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How to Choose the Perfect Winning Pageant Dress

How to Choose the Perfect Winning Pageant Dress

Hey Amarra babes! It’s time to talk pageants. Choosing a pageant dress can feel like it’ll make or break your competition. It’s a lot of pressure, but don’t worry! We’re here to help. Amarra has a huge selection of dresses and gowns, so we know a thing or two about picking one out!

Here are some of our best tips to help you choose a winning dress that you’ll look and feel great in.

Understand your body type

This is the first step to choosing the perfect dress. By understanding your body type you’ll be able to research dresses that will be most flattering on you! From slender to hourglass figures, there’s a style of dress out there that will enhance your natural beauty.

Decide your vibe

How are you portraying yourself in the pageant?
Sweet and innocent?
Smart and sexy?
The girl next door?
Following a theme in all aspects of your performance will be beneficial, but it will also help you decide what type of dress you are going for. Make sure it matches your theme to really impress the judges!

Get into color theory

There are a ton of statistics out there about what colors of gowns are the “winning” colors. While there is no definite answer, winners do tend to wear certain colors over others. Do your research, then decide which color will be most flattering on your skin tone!

Get on-trend

As gorgeous as your sister’s old prom dress might be, it’s probably not the trendiest dress available. Check out what is being worn on the runway and what styles are the hottest. You don’t want to take the stage in a dress that’s dated or out of style! Closely follow the latest trends to help you pick the perfect dress.

Flatter yourself!

Get friendly with your mirror- it’s time to figure out exactly what will look best on you. Figure out the areas you’d like to accentuate- maybe you have long, gorgeous legs that a thigh-slit would perfectly highlight! Or maybe you’re hoping to make your waist look slimmer. There’s a perfect combination of colors and styles out there that can help you achieve nearly any look. Make sure to play up those beautiful features!

Know your audience

Some competitions favor more subdued colors and conservative cuts, while others are all about that flashy, show-girl look! It’s good to have a deep understanding of the competition standards to make sure you’re not missing the mark.

Get comfortable

Judges will be able to tell if you’re uncomfortable in your dress. Not to mention, who wants to spend that long in something itchy or too tight?
Make sure the dress you choose is comfortable to wear! It’ll make you feel better and look more confident. The style should also be something you feel good wearing. You should want to be seen in this gown, not uncertain or shy!

Stay on budget

When going in to try on dresses, keep your budget firm in mind. Let any store associates know what it is beforehand so they don’t accidentally suggest the PERFECT dress that is three times what you can afford. Budgets are good to have- don’t be ashamed of yours! You’ll feel better about your dress knowing it was one you look great in and that didn’t break the bank.
Do some research online beforehand to see what types of dresses you love that are within your budget. Showing these to store associates can help them narrow down the selection, too!

While choosing a winning pageant dress might feel overwhelming, we hope that breaking the process down into these eight top tips will help you through the process. Amarra has a breathtaking selection of gowns and dresses that will help you shine on stage. We have styles and colors for every look! Let us help you find the perfect pageant dress with our incredible selection. We’ll help you look and feel gorgeous on your big day. Best of luck, gorgeous!

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