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Your Wedding Dress Size Chart and Measuring Mastery

Your Wedding Dress Size Chart and Measuring Mastery

Hey Brides-to-Be! Big congrats on your engagement! Ready for the lowdown on bridal sizing and our wedding dress size chart? We've got your back! Knowing your wedding dress sizes in advance is awesome, but remember, sizes can play hide-and-seek based on your dress silhouette and where you call home.

Now, we get it – navigating clothing sizes can be like solving a puzzle. But here's the scoop: wedding dress sizes dance to their own rhythm, not the beat of your everyday clothes. So, if the number doesn't match your usual, don't stress! What really matters is that the dress fits like a dream, not the digits on the tag. You're stunning, no matter the measurements, and your dress will be drop-dead gorgeous on your special day!

Before we dive in, craving more tips, wedding wisdom, and inspiration? Visit our blog for the inside scoop!

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How to Know Your Wedding Dress Size

First things first, tackling measurements solo is no easy feat, so recruit a trusted friend or family member for the task! If you can, having two pals is even better—one to handle the measuring and the other to jot down your bust, waist, hip, and length measurements!

Pro tip: It's wise to go through these steps twice for precision.

If you've got a floor-length mirror, position yourself in front of it on a solid floor or low-pile carpet, facing away, and look straight ahead. Your measurement buddy should gracefully drape the measuring tape across your back, ensuring it stays level, and then proceed with the measurements. The tape should be firm but not too snug. Opt for measuring in your undergarments if it feels right, but make sure they're similar to what you'll be rocking on your special day! 

(Hey, heads up! Check out our blog for the lowdown on the perfect undergarments for your wedding dress!)

After recording your measurements (yep, twice!), check them against the official Amarra wedding dress size chart. If you find yourself between sizes, it's a smart move to go for the larger size! Now, ball gowns might throw in a plot twist because of the extra room they often offer below the waist. If your hips match the largest size for a ballgown, you might consider sizing down. But hey, your stylist is the sizing wizard, so trust their recommendation—they've got your back! 

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Tips on Wedding Dress Size Chart 


When measuring your bust, make sure the person handling the tape keeps it straight around the fullest part of your bust without pulling too tight.


For the waist measurement, have your friend measure your "natural waist," the smallest part of your torso. Note your fit preference: snug in the waist or a more relaxed feel?


The hip measurement should correspond to the widest area of your hips. Consider how your body shape influences the dress fit.

Body Length

To measure body length, tilt your head toward your shoulder. Your measurement buddy should pinpoint the starting point where your neck and shoulder meet. Have them place one end of the tape measure here, then guide it down your body vertically, ensuring it flushes against your skin and follows the fullest part of your bust. They should "walk" the tape measure down toward the ground, stopping a few inches from the floor around your ankle bone—this marks your body length! A handy tip: wear the shoes (or similar ones) you'll rock on your wedding day for the most accurate measurement! 

Certain styles in our collection provide personalized options, allowing brides to choose longer or shorter trains and other hem customizations. Collaborate closely with your Stylist to explore the available personalization choices for your dress.

When uncertain, refer to our wedding dress size chart and measuring guide below for valuable tips on measuring a wedding dress.

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Last-Minute Hacks on Measuring Your Wedding Dress

Hey there, fabulous bride-to-be! Let's talk body size – it can be a bit of a rollercoaster, especially in the stress zone! But guess what? Your comfort is the real VIP here. Pick a size that feels like a warm hug for your body based on those oh-so-important measurements.

Now, with the world being a bit of a wild ride, plan for a cozy nine months once you hit that order button. Stress about your dress arrival? Nah, not on our watch!

Before you dive into the dress hunt, daydream a bit. Picture yourself in a boho ball gown, a sassy fit-and-flare, or a sweet A-line. Your style, your call! Having a vision helps you find the dress for your bridal celebration – trust us, it's like magic!

Ta-da! That's your guide on measuring a wedding dress, paired with our wedding dress size chart. Remember, those sizes are just little helpers to get you into the dress of your dreams!

When you're ready to rock that bridal appointment, use our Store Locator to find your nearest Authorized Retailer. And hey, more inspo awaits – check out our blogs for the full scoop! 

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