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Top 10 Stylish Yet Casual Wedding Dresses for Brides

Top 10 Stylish Yet Casual Wedding Dresses for Brides

Ready to effortlessly embrace romance on your special day? Envisioning a celebration that's wonderfully simple and oh-so-relaxed? Dive into the charm of easy-breezy-chic vibes for your happily-ever-after moment! If you're a bride all about comfort and elegance, say hello to this playful collection of casual wedding dresses – it's made just for you!

And when the time comes to turn these dreams into reality, snag an appointment at an Authorized Retailer near you! Cheers to your stress-free, stylish journey down the aisle!

What Exactly Do We Mean by Casual Wedding Dresses?

The "casual wedding dresses" section embodies effortless elegance, emphasizing uncomplicated designs, light embellishments, and delicate details. Tailored for laid-back celebrations like elopements, backyard soirees, micro weddings, courthouse ceremonies, and "Second Looks" for receptions, here are the key trends for your easygoing affair:

  • Opt for flowy, relaxed fabrics over formal structures.
  • Embrace A-line and sheath silhouettes; ball gowns take a back seat here.
  • Choose casual fit-and-flares instead of the snug mermaid silhouettes.
  • Prioritize simple fabrics and lace over extravagant embellishments.
  • Explore options for affordable, simple casual wedding dresses, and quick ship wedding dresses – because the more effortless your style, the smoother the shopping experience!

What Makes a Casual Bridal Dress a Good Choice?

Cool question! Aside from personal taste, brides usually opt for casual wedding dresses for a few fun reasons, involving budget, timeline, venue, and season. Here are some factors to help you decide if these laid-back styles suit you:

  • Your Wedding Location: Whether it's a backyard or outdoor, courthouse, restaurant, or beach wedding, if your wedding is more relaxed, a breezy gown is the way to go.
  • Affordability Vibes: If you're on a budget-cutting mission, you'll dig the chic and affordable options in the world of easy wedding gowns. Delve deeper into our wedding budget breakdown for detailed insights, ensuring your dream day doesn't break the bank!
  • Time Crunch: Short on time? No worries, last-minute brides! Grab a Quick Ship casual wedding dress with a soft silhouette – perfect for your fast timeline!
  • Style Flair: If you're all about simple elegance, dive into our minimalist fabrics, graceful silhouettes, and lowkey accessories for that perfect casual look.
  • Tradition Twist: Believe it or not, a simple style can be a nod to tradition. That's why white casual wedding dresses are a hit – beautiful, chic, and just right for the occasion! And hey, dive into the world of wedding superstitions and traditions for a dose of good luck on your special day!

Casual and Simple Bridal Gowns

Wedding Dress

ANGEL 88210

Get ready for the ANGEL 88210, a satin sensation bringing casual vibes to your big day. With its V-shaped neckline and dainty spaghetti straps, it adds a sprinkle of allure and a dash of refinement. The natural waistline works its magic, creating a flattering silhouette, while the mesmerizing low back adds a touch of spice. 

And, of course, there's a charming tie-back bow for that extra splash of whimsy and femininity – making sure you steal the spotlight and create unforgettable moments.

Wedding Dress


Introducing the timeless beauty of Allison 84224 – a gown that's as meticulously crafted as your Pinterest wedding board. Draping gracefully with soft-as-cloud fabric, delicate lace, and hand-sewn details, it's like wearing a hug. Slender straps and a subtle V-neckline strike the perfect balance between allure and "oh-so-charming." 

As you sashay down the aisle, a medium train follows like your own personal entourage, ensuring all eyes are glued to your fabulous self.

Wedding Dress

HAYDEN 87515

Meet Hayden – the wedding dress equivalent of a grand entrance with a side of sass. This stunner hugs your curves, radiating confidence like you own the joint. The top corset is like your bridal BFF, keeping everything in check. Not too revealing, but oh-so-sexy, it's got that unique blend of sensuality and grace. And that back? Brace yourself for a bold bow and lace that screams, "Remember me!" Perfect for the bride who wants her dress to be the talk of the town.

Casual Bridal Gowns Adorned with Laces

Lace is like a style wizard—it goes with everything, but it's extra fantastic for those laid-back wedding dresses with cool boho vibes. It's the secret sauce that makes your dress look effortlessly awesome, turning your day into a playful fairytale!

