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Dress to Impress for Your Pageant Interview

Dress to Impress for Your Pageant Interview

Hey Amarra Babes,

Judges have seen your headshot and read your bio, but until the interview, they never have the chance to see you in person. The pageant interview round is the perfect opportunity to leave an unforgettable first impression for all the right reasons. Your interview dress will speak even before the judges hear from you – but don’t fret! Amarra has got you covered. In this article, we’ll run through the top tips on how to dress to impress for your pageant interview.

Choosing the Right Color

Picking your outfit color is one of the most difficult decisions you will make. The color of your dress is the first thing that judges will notice when you walk into the interview hall, so you should pick a color that will compliment your skin tone and make you look radiant. Ideally, the color of your dress should also reflect your personality.

Think of the kind of branding you want to present. The choice of color will send the right message and emotions to the judges. Black symbolizes power, while white depicts purity and sincerity, and red exudes confidence. Patterns tend to be distracting, so you might want to avoid them just to be safe.

Body Type

Your body is your UNIQUE gift – you shouldn’t forget who you are or base your happiness on how you look. When you feel great, you will look great. Once you find out how to dress according to your body type it becomes easier to narrow down your choices. The first step is determining your body shape.

You have a wide array of choices if your body is hourglass-shaped, but if you have an apple-shaped body, an A-line dress, in particular, will look great on you. Slender-bodied girls are free to choose dresses that add volume and make them look gorgeous. For pear-shaped girls out there, attract the judge’s attention to your beautiful shoulders that command attention.

Age Division

Youth doesn’t last long, so enjoy it! This also applies to picking pageant interview dresses for young ladies before their 20s. Yes, we want to leave the impression that we are strong and independent, but you don’t want to look like a middle-aged woman when in fact you’re still in your teen years. So, dress your age! It won’t be boring – as a matter of fact, being a teen gives you so much freedom to be creative with choosing your dress.


The fit of your dress is more important than you might think. An ill-fitted pageant interview dress can be detrimental to your chances of impressing the judges. If you’re not sure about the measurements, but you like the dress, consider the fit. What if it’s too short? Too tight? Too big? You won’t feel comfortable either way, and you might spend time pulling and adjusting things when you’re supposed to be focusing on the judges. Remember not to compromise your comfort – no matter how much you love that ill-fitted dress!


Each pageant has its own specific style that you should take into account when choosing a pageant interview dress. Miss Universe is more fashion-forward, while Miss World focuses on elegance. Your interview dress should be aligned with both the pageant-style and your personality. If you hit the mark with the organization’s brand, your overall appearance will follow along, snatching points even before you speak.


Have you ever heard someone say, “She didn’t wear that dress; the dress wore her”? People often say this when a dress overwhelms or overpowers the person wearing it. It could be because the dress is too loud, inappropriate, or simply not meant for the occasion. This should be avoided where possible in a pageant interview. Be creative, of course, but your dress should highlight you and your personality – not the other way around.


Being classy doesn’t necessarily mean dressing old. Judges are knowledgeable of all the latest trends, so they will be amazed by your choice of dress for the pageant interview if you follow the season. Dressing according to the trends can make you feel confident when doing the interview, and when you are confident, the judges will sense it.

Okay Amarra babes, now you know what to consider when choosing your pageant interview dress. Next step? Pick THE ONE. Ace the interview with us! Here at Amarra, we have a wide selection of breathtaking dresses to choose from. The crown is waiting!

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