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The Most Flattering Pageant Dress Colors for Every Skin Tone

The Most Flattering Pageant Dress Colors for Every Skin Tone

So, you've finally taken the plunge into the dazzling world of pageantry – kudos to you! Now, let's spill the tea on one of the most exciting chapters of your prep journey: finding the dress that'll have jaws dropping and cameras flashing.

While jumping on the latest style trends is tempting, here's a little secret for you – styles may come and go, but colors? They're the real MVPs. Colors have this magical ability to make you glow, and trust us, that's the kind of magic you want on the stage.

But hold up! Not every color is your color. Why, you ask? Well, it's all about your unique skin tone. You've probably noticed how some hues effortlessly complement fair skin while others work magic on darker tones.

So, grab your favorite beverage and sit tight, as today we're gonna discuss the hues of designer pageant dresses that will complement your specific skin tone perfectly.

Let the journey of finding your perfect shade begin!

Determining Your Skin Tone

First, let’s clarify the difference between surface tone and undertone, as this is something most people get confused about.

The surface tone is the surface color of your skin, which you generally claim to have, like fair, medium, or dark. On the other hand, the undertone is the hue below the surface tone, revealing the underlying tones of warmth and coolness.

So, when you’re choosing pageant outfit color based on your skin tone, you’re actually looking for a color that will suit your undertone and not surface tone.

Now that we have cleared the difference between these two, you must be wondering - how do I know which undertone I have? Well, you can follow some of the steps stated below to find out.

Check Your Veins:

The veins on your wrist can be a good indicator of your undertone. If your veins appear more greenish, you likely have warm undertones.

Meanwhile, if your veins look bluish or purplish, you probably have cool undertones, as cool-toned individuals tend to have more pink or blue undertones.

Jewelry Test:

Consider whether gold or silver jewelry looks better on you. Warm undertones typically pair well with gold jewelry.

On the other hand, cool undertones tend to look better with silver jewelry, as it complements the cooler tones in the skin.

Sun Reaction:

Think about how your skin reacts to the sun. If you tend to tan easily and your skin takes on a golden-brown hue, you likely have warm undertones.

Whereas, if you burn easily and your skin turns pink or rosy, you probably have cool undertones.

Look at Your Eye and Hair Color:

The colors of your eyes and hair can provide clues to your undertone. Warm undertones are often associated with eyes that are hazel, brown, amber, or warm green.
Hair colors such as red, auburn, warm brown, and strawberry blonde are also indicative of warm undertones.
Cool undertones, on the other hand, are often linked to blue, gray, or green eyes and hair colors like ash brown, platinum, and cool blonde.

White Paper Test

For this, hold a piece of white paper near your chest or throat in natural light (Tip - Avoid placing the paper next to your face as the face can have reddish tones due to factors like sun exposure).
If you notice pink and blue hues, your skin tone is likely cool. On the other hand, if you observe gold and green tones, your skin tone is probably warm.
You must be thinking - what if I don’t identify as either warm or cool tones? Well, then, you’re one of the lucky ones, as you have a neutral undertone. Now, without making you wait any further, let’s start with what you have been waiting for since the beginning. Decoding which pageant dress colors will suit you the most.

Colors Suitable For Warm Skin Tones

If you have a warm undertone, that means you’re in the same league as Beyonce, Jessica Alba, and Kim Kardashian. And the designer pageant dress hues that will make you stand out on the stage include:

1. Red:

Red, the color of passion and power, is your ultimate ally. With warm undertones like yours, a red dress for a pageant enhances your natural vibrancy, adding an extra dose of confidence to your stage presence.

2. Yellow:

For warm-toned beauties, yellow is a ray of sunshine. This lively color complements your golden undertones, creating a radiant glow on stage.

3. Orange:

If you’re aiming for an energetic and vibrant look, then orange is your color. With warm undertones, this hue harmonizes seamlessly with your skin, enhancing your natural warmth.