Wedding Dress

MORGAN 84435

Say hello to Morgan, the whimsical floral dream for the carefree bride who loves a good twirl. Sporting three-quarter sleeves and an off-the-shoulder vibe, this dress is ready to steal the spotlight. Each delicate vine is strategically placed for a mesmerizing dance of elegance. The flowy fabric adds a sprinkle of fairy-tale lightness, and the open neckline elongates your silhouette, showcasing your unique style.

It's not just a gown; it's your personality shining through with a touch of allure and sophistication. The mission: leave a lasting impression and have everyone talking about your enchanting day.

Wedding Dress

ANGIE 84378

Meet Angie, the dress that's not just a dress but a star on its own runway. Imagine playful spaghetti straps rocking stylish bows on each side. The sweetheart neckline is your ultimate supporter and the jaw-dropping intricate lace on the bodice? Unmatched. 

Feel like royalty and flaunt your unique style with this bold beauty. Heads will turn, eyes will widen – brace yourself for a room full of admirers in awe of your show-stopping presence in this extraordinary gown.

Budget-Friendly Casual Gowns

One great thing about going for a casual bridal look? It's budget-friendly! Forget the fancy black-tie stuff and opt for something easy-breezy. These informal wedding dresses are spot-on for budget-conscious brides.

Wedding Dress

JULIA 85685

Get ready for Julia – the sassy yet budget-friendly gown that takes sultry elegance to a whole new level! With a thigh-high slit adding that extra dash of allure, Julia is all about confidence and charm with every step you take. This dress is like a confidence booster, hugging your curves and draping off-the-shoulder sleeves for a contemporary touch. Clean lines and minimalistic vibes make it a timeless beauty. The heart-shaped top? It frames your neckline, bringing out your natural features. This is your go-to dress for an elegant, bold look without breaking the bank!

Wedding Dress


Step into Isabella – the regal lace wonder that's here to make you feel like a queen, all while keeping your budget in check! With lace sheer cutouts on the sides and a fitted design, Isabella brings elegance and sophistication to the party. Hugging your curves in all the right places, the bodice transitions into a gorgeous skirt with a beautiful sweep train. 

With every step, you'll be strutting like the royalty you are. The sheer lace panel at the sides continues to the back, creating a harmonious balance for a stunning yet budget-friendly bridal look.

Wedding Dress

FIONA 84407

Meet Fiona, your ticket to an elegant and budget-friendly entrance on your big day! Featuring a detailed lace pattern and a deep V-neckline, Fiona is all about confidence and style. The sheer mesh panel around the waist adds allure, bringing a touch of mystery to the mix. As you walk down the aisle, the V-shaped back with the same lace design creates balance and cohesion. The beautiful tulle skirt gracefully falls into a delicate sweep train, ensuring you look and feel elegant and classy!

Discover budget-friendly wedding dresses from Amarra in our newest collections!

Quick Ship Wedding Dresses for Casual Brides

In a wedding whirlwind and need a last-minute dress that's as fabulous as you? Check out our express-delivery stash of simple and chic casual wedding dresses for that effortlessly stylish and right-on-time look. Because when time is of the essence, your dream dress should still be a delight to find!

Wedding Dress


Meet Liliana – the trumpet-style stunner for brides who want heads turning and eyes locked on them in a flash! This dress is a total charmer with its deep-V neckline, sheer mesh panels teasing a bit of skin, and a bodice adorned with delicate lace. Classy yet playful, the skirt flares out at mid-thigh, gracefully falling into an extravagant sweep train with lace details. The U-shaped design at the back, also laced up, shows off just enough skin to keep things sassy and sophisticated. 

Quick Ship Wedding Dresses never looked this fabulous!

Wedding Dress

MADDIE 84226

Maddie is your go-to gown if you're a confident bride with a taste for sophistication and a dash of playfulness! This long, flowy dress wraps you in a semi-transparent fabric that dances around your figure. Each leaf-like motif is strategically placed for a uniquely enchanting look. Embellished straps ensure comfort and support, and guess what? The decorative sleeves are detachable – giving you the power to customize your style on the fly. It's a romantic and modern ensemble with craftsmanship that screams, "I'm here to steal the show!”

Having a blast with the inspiration from these fabulous white casual wedding dresses? Dive into our blog for even more bridal goodness!

Whether your vibe is simple, divine, or effortlessly cool, your dream casual wedding dress is ready and waiting! Sending all the happy vibes your way, lovely! 

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