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Curly Bridal Hair Tips & Perfect Hairstyles for Your Wedding Day

Curly Bridal Hair Tips & Perfect Hairstyles for Your Wedding Day

Hey, curly-haired brides! Wrangling those fabulous locks into red-carpet perfection can be challenging, but fear not—we have your back! Check out our tips on rocking your curly hair for the big day, complete with swoon-worthy styles from our #Amarrabrides for that extra inspo boost. Ready to dive into the curly hair magic? Scroll on, and let the wedding hair adventures begin!  

Have you fantasized about the dress, venue, and flowers but sighed at the thought of figuring out what to do with your curly hair?

Dreaming about the big day is like a magical ride filled with partners, dresses, flowers, bling, and, of course, the hair drama.

Now, when it comes to curls, we've got the scoop – but what's the deal for our curly-haired queens? Straightening their locks to mimic the twisty magic that straight-haired pals get when they curl theirs? Let's untangle this hair adventure! 

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Tips for Rocking Curly Hair on Your Wedding Day

Check out these 5 tips on styling your curly hair for the wedding. Enjoy the read!

  1.  Avoid trimming your hair within the two weeks before your wedding day. No-brainer alert – if you're snipping those locks, schedule the cut at least two weeks before your big day. Natural curls need some time to cozy up to change, and hey, we're not rolling the dice when it comes to a wedding!

  2. Trust your instincts on how your hair will behave. If a hairstyle once had you feeling like a rockstar but hasn't quite hit the same note lately, trust your gut to decide if it's still your hair soulmate. It's just like that magical moment when you find your perfect wedding dress – you'll just "know" it's the one!

  3. Embrace the power of your curls! Rocking those curls not only gives you a classy vibe but also lets you craft a chill ponytail, tucking a few curls to play hide-and-seek with the hairband and letting some cute tendrils dance around your face. This technique is among the top choices for styling curly hair for a wedding. Picture this – you effortlessly toss those curls into a laid-back updo, and guess what? It's a quick 10-minute masterpiece. You strut through the day worry-free. Looking at photos later, you'd never guess you spent such a brief time on your hairstyle!

  4. Go ahead and style your own hair without any worries. While hiring pros work for some brides, trust your instincts; sometimes, doing your own hair on the big day is your best bet. Trust your gut – you know your hair best. Make it a night of self-care for your hair; try a coconut oil mask or indulge in a relaxing shower, steam, and Netflix session. Give your curls a break from wedding stress!

  5. Ultimately, your innate beauty will radiate. On the big day, it's not just about your curls—it's about you, your partner, and the epic memories you're crafting together. So, amidst the curl chaos, remember the real "why" behind your wedding – it's not a hair show!

Taming those curls might feel like a wild ride on this special day, but hey, you've got the skills to rock it. It's all about the fun of the journey, not just the perfect curls! 

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Curly Bridal Look: Volume and Wildflowers

Get ready to dive into some curl-spiration! Check out our absolute faves in curly wedding hairstyles from our fabulous #Amarrabrides. Scroll down for the magic!

Why settle for less when you can go big and bold? Pump up the volume of those natural curls! We're totally crushing on this bride's luscious curls, serving up a uniquely chill vibe. Picture this – larger-than-life curls adorned with wildflowers in textured locks. It's the ultimate look for channeling that boho wedding magic! Explore our curated collection of boho wedding dresses to complement this extraordinary look!

Mermaid Waves 

Craving a day filled with beach vibes and sunshine? Dive into mermaid waves! This curly wedding 'do is all about texture and depth. Let those curls go wild for a carefree look. Pair those mermaid waves with our collection of beach-perfect wedding dresses. Trust us, you'll be effortlessly tossing those locks around as you dance the night away! And for an extra touch of whimsy and princess vibes, top it off with a bridal crown!

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Curly Bridal Look: Natural Curls and Flower Crown

Hey, curly queens! Your locks envy brides everywhere who are going to extremes for volume and curls. Flaunt those naturally curly wonders—let them flow for that au naturel charm! If you're vibing with boho feels, throw in a flower crown with some oversized blooms. Absolutely stunning!

Unique Braided Plaits for Voluminous Curls

Got those lush, bouncy curls? Think about rocking some cool braided vibes for a fun, out-of-the-box style! These curly wedding braids are like your secret weapon against those pesky flyaways, especially for an outdoor bash. Feeling extra bold? Spice it up by giving your braids a splash of color!

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Smoothed-Back Ponytail for Flyaways

Looking to elevate the glamour? Pull those beautiful locks into a high ponytail! No need to worry about curl touch-ups – achieve a sophisticated, sleek look that highlights your face and shoulders. Consider pairing it with a stylish black wedding dress; there you have it – effortlessly chic vibes!

Bridal Hairdo for Textured Tresses: Bun with a Balletic Braid

Got those fabulous natural curls and looking for a fun way to keep them in check? Gather all that gorgeous volume into a stylish updo for an effortlessly chic vibe. Picture this: a playful wedding hairstyle showcasing a ballerina bun with a flirty side braid. It's the ultimate trick to tie back those stunning locks while keeping that fantastic texture and volume intact. Pro tip: Tuck your veil beneath the bun for a neckline and bodice reveal that'll have everyone swooning!

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Soft Waves for a Subtle Volume

Got curls that are more on the laid-back side? Choose those dreamy waves for a romantic vibe that's absolutely on point. Keep your locks down for that "I woke up like this" effortless charm. Feeling a bit sassy? Go for the half-up, half-down look, flaunt those gorgeous features, and let the rest of your curls do their thing around your shoulders. Whichever route you take, this curly wedding hairdo is the ultimate showstopper for your soft, bouncy locks!

We hope you had a blast exploring Amarra's curly hair styling tips for your big day and checking out our lineup of real brides rocking fabulous curly wedding hairstyles and gowns. Here's to creating unforgettable moments with the perfect curly hair magic!

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