4. Earthy Shades:

If you have always been attracted to the cool color spectrum, then evening-wear dresses for pageants in earthy shades like olive, moss, orchid, and violet-red are your allies. These colors enhance your warm undertones, creating a harmonious balance that captivates the audience with your natural beauty. Now, a word of caution – steer clear of jewel tones such as amethyst or sapphire and chilly colors like icy blues. These shades might dim your radiant warmth on stage, and you definitely don't want that!

Colors Suitable For Cool Skin Tones

If you have a cool undertone, you share the company of celebrities like Lupita Nyong'o, Adele, and Anne Hathaway. Here are some hues that will make you shine on stage:

  • Cool Blues:

Cool-toned individuals can embrace designer pageant dresses in various shades of blue, from icy tones to deep navy. These colors resonate well with your undertones, creating a sophisticated look that captivates the audience.

  • Purple:

Purple, with its rich and regal charm, is a fantastic choice for cool skin tones. This color enhances the cool undertones of your skin, adding a touch of luxury to your stage presence.

  • Pink:

Pinks, especially rose and berry shades, are perfect for cool-toned beauties. These shades of pink add a romantic and feminine touch to your appearance, highlighting the cool undertones of your skin.

  • Jewel Tones:

Contrary to warm-toned beauties, jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blue, and amethyst purple complement cool-toned beauties gorgeously. These colors not only enhance your cool undertones but also radiate luxury and refinement. Avoid warm and bold colors such as orange, tomato red, and strong yellows. Electric blues and grassy greens may also clash with your skin tone, so opting for more subdued versions of these colors is recommended.

Colors Suitable For Neutral Skin Tones

Congratulations! You have the most versatile skin tone out there. And you know which celebrity club you’re a part of? Well, it’s the one with Kerry Washington, Selena Gomez, and Angelina Jolie. Coming to the hues that suit you the best, even though beauties with neutral skin tones can wear almost any shade present in the color wheel, there are still shades that’ll make you shine more than the others.

  • Dusty Pink:

Dusty pink, with its subtle and muted tones, is a perfect choice for neutral skin tones. This soft hue adds a touch of romance to your look without overpowering your natural balance.

  • Jade Green:

Jade green complements neutral undertones beautifully. This rich hue can enhance the natural warmth of your skin, creating an elegant and harmonious appearance.

  • Lagoon Blue:

Lagoon blue, with its calming vibes, is an excellent choice for neutral skin tones. This color adds a refreshing and serene touch to your ensemble, highlighting your understated beauty.

  • Neutral Colors:

Since you have a neutral undertone, you can embrace various neutral colors like taupe, beige, and off-white. These tones blend seamlessly with your skin, creating a polished and sophisticated look. However, it’s advised to avoid oversaturated colors like electric blue and magenta, which may overpower your neutral skin tone. And if you’re still inclined towards these shades, then opt for softer versions of these hues.

Colors For Every Skin Tone

There are times when the pressure of the competition looms so much over you that you don't get the time to determine your skin tone, and you just want a dress that'll suit you irrespective of your skin tone. Well, don't you worry, as there are colors for those times as well. White is a universal choice that complements every complexion. Light blush pink is another winner, brightening any skin tone and enhancing your natural glow. Besides these, teal, with its harmonious blend of blue and green, also suits everyone, making it a versatile choice for both winter and summer. These colors provide a perfect balance of warm and cool tones, ensuring a flattering look for all.

Found Your Perfect Pageant Dress Color?

We're sure that by now, you must have already found your color, and if you're on the hunt for your dream pageant dress, then look no further than Amarra!

At Amarra, we understand that every individual has a unique shade, and that's why our collection boasts a spectrum of colors to suit every skin tone. Whether you're a warm-toned beauty rocking reds and yellows, a cool-toned stunner in blues and purples, or a neutral-toned elegance embracing soft pinks and jade greens – we've got you covered. Explore our exquisite range to find the perfect dress that compliments your beauty and radiates confidence on the stage.

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