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10 Wedding Superstitions for a Charm-Filled Celebration

10 Wedding Superstitions for a Charm-Filled Celebration

Weddings are like a whirlwind of fun, a dash of complexity, and a sprinkle of surprises. But most importantly, they're a symbol of all the happy, sweet, and adventurous moments ahead! To make sure your big day is filled with good vibes, we've rounded up 10 wedding superstitions for luck, fortune, and positive energy!

Frequently Observed Wedding Beliefs and Traditions

Curious about adding a sprinkle of good vibes to your wedding day? Dive into the fun world of wedding superstitions, learn their history, and discover ways to make them uniquely yours for the big celebration!


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Wearing a Veil at Your Wedding Ceremony.

A wedding veil is not just a fashion statement; it's like the superhero cape of weddings – stylish, dramatic, and irresistibly feminine. It's not only a showstopper for photos and grand entrances, but it's also your secret weapon for summoning good luck on your big day!

The tradition of veils goes way back to Ancient Greek and Roman times when brides donned them to fend off demons, curses, and jealous forces aiming to steal their happiness.

In the old days, veils weren't just about superstition; they played a role in arranged marriages by "hiding the bride" before the ceremony to keep the groom from judging based on appearances. While arranged marriages still happen, the veil's meaning has shifted to symbolize the courage of taking a leap of faith as a new couple.

Fast forward to today, bridal veils remain a classic choice for ceremonies – the go-to accessory for brides with a chic and traditional vibe. Good news for you, we've got a plethora of wedding veils waiting for you to try on!

Something Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue

Get your luck game strong with this wedding charm strategy: Grab tokens inspired by family, friends, tradition, and connection. Check it out:

  • "Something old" is all about embracing your past and fam vibes – rock something from your pre-wedding life.
  • "Something new" is your ticket to marriage with a dose of optimism and good juju.
  • "Something borrowed" keeps the good vibes alive, borrowed from a happily married duo – let the happiness rub off on you!
  • "Something blue" brings in the purity vibes – think blue shoes, clips, bouquet flowers, or nails for that extra dash of blue magic!

Make this superstition your own at every turn – personalize it with flair!

Wearing White on Your Wedding Day

White has not always been the go-to hue for brides – and in many places, it still isn't – but it has left its mark on the wedding scene throughout history. Back in Ancient Rome, white was the choice to channel purity and innocence, with the virgin goddess Vesta rocking it to symbolize hearth, home, and family.

Jump to Ancient Greece, where white was all about joy, sparking various ceremonies and weaving into wedding superstitions for a dose of prosperity and good vibes.

Fast forward to the modern era, and white's popularity in the West skyrocketed thanks to Queen Victoria's 1840 marriage to Prince Albert. In those days, brides flaunted their best gowns in a spectrum of colors.

If you're vibing with the tradition of white wedding dresses, dive into our collection – we've got a range of white wonders for your special day!

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Rain on the Day of Your Wedding

Here's the scoop on a wedding superstition that's a bit of a head-scratcher: Legend has it that rain on your big day signals fertility. The idea is pretty straightforward: Rain is great for crops, so rain on your wedding day supposedly means a bumper crop of kiddos in your future!

But rain isn't just about future family growth – it's also a symbol of cleansing, renewal, and unity. It's like nature giving your wedding day a fresh start.

In Hindu traditions, wedding-day rain is considered a bonus because a wet knot is harder to untie, making the union stronger and longer lasting.

If you're crossing your fingers for rain on your special day, be ready for it! Plan with clear umbrellas, snag a wedding tent, offer stylish shawls, and capture plenty of rainy-day photos. A cute tradition we adore is saving a bit of that rainy day in a glass vial as a sweet token of your love and celebration.

Preventing the Groom from Seeing the Bride Until the Ceremony

Just like the wedding veil's backstory, the idea of keeping the soon-to-be-weds apart hails from arranged marriages. Originally, it was to prevent the groom from judging the bride based on looks before the ceremony.

But fear not, it's now transformed into a sweet ritual. Couples skip the pre-ceremony peek as a way to make the day special, bid farewell to their "single" life, and create space to connect with family and friends. It's a chance for self-reflection too – a final meditation on what's behind and the commitment ahead.

If you're up for this wedding tradition, think of it as a way to add a sprinkle of magic. Before parting for the evening:

  • Share a romantic dinner.
  • Hang out with family or friends.
  • Splurge on separate fancy hotel rooms.
  • Recreate your first date for a nostalgic touch before embarking on your new journey in marriage. 
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Carrying the Bride as You Enter the House

The classic move of carrying your bride over the threshold into your new digs or honeymoon suite is not just sweet and playful – it's like a scene straight out of a rom-com, especially if you're prone to cute accidents.

