you a demure edge you can play with. Coupled with a cut-out back and short hemline, this number shows just enough skin to have you wowing your classmen without compromising on class.

This coloring will look killer on paler complexions and even better when coupled with blonde hair. Think Reece Witherspoon in Legally Blonde. All you’ll need is the toy dog and you’re set!

Bomb in Purple

If you’ve ever wanted to wow a crowd, Style 87298 is the way to do it. This short prom dress features a cropped hemline to showcase your legs at their finest. Coupled with a faux plunge neckline and lace-up back detailing, this number is designed to grab attention and keep it.

The deep purple coloring shimmers as you walk, sure to catch any homecoming lighting setup worth its salt. Perfect for those with darker coloring, this color is both on trend and going to make a splash.

Pair this piece with striking silver jewelry for a look fit for a Queen. Because it’s so bold, you could even get away with closed-toed, chunky shoes for a look that screams “edge”.

Classic Navy

Last but very much not least on our list of short prom dresses is Style 87362. This classic navy number might look plain from afar, but get it under some dance lighting and watch it shine.

The classic camisole bust shows off your shoulders and collar bones to perfection while the cropped hemline completes the classic, summery look. And oh, they might love to watch you arrive, but they’ll not take their eyes off you leaving – a cutout detail and lace-up back takes this stylish cut from zero to hero in the time it takes you to do a twirl.

Navy is a staple, so this color is perfect for most skin tones. If you have an overly cool undertone, try warming it up with some gold accent pieces and accessories to save you being washed out.

Rock your Homecoming Dress

Homecoming is a right of passage and your homecoming dress can make or break the night. Here at Amarra, we want you to look and feel your best which is why we’ve designed a killer range of homecoming dresses, fit for all tones, sizes, and personalities.

Now you have a rundown of our top four homecoming dresses, what did you think? Something catch your eye? If not, fear not! We have plenty more to choose from. Check out our range of homecoming dresses here. Remember to follow us on Instagram!

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