This quirky superstition goes way back to ancient times when folks thought evil spirits could sneak into a bride through the soles of her feet post-church departure. Naturally, the groom became the hero to sweep her off the ground.

Whether you buy into the foot-invading demon tale or not, these days it's just a fun and adorable addition to your wedding pics!

In Western Europe, there's another twist – tripping over the threshold was said to bring bad luck to the home and marriage. So, for the superstitious souls out there, why not cover all your bases for a fortune-filled happily ever after?

Tossing the Bouquet or Garter

The bouquet toss is a must-have for modern couples, injecting fun into the reception and putting your single guests in the spotlight.

Brides often dig the tradition of passing on their bouquet for good luck, but there are cool twists too:

  • Toss a backup bouquet to keep yours.
  • Break up your bouquet, handing out flowers to fam and the squad.
  • Cue a balloon drop or confetti bomb for added flair.
  • Give a special toast and hand the bouquet to a loved one.
  • Light up the night with a lantern ceremony.
  • Get everyone on the floor for a group dance party.

Now, the wedding garter tradition – it's got a bit of an awkward history.  It used to be about proving the bride's virginity, with a crowd checking on the newlyweds in their bedchambers. RToday, some couples embrace the playful side, while others skip it altogether. 

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Throwing Rice for Newlyweds

The rice toss, once a wedding classic, has taken a backseat lately. Outdoors, it's a no-go for our feathered friends, and indoors, it's a major annoyance for the venue, vendors, and the cleanup squad.

This good-luck custom has roots in regions where rice shouts wealth and prosperity. South Asian weddings use it to express parental love, while in Celtic tradition, it's a fertility, happiness, and prosperity symbol with crops like rice, barley, and maize.

Pakistan adds its flair – swapping rice for paper airplanes or confetti at weddings.

Jumping to Jewish celebrations, there's the Aufruf, meaning "to call up." After the Rabbi's blessings, the congregation showers the couple with sweet treats like candy or raisins, wishing them a "sweet life" as they kick off their journey as newlyweds.

We adore the fun and flair of a rice toss, but let's keep it green! Check out our top picks for eco-friendly alternatives:

  • Bubbles for a magical touch
  • Sparklers (if your venue is on board with the sparkle)
  • Colorful ribbons to jazz things up
  • Flower petals, picture roses, and lavender buds rain down
  • Opt for a "photoshoot tunnel" – strike cute poses while guests snap away
  • Kazoos and toy trumpets for a playful symphony

Get creative – the possibilities are endless! Go ahead, unleash your imagination!

Avoid Adding Yellow Roses to Your Bouquet

Here's a wedding quirk you might not know about, but some superstitious lovebirds swear by it. Throughout history and in different cultures, yellow roses have been seen as bad news for newlyweds. In the Victorian era, they were linked to infidelity, breakups, and jealousy – not exactly the vibes you want for your marriage journey.

If you're into golden hues but want to dodge bad luck, try these flower alternatives:

  • Sunflowers: Bringing loyalty and adoration vibes from the myth of Clytie and Apollo.
  • Ranunculus: Packed with charm, attraction, and personality – a bouquet of these means affection and chemistry.
  • Marigolds: Moody and festive, they represent strength, light, vibrancy, and creativity. Some say they bring a touch of mysticism and wealth.
  • Daffodils: The cheerful spring essential symbolizes growth, new beginnings, and sweet love. No bad vibes here!
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Including Bridesmaids In Your Wedding Party

Picking your squad of bridesmaids is a must in today's weddings, but guess what? It's got some superstitious roots you might find intriguing.

Back in the day, bridesmaids weren't just there for show – they circled the bride like a protective shield against evil spirits, just in case the veil didn't do the trick. They even rocked veils themselves to confuse those mischievous spirits. Seems like strolling down the aisle was a bit of an obstacle course for brides-to-be!

Now, it's all about the bridesmaid crew bringing the vibes of support, and friendship, and celebrating the couple-to-be. No evil spirits are allowed at this party!

Ditch the one-size-fits-all approach to bridal parties and put your spin on the tradition. Here are some cool ways to make it uniquely yours:

  • Mix it up! Your bridal party can include everyone, regardless of gender.
  • Skip the grand aisle walk – opt for an intimate vow exchange instead.
  • Embrace the mismatched look for your bridesmaids' gowns.
  • Encourage loved ones to rock similar colors or matching details, even without a formal bridal party title.
  • Kick off the celebration with a pre-ceremony cocktail hour for your tight-knit crew.
  • Create a kids-only lineup for a playful touch.
  • Shout out your favorite people in your ceremony or speeches, no formal lineup is required.
  • Gift unique bridesmaid goodies as tokens of luck and appreciation.

So, there you have it – traditional meets superstition with a dash of modern flair to make your big day truly yours! For more inspiration, wedding tips, and the latest blogs, follow our socials below! 

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